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WWE Summerslam Results 2018 Live Blog, Winners Match, And Results

WWE Summerslam Results 2018 Live Blog, Winners Match, And Results

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Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega def. Rusev &

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega def. Rusev & Lana
Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega def. Rusev & Lana

BROOKLYN, NY - Dark clouds reveal the silhouette of Brooklyn all day long in a careful days since Rusev The Super Athlete and Lana Andrade "One Hundred" Souls and Zelina Vega won the mixed label team in action in the summer Kickoff hit .

Lana Zelina Vega is brutal kicking: SummerSlam 2018 Kickoff Match01: 23
The biggest summer event hits hard in the fight in mixed couples, Rusev and Lana vs. Andrade "One Hundred" Souls and Zelina Vega.

Having said this English Aiden, left behind, since in recent weeks have been repeated unsuccessful attempts to support Rusev Day, Gross Bulgaria and the splendid Russian began with force when the apples felsértette Rusev. However, Vega, as he knows, resorts to Super Sport, which allowed Andrader to catch his opponent and start using his arm.

Rusev neutralized Souls and label the clutch of Ravishing The Russian manufacture a, which launched offensive attacks on Zelina, which stands on the verge of victory. The emotions, however, abused Lana and diverted her attention from Vega to cross the Souls. This short-term satisfaction was costly since Vega began to chain and roll it up. Without the employee, Zelina lifted her leg to the rope and got the three numbers for Andrada.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander def. Drew Gulak

BROOKLYN: Alexander Age continued with SummerSlam when WWE Cruiserweight champion Cedric Alexander defeated Drew Gulak, disrupting Gulak's plans for "better WWE 205 Live".

Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak fight for WWE Cruiserweight: SummerSlam 2018 Kickoff Match01: 09
The threatening Drew Gulak seeks to disarm the big WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Alexander kept Gulak from defending the opening bell, with an astonishing technical skill that caused Gulak to change his playing plan and the ugly fight. Although Alexander avoided Gulak's Gulack signing, the challenger continued to brutalize the champion, knocked him into the arena, and liberated the attacking attacks to maximize pain. From then on, self-proclaimed "Best Submission Expert at the WWE" systematically pressed Alexander's neck and back.

Thanks to the unique and innovative version of Gory Special, Gulak forces the Soul of WWE 205 to send Live. However, the elite champion reversed the attack, struck a few key hits, and dropped into a great outbreak, throwing a retiring Gulak.

Alexander lost momentum after a high-risk jump from the top rope did not work for Gulak's patented Gulock for ropes. After an almost imminent fall, Gulak went back to the winery, but Alexander struggled to get out of there. The two competitors again participated in a confrontation when Sándor was affixed to a Spanish horse, which led to close falls.

The rivals continued to try to replace the middle of the ring, but the champion won the correct angle and pressure to keep Gulak's shoulders on the canvas.

Raw Tag Team Champions The B-Team def. The Revival (SummerSlam Kickoff Match)

BROOKLYN - Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel continued their Cinderella story in the Kickoff hit summer, when The B-Team beat one of the toughest WWE tandem of reactivation was to keep the Tag Team Raw title.

Team B competes in the most important game of their career: SummerSlam 2018 Kickoff Match01: 01
The Tag Team Champions Raw Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas looks amazing that it continues to wind up racket against a tough awakening of bigger summer events.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson took control of the game after the Dallas directed left leg and Axel was neutralized Destroy the machine. The attack continued when the spray Awakening continued Dallas feet, while Axel struggled to free himself. Bo remained inflexible despite the elasticity and finally returned from a Wilder that allowed him to label Axel.

Axel entered the fire before Dawson reached the wrong end of a small package. However, Dallas, Wilder who had decided out of the ring, the two of them retired, reversing the palpation experiment and did it to number three in the Axel was to secure the holding of Tag Team Raw titles.

Some győzedelmüket considered pure luck in Brooklyn, but the B-Team is still the duo, which beat the team division of the raw label.

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler to win Intercontinental Championship

BROOKLYN - When Dolph Ziggler beat Seth Rollins at Intercontinental on June 18. The Showoff was on the corner of Drew McIntyre, and Rollins had no one. This time Kingslayer brought Lunatic, and the backing of Dean Ambrose made the difference.

Seth Rollins won the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam 2018: WWE now: 53
Dean Ambrose, considering Drew McIntyre in the ring, Seth Rollins was able to defeat Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to recover his prize.

Ambrose showed that Rollins had returned from the bell when he arrived at McIntyre when Drew entered the competition. Rollins embodied the same mentality and quickly seized the fight with Dolfus, a series of blows and winds. Ziggler took advantage of Rollins in a fascinating way and blamed a cruel crime to preserve both sides of the architect.

The Rollins then backed up an intersection experienced by Ziggler, which resulted in Rollins doing The Showoff (and accidentally hitting) the floor in an incredible way. Each superstar got excellent results there. The Ziggler ring rippled DDT to the edge of the ring. The Kingslayer defended himself, and Dolp was surprised to remove the Superplex from the upper clamp rope followed by Falcon Arrow.

That incredible series was closed to victory by Rollins, but Scottish psychopathy spread Ambrose on the steel ladder, which drove the Rollins away. Ziggler used the opening to join Zig Zag, but the architect kicked surprisingly, taking McIntyre to the apron, but The Lunatic Fringe stopped the Scottish psychopath and dropped it with dirty acts.

The fight now, Rollins compensated Ziggler's superstition for his own, then pulled the lights of Ziggler from Stomp for the victory and the second Intercontinental Championship.

The New Day def. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers by Disqualification

BROOKLYN: The new day technically achieved a victory at SummerSlam but will not celebrate tonight. After the brutal attack wiring harness SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bunk Brothers, Big E and Xavier Woods have been declared winners with exclusion, so Barclays Center is bruising but not the title.

The Queen's Brutality When Bludgeon Brothers Clash The New Day: SummerSlam 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:06
The New Day aims to regain the SmackDown Tag Team title against the deadly bludgeon Brothers with a fierce physical battle, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The match started with a positive result for the day as Big E & Woods opposed the violent attack of the dominant holders. Challenge to everything on the line Woods goes so far, jumping on the top tensioner and carrying flying knees Harper on the floor of the ring. However, only when it seemed that Harper was to be defeated, Rowan attacked The New Day with the huge deck apron. Harper soon joined his partner with a terrible attack that continued after the referee called for the bell.

The New Day has also planned a rebound after the controversial results of the confrontation in the league, but want to face the anger of the bustard Brothers again?

Braun Strowman def. Kevin Owens to retain his Money in the Bank contract

BROOKLYN - Kevin Owens thought that the jackpot went to SummerSlam, since Braun Strowman's money could be won by contract with the Bank, by pinfall, by submission, by counting or by disqualification. However, KO did not plan anything, the unbridled fury of The Monster Among Men, since the jailer broke with Owens in a short time.

Braun Strowman shows no mercy against Kevin Owens: SummerSlam 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:02
With the Bank's money in the same Bank contract, Braun Strowman will not stop anything with his fierce struggle with Kevin Owens, with the award-winning WWE Network.

KO tried to avoid Strowman, but did not flee from the monster pursued by Owens on the ring road and swirled around with spherical shoulders. Owens left the ring, tried to escape again, but Strowman caught him. This time, The Monster Among Men grabbed Owens, and it was so hard on the steel ramp that KO retreated into the air from the reddened surface. Strowman took Owens to the ring and took him to the column of thunder, which ensured that Mr. Monster remained in the Bank.

If Strowman could stop the path of a universal champion like Owens, he would not say what he would do when he decided to cash in on the bank's contract and go for the title.

Charlotte Flair def. Carmella and Becky Lynch to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship

BROOKLYN: Charlotte Flair won the seventh women's track and field championship SummerSlam by defeating Carmella and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Title title on SmackDown. But Charlotte's victory was blurred by Irish Lass Kicking, who followed him.

Charlotte Flair takes care of Becky Lynch and Carmella: SummerSlam 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:06
The odds are against SmackDown Champion, Carmella, who is watching a tough trip from Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to Triple Threat Match: courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The tensions between Charlotte and Becky's best friends were obvious from the start, as Carmella strategically urged her opponents to face each other while choosing places. Carmella jumped both the Irish Lass Kicker and The Queen while keeping her eyes on the ring as she killed the ring.

Charlotte and Becky arrived at the ring at the same time and a real Triple Threat Match was formed. The corpses of Carmella Becky's flight committed suicide by jumping over the rope that followed Charlotte's two superstars in the Corkscrew Moonrise that is worth digging.

After a close and explosive dispute, the decisive moment of the match was when Lynch closed the Princess Mella, but Flair ran from the outside and criticized his best friend of the National Team for a victory.

Becky was back in a league game and was visibly nervous. Then, after hugging Charlotte in the middle of the ring, she turned. Lynch put his supposed friend in the face and continued to release his terrible anger. Becky was seriously injured by Charlotte's speaker on the table and then walked away, behind the massacre.

Samoa Joe def. WWE Champion AJ Styles by disqualification

Brooklyn - Samoa Joe attacked the family's AJ Styles premarket at WWE Championship Match SummerSlam seven and continued even if it was the fight. After his offensive wife AJ, who was sitting close to ring, Joe finally paid the price while Styles got away from the attack on a steel chair spurring wrath against challenging the cause of the match but the title.

Logical games started before the bell rang when Joe's announcer grabbed the microphone and said his wife and daughter were the phenomenal one of the crowd and then promised, "Father comes home." Styles replied that they were there to see him Samoa shipping machine.

Samoa Joe AJ Styles floats in a stunning dive for the ring: SummerSlam 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:01
WWE Champion, AJ Styles and Samoyed Joe are struggling with a mixing contest with the most valuable possessions of WWE, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Joe seemed to have the advantage from the beginning because he used the difference in size for his own benefit, dominating the champion and throwing styles around the ring lightly. The punishment continues with ring where styles can be expected to take a brief respite, just as Joe flew over the ropes, sending the champion to get into the table.

The WWE Champion back, plunged Joe into the ring, and then we cut another attempt to pierce the pass with a knock on his head. Styles dropped everything in Samoa Joe as they saw his wife and daughter tell them they were okay.

The two men continued the war and eventually collapsed in the carpet in exhaustion. Styles remained locked in the calf, only for Joe to invest in the Coquina clutch. The WWE Champion escaped the battle evolving, returning to the arena upstairs, where Joe threw obtuse styles on the stairs with a steel ring.

Machine Presentation Samoa took the microphone again on the desktop ads in Germany and mocked the Styles family. At that time, the Styles were enough. The WWE Champion Megaragve attacked Joe and attacked him, which is the two colliding rings against the barricade. Styles continued to unfold his anger against his rival, destroying steel chair on the back of Samoa Joe.

The WWE Champion finally relaxed after checking his wife and daughter and then taking over the Barclays Center. But Joe did not rest and left the arena. Joe's styles could have been where I wanted to take the head of SummerSlam but did not seem to take into account the anger of the phenomenal One.

The Miz def. Daniel Bryan

BROOKLYN - Daniel Bryan spent the best of the past eight years with Miz playing in the face, but Bryan had been diligent in controlling SummerSlam when A-Lister had participated in the decisive knock-on hit in his personal battles.

With Miz's wife, Maryse and her daughter, Monroe Sky, she was looking at the rings, using all the confidence of The Awesome One when she took her first chance to drop Bryan in her mouth. From there, a big fight broke out and Bryan threw the donkeys reminiscent of Mike Tyson, a native of Brooklyn and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Miz did not return the "Yes!" Male attack and Bryan's own signatures (like "Yes!" Kicks and surfboard) against him. This strategy was not always effective for Miz, since Bryan showed me that he could do it and take it ... and more.

Bryan finally ascended to A-Lister while eating Miz's "It" kicks before taking his soul out of his rival. Miz stopped trying on Bryan's knee, catching the enemy with The Skull-Crushing Finale, but Bryan refuses to stay. Miz decided on Bryan, which made D-Bry's leg firmly tied with the position of the ring. Miz followed Bryan's unfortunate accident with a fourth Lamblock, but Bryan allowed himself to retreat and returned the pressure.

Both superstars beat him now, Miz felt as if he had run away from Maryse and her daughter. However, if Bryan did not know, the attack was costly. While in the ring, Maryse slipped something into Miz's hand. When The Awesome was connected to a hit, Bryan was cold, which allowed Miz to get the three songs, thanks in no small part to Miz Mrs.

“The Demon” Finn Balor def. “Constable” Baron Corbin

Brooklyn - Baron Corbin continued mocking altitude at Finn Balor before a rubber match at SummerSlam, assuming he could beat his rival for the second time. However, the policeman was not prepared for the rage of another world of a demon who short work Corbin is the biggest event of the summer.

A dark cloud emerged above Barclays Center, announcing the arrival of Baloor's alter ego. Corbin tried to pray in the battle, saying he disagreed with the devil's face. Balor did not even hear that while throwing Corbin in the corner with a Dropkick then a Sling Blade and recklessly jumping Corbin on the floor to the game.

Demon domination continued to beat Corbin around the ring before throwing back to the track, eventually crushing the policeman into a devastating grace to victory.

Agent Corbin chose to target Finn Balb because of his size, but he is learning a tough lesson why this is not the wisest decision. After all, you never know what the hell is hiding in you.

United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura def. Jeff Hardy

BROOKLYN - Jeff Hardy warned the wind of the US champion against SummerSlam against Shinsuke Nakamura, but this intrepid mentality led to the fall of the charismatic Enigma. The King of strong style represents a great danger for Hardy to maintain the red, white and blue crowns.

The two rivals did not waste time to enter, changing the blows and speeds equally. Hardy circulated a small attack from Nakamura's firm and ran through an offensive bombing he saw with Twist of Fates.

Risky, Hardy tried the Swanton bomb in Nakamura, which lay on the edge of the ring. Nakamura led the dive, causing Jeff to hit the heaviest part of the ring. From there he was an academic: Nakamura took advantage of Hardy's mistake and completed the charismatic enigma with Kinshasa for victory.

After the victory, Randy Orton arrived, apparently crying with the possibility of more pain in the helpless Hard. Then, with a confused gesture, the Viper decided to turn around and flee, so the WWE Universe explains his intentions.

RAW Women’s Championship Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

The ringing bell and the Bliss jumping back on the rope to break it. Bliss goes to another corner to slow things down. Rousey with a right hand that leaves Bliss. Bliss jumps out of the ring. Rousey restores Bliss's life and calls him to return to the ring. Bliss jumps and Rousey takes her back. Rousey is on her back with Bliss. Rousey Blisset throws it on her shoulder and drops a bit. Happiness runs outward. Happiness knees at Rousey when Rousey chases her back into the ring. Rousey Bliss shots in the corner. Odd with judo throws. Rousey Blisset put her on her shoulder and quickly returned it to the carpet. Rousey Bliss is on his arm. Bliss stops.

Winner and New Women's Champion RAW: Ronda Rousey

After the match, Ronda Rousey celebrates her title win with Natalya. The Bella Twins get inside the ring and also celebrate with Rousey. We then see Rousey jump inside the crowd and embrace her husband holding up the RAW Women’s Championship.

WWE Universal Championship Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns

We get the bell presentations and the challenger Romano Reigns ... Paul Heyman is led to implement the ruling Universe Champion and defense, Brock Lesnar.

Here comes Braun Strowman!

Strowman enters the ring in his bank's wallet. Ask for a microphone Strowman says everyone knows the history of the briefcase, and refuses to pay opponents. "I'm a monster among men, and doing things face to face, so good luck to you, and good luck with that charming guy, because I'm going to be standing throughout the game and not selling a cum who wins, because At the end of the night one of you has two ... these ... hands.

Fast food dropped the microphone out of the ring.

The bell rings and we're going to go here. He has a Superman with Lesnar. A second Superman reigns. A third Superman reigns. Lesnarral speaks spear! He reigns with another spear that joins Lesnar. Queen in the corner. He collects the prizes and joins a third spear. Lesnar has the guillotine choke on Reigns. Lesnar is well closed. Reigns is in Lesnar. Reigns takes Lesnar away from a spinal cord. Lesnar and Reigns are in the middle of the ring. Lesnar again affects the asphyxia of gilotin in Reigns and is blocked. Reigns breaks the accelerator with a secondary spinal cord. Lesnar takes off his gloves. Lesnar avoids Superman's attempts and joins a liberated German suplex. Lesnar is a second and third German suplex. A strong voice "ALL SUCK" will start in Brooklyn. Lesnar arrives at F5. Reigns enters counters, fees, Lesnar's side and play his Reigns Strowman through the ropes of the ring. Lesnar with an F5 in jail on the floor! Lesnar smiles. Lesnar throws it back. Lesnar grabs the briefcase, and repeatedly breaks on Strowman back. Lesnar throws his briefcase onto the stage and grabs a steel chair. Lesnar hits the steel chair on the back of the Strowman a couple of times. Inside, Lesnar reigns with Lance. Queen hooks on your leg and get pinfall!

Winner & new WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns


WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Versus Roman Reigns For CS

After months of disputes, chaos and conflict in the Roman reigns get what they wanted - a new opportunity for the biggest rival Brock Lesnar universal championship.

After defeating Bobby Lashley on the July 23 episode of Raw, The Big Dog has been granted the right to get another shot at The Beast and Universal. Of course, Lesnar and Queen Rival WrestleMania 31 takes place in 2015, and the two recently met with unforgettable competitions at WrestleMania steel match this year's cage, and the destruction of the largest event in Saudi Arabia in Prague in April. The match of the steel cage was the object of contradiction, as the repetition clearly shows that Lesnar's reign in the final moments of the match, the ground, but Brock won the victory.

The angry big dog has called himself an "unequaled universal champion", and since then he has been campaigning for another opportunity. The contractual situation of an anomaly in several rounds with the WWE and UFC launched a few weeks ago octagonal, so that Queen Lesnar could not get close to, let alone get another title ... until now.

With his victory over Lashley, Reigns had another chance to stop The Beast and win the Universal Title. Would it help or hinder the personal and growing opposition of the big dog to Lesnar as he approaches the title of the biggest events in the summer? And are you threatening recent contract negotiations with The Beast and the possible UFC, and will you focus on reigning reigns?

Samoa Joe VS WWE Champion AJ Style For Championship Match

Samoa Joe has a devastating look at the WWE championship, a road to a collision course, and AJ Styles outside of SummerSlam.

Fresh from recent defenses against Rusev in WWE Extreme Rules and Shinsuke Nakamura in the Wild Last Man Standing Match at WWE Money at The Bank, The Phenomenal One continues to rise as one of the best superstars square circle.

It remains to be seen whether it is able to maintain the structural integrity of "The House That AJ Styles Built" against such pure destructive power. Joe sent a clear message that he would not be captured when Styles were attacked from behind, seconds before signing the contract for the championship match. The phenomenal label holder must use every part of its incredible arsenal to reverse the brutal defiance of the mind.

Ronda Rousey VS Alexa Bliss For Championship Match

The Summer Slam in the heat of summer turns into a positive robbanásszerűvé when the evilest woman on the planet will show you the five-foot show of Fury and the Raw Women's Store Championship.

Some people say that the conflict between Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey began in January when Rousey's debut captured moments in the crosshairs of the first woman of the game Royal Rumble Match to shake the winner Asuka and the WWE Goddess and champion of the women -SmackDown Charlotte Flair. All the unspoken evil was WWE Money in the Bank when Little Miss said interrupted Rousey's first title against Nia Jax, attacking both superstars and thus threw the match before the irresistible force of the contracts concluded with the five women's champion.

After the bliss continued fighting Rousey Raw the following night on Twitter, the planet has been the most confusing bad woman attacked the newly crowned title, but she made a mistake in hand to Kurt Angle defeated a Chief Executive Officer and Raw. While Round offenses get a 30-day suspension for the red mark, this did not stop him from winning the first ticket to the WWE Extreme Rules does, and he turns to the downward direction when Bliss and his friend Mickie James have included a variety of subordinate tactic Alexa In extreme rules against Jax.

The next Angle Night announced that between Bliss and Rousey's biggest summer event, and the title promises to be a great fight from start to finish. Rousey is a very strong competitor who has thwarted all expectations, while fully adapted to the WWE style, and is now ready for greatness. Alexa Bliss is a superstar who knows how to win at all costs and refuses to give back to someone.

Kevin Owens VS Brown Strowman

Kevin Owens will again buy a ring with Braun Strowman on SummerSlam. Really asked again. Like a KO, however, there is a trap.

Strowman has translated Owens's life into hell in the last few months. In addition, scattering the object of anger steps and crashing a table during the match climbing money in the bank this year, Strowman responded to an attempt by Owens to make the good side of the fierce superstar chasing him whole Raw. wagon the car, and even grabbed it in a portable toilet and breaks down in the in (comfortable) structure on the stage.

Mr. Monster's anger at the Bank's new heights of WWE Extreme Rules, however, thrown Owens down the top of the cage off the stage with a table of rings below. Although his actions technically provided the KO victory, the Superstar was totally down to nothing, he did not seem to be a winner after having brought such terrible origin.

Although Owens might have taken his victory and went home, he promised to do everything in jail. Owens then the crude, Stephanie McMahon sure and asked him to give the rebate with the stipulation that the contract Braun to win money in the bank if the winner.

Although. never seen - a Live member of the HAS has stolen WWE contract money in the bank Mr. Kennedy May 2007 - Owens might you think he will beat Strowman alike?

Seth Rollins VS Dolph Jiggler Match

In SummerSlam, The Kingslayer is ready to defeat Dolph Ziggler from his throne, expected in the Intercontinental Championships.

Ziggler defeated Rollins to get the Intercontinental title sixth time for the sixth time with Raw's June 17 release, Drew McIntyre. Although technically, Rollins managed to beat Ziggler in the championship rebound the following week, McIntyre caused interference exclusion and again led the gold to his waist of the Showoff.

This led to the WWE Extreme Rules where hard rivals left everything on the canvas and fought on the 4-4 draw, a classic playoff WWE Iron Man 30 minutes, but Ziggler wins a sudden death again thanks to the Scottish Terminator

With the many controversies, it is not surprising that Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has been the title of a kicker for the biggest event in the summer, but the architect catches up with the showoff and his imposing boyfriend finally captures the glorious gold?

Smackdown Women's Championship Match Carmella VS Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch

Nick Money. Becky Lynch is on a hot strip like a direct fire. And now Charlotte Flair returns to the champion's natural approach. Which of the three elite superstars will move away from the SummerSlam Triple Threat Match with the SmackDown female title?

Lynch, the first champion of SmackDown woman, is chasing the title for nearly two years, often coming short, despite the tremendous amount of public support for WWE Universe. Becky is always difficult for Balboa I recently found a new store of 5-0 streaks that peaked at the victory at Princess of Staten Island, the same defeat as he got the title. The league match, however, has become more complicated with The Queen's resurgence.

WWE Summerslam Results 2018 Live Blog, Winners Match, And Results

Flair turned the title game back and forth after returning to SmackDown LIVE to help protect Becky Carmella's sneak attack and defeat the title line as the main event of the program. With the Queen's victory, the SummerSlam championship confrontation was transformed into a triple threatening match. After the six-time female champion in the tournament will undoubtedly change the dynamics. Being daring athletic, Charlotte is one of the many women responsible for developing Superstars that the female champion SmackDown is the longest ruler to compete for Hell in a Cell against Sasha Banks. After his title was stolen on Carmella's cash, the biggest event of summer enter the score to settle Princess of Staten Island.

The Queen and the Irish Lass Kicker would be wise not to underestimate the competitor as an undervalued owner. Like he hates, Carmella knows how to win when it matters. He played the technical details and shortcomings of the book for his own benefit, cash money from the bank of his troupe Flair, taking advantage of the damage to win the rebound and fights James Ellsworth's return from exile to survive Two Challenges from Asuka. Although his clumsy helper was fired for the second time, Mella showed that there are a lot of tricks underneath her, and she definitely does not hesitate to do so.

Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy Match

Caution! Attention! All-out bedlam is now won by SummerSlam. learned that the United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura again to continue the war for the biggest event of the summer was against Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, without a doubt, they hide in the shadows.

The dominance of the United States champions ended in the amazing form of WWE Extreme rules, since the charismatic Enigma suffered a demoralizing defeat, almost instantaneous by Nakamura. Before the opening bell, Hard Style was raised by Hardy with his signature, a rather small hit, behind the ref. Hardy fought at his feet and insisted on starting the match, only to suffer for a moment with Kinshasa, who criticized his dominance and got the first league title of the World War I championship. And it would only have been worse for Harty, who left a surprise after the game, only Randy Orton, who had a cruel low blow.

WWE Summerslam Results 2018 Live Blog, Winners Match, And Results

Then, at the highest level of the American direction of SmackDown LIVE, Jeff seemed to keep Nakamura at the counter after a perfect Swanton Bomb. However, Outta nowhere, Orton seemed to break Jeff's chopsticks and savagely attacked by Charismatic Enigma. Although Hardy took the victory with the exclusion, Viper left aside the consequences of the match, which DDT'ing Hardy finished off the table while Nakamura watched from afar.

When a week later, Hardy returned to SmackDown to respond to attack Orton, double attacks suffered Nakamura for the first time and then again in the Vipertől who abolished the painting of Hardy's face, then, "The Enigma Erase" to a brooch of pressure.

So much confusion surrounding the United States Championship between the defending champion and one of the most difficult in the history of WWE superstars, WWE will continue to ask how much chaos waiting for the biggest summer event? In addition, WWE Apex Predator again fulfills a painful function.

Danial Brayan VS The Miz Match

It is a party that was born during the years surrounding the ambitious original NXT, mutual fire contempt grows, and now a very personal encounter with the best summer event was installed. Daniel Bryan is going through The Miz at SummerSlam.

From the time the original NXT Mize competition chose Bryan Prokent between the two began to compete for anger, which would result in Bryan in 2010 winning the title of the first American challenged ellenfeléből. it only gets stronger year after year.

Maybe Bryan and Miz were the most powerful moment in an ironic way, not in the ring, but in Talking Smack's war in 2016. He was forced to retire due to injuries, and Bryan became the CEO of SmackDown LIVE, where Miz was the dominant intercontinental champion who did not feel worthy of respect. During the post-production of the blue mark, Bryan shared his opinion that A-Lister applied a "soft" approach to the ring. In response, Miz slipped Bryan's blow, which remains strong today. He could not compete at this time, but GM could not do anything but walk, but he never said it in the WWE, and it was only a matter of time before the rivals returned.

I'm not willing to give up the dream that picked up the boots again Bryan in 2018 returned to active competition, and one of the first things I did as a driver, asked the new SmackDown LIVE GM Paige was bringing back the former superstar Raw team blue.

WWE Summerslam Results 2018 Live Blog, Winners Match, And Results

Now, after some twists and turns involving a competitor, it seems that the two superstar is the crash track again, which became evident when Miz undefeated Hell team took place Nobody and claimed that Bryan "destroy the heritage". In response, Bryan attacked and squandered everything visible.

Then, when Bryan met again Miz out the following week, the A-Lister used a fake baby has the jump, and a noble is pierced burn a skull-crashing end, which has led Bryan Miz challenge was The next hit fights of summer. In response, Miz appeared on SmackDown LIVE-n of the Titantron and he and Bryan interrupted the verbal exchange program. However, after a weekend of The Miz accepted the challenge of Miz and the lady team and set the memory of the last one of the most anticipated performances of the stage.

Finn Bálor vs. Constable Baron Corbin

Can a man be in the machine? Then SummerSlam finds out when Finn Balor has set the target of defeating Sheriff Baron Corbin as the first Universal Champion and Constable to have no worries about winning the Finn in the last month.

As we assume that the role of Constable, Corbin has shown Balor as a "little" proverb, chasing extraordinary people, including from height and humble beginnings to the sports entertainment industry. Balor reacted to defeating The Lone Wolf WWE Extreme Rules, but hostility exists and Corbin won Monday night Raw.

Now, according to General Manager Raw, Kurt Angle, the two superstars will solve the differences in the biggest event in the summer where this will be a battle of great size and great heart. The best win.

SD Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The New Day

After winning the tiring gymnastics team you can win the Championship Tag Team SmackDown tag, The New Day will be a challenge for the kennel but Brothers SummerSlam.

The knife bit brothers were about to cross the member's team division SmackDown as he won the title at WrestleMania 34, using and dropping Anderson & Gallows, including enjoying the punishment on the road.

To win this battle SummerSlam, The New Day first defeated Sanity, defeated Alexander Wolfe Killian and Dain in a tough battle. Two weeks later, Big E & Kofi Kingston wins, a total war with Sheamus and Cesaro to win the race and a date fate is SummerSlam.

Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak won Fatal 4-Way impressive against Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami, and TJP seeking the right to challenge the WWE Cruiserweight title. The reigning champion, Cedric Alexander, said he would fight anyone. Named the time and the place now.

As the Chief Executive lives 205 Drake Maverick, Alexander and Gulak will battle the title of SummerSlam, marking the biggest showcase of Alexander as he won the Championship of WrestleMania and the greatest opportunity so far Gulak, who has long been among the most talented and feared warriors of WWE bubbled under the surface.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship for SummerSlam: Exclusive at, July 30, 201800: 56
205 Live Chief Executive Officer, Maverick Drake, turns out to be defending Cedric Alexander against the cruise title WWE Drew Gulak is the summer's biggest event.

The two had a handful of betting in the past, but both grew leaping as their last encounter with Alexander's hybrid wrestling champion and Gulak's wild and cruel master mat, which left countless opponents on the canvas family

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