WWE Smackdown Results,16 January 2018,WWE Smackdown Results,17 January 2018


Jinder Mahal def. Xavier Woods in the Second Round of the United States Title Tournament

The Zanjeer Mahal was fired from Team Blue by capturing Javier Woods, after which the stakes could not be high, which led the winner to the United States Championship Tournament Finals.

Respectively, along with Woods and the palace by The New Day and The Leo Brothers, two superstars fought this ring in the ring that they knew that they each had Rudy, at least as long as Sameer and Sunil had to join Tried and Big E Kofi Kingston followed him in the backstage area. Modern day, Maharaja tried to use his size and power to take advantage of victory, but the New Day member refused to go down to get every possible strategic advantage in every contest.

However, despite a brave performance from Woods, he had a big setback when he missed his signature top rope elbow drop. From there, the castle throws Woods out of ruthlessness, threw it in the rope before the ropes and drilled it with a ferocious ditch to reach the final.

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