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WWE Smackdown results 31 July 2018 live blog update latest WWE results

WWE Smackdown results 31 July 2018 live blog update latest WWE results

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WWE Smackdown results 31 July 2018 live blog update latest WWE results
Randy Orton made his new motives clear

Evansville, Ind. - After two days twice violently attacked Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton to live Smackdown was released to win the WWE in his mind a bit and get an idea of his motive.

Apex Predator claimed that the savage attacks against "Enigma Charismatic" were actually due to the WWE Universe.

Orton mentioned that he did not receive the deserved respect, even though he was in WWE for 16 years.

Viper claimed that, although it was The Legend Killer, the only real Legend Killers were the WWE fans themselves.

Orton made it clear that he was still trying to target Hardy, and that he could do it until he was okay.

Orton closed, saying: WWE called many things during his career, but the only thing that matters is the three letters legromasztóbb the history of sports-leisure: The R-R-S.

Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Rusev

One of the biggest challenges of the blue brand, Andrade "One hundred" Souls closed with Rusev on SmackDown LIVE, having previously been tense in the background.

The. fight against Zelina Vega was Lana, but worthy of attention was the absence of Aiden Angol, who appeared in Bulgaria's brute still opposed to the WWE Extreme Rules WWE Championship in the wake of defeat.

For. the first time, Rusev and Souls went directly to a parallel tournament, which took several impulses.

While the fight continued, Vega and Lana entered a heated battle in the ring. Vega beat Lana, and the cunning Russian grabbed Vega and waved Mayhem Mozart to get to the scene and break the two.

Vega, however, jumped back, which made him fall into the English Wool and send the three to the ground. Through the wedge caught by The Super Athlete, Andrade took advantage of Hammerlock's DDT to win.

After. the backstage after the match, the English fingers and Lana pointed out who had defeated before Rusev intervened and concluded that perhaps the English or Lana was not good for Rusev's Day.

Samoa Joe def. R-Truth

Revenge partner Tye Dillinger versus Samoa Joe, R-Truth took the most daring Samoa submission machine, and although the truth was brave fighting, Joe flew directly towards his opponent before he took on the Coquina Clutch-REL another victory.

Asuka def. Billie Kay

The first Evolution of the PPV WWE female in early October, Asuka, and Billie Kay sought to announce the WWE Universe in the historic announcement on Monday.

Of course, Kay and IIconics társpecsétje, Peyton Royce did not feel for when she remembered that she was

technically the first superstars to beat the LIVE SmackDown Asuka was a few months ago.

This sluggish memory was apparently motivated by Tomorrow Empress, and even Royce, who was sitting in a ring,

Tomorrow, Entrepreneur Billie was brilliantly knocked out by another shocking victory.

James Ellsworth fired; Samoa Joe revealed himself as the SummerSlam challenger to WWE Champion AJ Styles

WWE Champion AJ Styles and CEO of SmackDown LIVE Paige spoke in the ring to reveal StylesSlam's next rival.

Phenomenal was about how exciting it was for WWE Evolution, the importance of addressing its title and the willingness to write another epic chapter about the history of SummerSlam, no matter who it was.

From that moment, Styles signed the contract, ready for anyone to challenge him in the biggest summer event.

However, before the drum roll began, and WWE Universe found out, James Ellsworth arrived to say it was the

WWE title for the most beautiful event of the summer. Paxával and styles, which were surprised by the arrival of

Ellsworth, the SmackDown GM quickly removed his Ellsworth was on the floor and informed him that he would not only question the tournament the summer hit, but she is actually shot.

Surprised by Ellsworth, security stalled and the stylists blurred the ghosts, never saw Samoa Joe enter the ring from

behind. Samoan's delivery machine interrupted The Phenomenal One, which was the striking barrier before closing the Coquina Coupling and then signed the contract for the match.

Becky Lynch def. Carmella to earn SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at SummerSlam

Without James Ellsworth, who was shot by Paige, Carmella's champion SmackDown the women now have to go alone when she tried to prevent Becky Lynch from winning for SummerSlamban's summer tonight.

Lynch entered the competition with an incredible pay line and was slowly appearing on his side. No one has fought

with the guard down, the Carmella advantage of all the tricks and tactics available to her to try to get away from the

straight of the fire is still the ropes to use when to appear during the attack attempts, but seemingly unstoppable

Irish of the girl of the kicker distracted by Mella princess of Desarma to the winner of submission to have the opportunity to recover the title of SmackDown Ladies in SummerSlam.

The New Day def. SAnitY to advance to the finals of the SummerSlam Tag Team Championship Tournament

The Paige announced four teams of the tournament team members to determine who will fight for the Bludgeon

Brothers summer hit in the Tag Team Championship Smackdown to offer, the best in the blue brand, the new sun

and sanity invented the high tournaments bets Even more pressure on the two rival teams mutual (and premiere co-

competition) The Uses, which oversees the winners as an observer in the restaurant, and adds the only, both teams will be.

She is hungry to continue demonstrating her courage on Tuesday night, and SAnitY took control of the first acts

with brutal force and a dynamic offensive by Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. Despite the storms, the New Sun

resisted the attack and fought. The key moments of the match, Eric Young tried to interfere, but Kofi Kingston (who

was also a teammate support team) was able to protect himself from him, so Big E and Xavier Woods hit the midnight hour, the last career.

The celebration of the New Day would be ephemeral, but Usos seemed to have some words for the winners.

However, The Bar then came to the site to declare that The Usos will be defeated next week and will become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions during the biggest summer events.

Daniel Bryan crashed the “Miz & Mrs.” premiere party

The new reality show, Miz & Mrs. debut tonight on 10/9 C on the US network, Miz, Maryse and Baby Monroe Sky came to start the premiere of a boom!

The Miz and Maryse welcomed the new show, but before the party reaches full power, Daniel Bryan took over the

performances, showing a video of his career Miz "Miz and misses" and then jumped to the scene and the security

guards were taken away. the tabs of the event. Bryan made the ring, but he did not stop at the attack on A-Lister because he was holding the sleeping baby.

However, at a surprising moment, Miz threw the baby Bryan, who caught him, exposing him to a baby. Confusion

confused Miz with the possibility of slipping his rival with Skull Breaking Finale before returning to the microphone to break Bryant and still find time for "Miz & Mrs."

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