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WWE Smackdown Results 8 May 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 9 May 2018

WWE Smackdown Results 8 May 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 9 May 2018

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SmackDown LIVE Results: Quick Hits

SmackDown LIVE Results: Full Details

Jeff Hardy was the guest during contentious “Miz TV” also featuring Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin

Montreal - WWE Backlash with his sights on the Intercontinental Championship Rimec against this Sunday night

Seth RAW Rollin, Miz had first to put on his interviewer hat and chat with the United States Champion Jeff Hardy on SmackDown live.

There was a cold conversation between A-Lister and the Charismatic Enigma, and they immediately connected with

an amazing guest at Randy Orton. The entrenched Mrs. Hardy had insulted to take her place the cleaner in a match

against Shelton Benjamin during the reorganization superstar. Orton dismissed Miz's claim and said Jeff just took a chance and was not upset.

Although the opponent, however, the A-Lister seemed determined to be the cause of a disturbance between Hardy

and Orton. And, even though it was not working, Randy had made it clear to Jeff that he sold himself as a champion

after defeating Jeff Jinder Mahal at WrestleMania, which was destined to win the US title on the Dbluiii counterattack.

Shelton. Benjamin and then came to the scene, his warm red ears that the Viper will be ready for a title shot in front

of them because last week was an Orton defeated in a competition. I was listening after not being delighted with

him, Randy tried to get hit Benjamin because the ring, and A-Lister After trying to blind Orton, jump and Enigma The

Miss Charismatic in a turbulent sight with Whisper in the Wind to remove things in the blue mark.

  • Randy Orton & Jeff Hardy def. The Miz & Shelton Benjamin

general manager "Ms. after the tilt of activity on television", will make SmackDown live Page announced that the team of Randy Orton Jeff Miz to proceed against Shelton Benjamin with Hardy.

Despite the discomfort between the two of them at night, Orton and Bug Hardy was fine, and Miss Benjamin

worked together to cope her path to the offensive attack. The crucial moment of the match, Randy Orton was in an

absolute tear, Shelton, and Sra both their arsenal (that, including Shelton ring Ratling Arkeo), that Jeff Hardy

defeated Shelton with a Swanton Bomb.

However, good vibes lasted a short time, because Apex Predator has dropped Charismatic Enigma with an Arkeo

after the competition, it sends a message that Jeff Championship still in his sights.

  • Big Cass went to new lows to make a mockery of Daniel Bryan

Just five days before the game against Daniel Brian in WWE, Big Cass smackdown live on "Yes!" Some stick to the

guy to go to the scene and call him ... well, kind.

Due to the possibility of a chest infection that was not approved for the Brian competition, "Dan Lil 'The Brian"

Brian complete set with a small person, beard and hit all points of view. Then, while mocking the mask in front of

him, Cass continued training in the real Brian. Once done this with his low blows, CAS thanked the little man, real

name Pierre Lafleur, and then took several bows to the WWE . Before Dern nearly crushed the head of his body.

WWE officials soon came down to save Lafler from seven-foot hands.

  • Shinsuke Nakamura demanded a public apology from AJ Styles

During his bout for the WWE title's biggest Royal Rumble Shinsuk event after receiving a low blow from Nakamura,

WWE, Champion AJ Style was finally attacked WWE stars, which continued long after the end of double counting To

Stay For Team Blue, the style was asked to say "style of public apology" in the style of King of Style.

Admin orally acts, referring to the "scammer" and WrestleMania 34 WWE from Rockstar hands dark junior bonuses

against the style while talking to Renee Young in the ring of Nakamura. Styles refused to apologize and promised to

plow Nakamura's rematch next Sunday at WWE Backlash, which Page cannot compete with the disqualification

title announced that the line now.

However, the Phenomenal already had a Nakamura can be called in the ring, which focused on the bad game all that

Samoa Joe was interrupted by, which made it clear that WWE did not Backlash. Samoan Presentation of the

machine has the opportunity to run once again through the name of the Roman Empire land, the WWE knew that it

was still believed to completely fail before its game on Sunday at the Great Dog. Who brought everything to the full

circle, although the style came to know that after taking care of Reagan on Sunday, would come for the WWE


Style, who was not thrilled by anyone's claims, still got dirty when Nakamura did not get out of the way and AJ

received another blow. Nakamura did tight while enjoying every moment of pain champion in style, before dancing

several times to the barley-jacking Kinshasa, the head of a fire statement putting their styles and WWE Backlash left behind

  • Xavier Woods def. Sheamus

Now SmackDown with Live Live, it seems that only new day accessory, their classic rivalry, in an action in a way that

burns back in Austin Watson out against Sheamus after the words exchanged two units squared - And the bar

released pancakes - behind the scenes on the first night.

Keeping Rings Side with Cesar and The New Day, Shimas tried to use the benefits of the size and strength of

Ground-end-Pound Woods. As always, on the high ropes of Woods Shams, there were fearsome attacks on a

number of high-risk opportunities, including a horrible dive. However, when Cesar and The New Day began to leave

, Shams benefited from Hurling Woods in Barcaade. Even Xavier will not be enough to keep low, however, when

Mierdas was stuck in a small package, he had re-entered the ring, which may be an unexpected victory.

  • Charlotte Flair, Asuka & Becky Lynch def. Carmella & The IIconics

Last week, Asuka and Becky Lynch worked together to take Asuka's The Economics of SmackDown Live at the

beginning. However, when the university lost to the unit, the mood quickly deteriorated, causing Asuka's first game

on SmackDown Live to become a sinister one. However, this week Asuka & Lynch reinforcements, which will be

Charlotte's rival in Charlotte to face as she joined with instinct IIconics and WWE Backlash, champion SmackDown Carmella.

Staten Island Princess was only five days seem ready to keep his distance from the queen before his rematch for the

title, but finally, put his hands on Flair Princess Mella can definitely wait for him what THIS Sunday on WWE

The backlash has given the taste. However, thanks to The Economics on his side, Caramel prevailed in Charlotte, which

allowed Billy and Petan Royce to expand the place for him.

It seems that the candy and successful Aikoniks were going to be able to separate the queen, but things certainly did

find their way into the Nervous Queen was when the last contest, completely was running in opposition. Becky and

Charlotte has shone caramel like Billy and pulled the Queen met with the incredible moon on the floor Princess Fair

and Billy the Universe of the WWE. From there, Asuka had to roll up Royce alone in the ring, and she always applied

to Asuka's painful lock so that she and her team could gain submission.

Asuka had returned to the track and Charlotte seems to have believed that Caramel had doubted the possibility of retaining in WWE Backlash.

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