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WWE Smackdown Results 17 July 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 18 July 2018

WWE Smackdown Results 17 July 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 18 July 2018

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WWE Smackdown Results 17 July 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 18 July 2018

Chaos erupted with Team Hell No, The Bludgeon Brothers, SAnitY and the new day of "Miz TV"

With SmackDown Tag Team Championship, WWE Extreme Rules is only five days away, Team Hell No has not joined

A-Lister "Miz TV" to fight The Bludgeon Brothers on Sunday. Miz tried to remember Daniel Bryan and Kane and

called them a nostalgic act that no longer had the ability to compete with a duo like Harper & Rowan. After listening

to this bitter rival, the "Yes!" The man fought for the mood, although Kane tried to calm his boyfriend ... until Miz

stopped to despise, which led to Kane and prepared for the chokeslam. A-Lister. But Miz left Dodge when The

Bludgeon Brothers began approaching the ring. Bryan and Kane were quickly in their hands when SAnitY appeared and attacked the Hell Hell team. No Harper & Rowan soon joined.

Reinforcements will arrive soon, even if the new day is connected to the fight and offers an opportunity at night.

However, the brutality that has been taken by the sanity Cordura brothers and the Hell No Team was too much for

they and the new day to overcome when it comes to WWE officials have led to try to disintegrate the melee.

AJ Styles def. Shinsuke Nakamura excluded

The AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were re-order the epic rivalry while watching the Rusev rings, where guest

comments and fun for the WWE Championship on Sunday is a phenomenal ready expression.

The styles and Nakamura immediately took their place, where they stopped, one with the other hitting strikes and

counters on their other counters. During the race, the hard blow jumped from the ring to the commentary's desk, where Styles could not help a clink of English Aiden that was too close to comfort.

King of Strong Style used the confusion to hit AJ from outside, but the WWE champion circled Kinshasa and

Nakamura instead of drilling English. The desperate Rusev blinded Styles, who was excluded. Rusev and Nakamura

began to pick up the boots of The Phenomenal One, but things changed quickly when the US champion. UU., Jeff Hardy, went against the odds.

In the melee of SmackDown LIVE CEO Paige received a request to expand the madness, as Styles & Hardy vs. Rusev Nakamura and Tagged match takes place ... ah, and that will be the next

AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy Def. Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura

The four superstars did not waste time in the depths of their conflict, and they all wanted to make a prominent statement before the battles for Sunday's championship.

Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles are thrown all for free, but Rusev a Machka Pickrel thrown out of the ring of styles out, then Hardy matched the others, they count a valuable victory in just five days before the title of the WWE WWE Extreme Rules

Asuka def. James Ellsworth is in a game of Lumberjack

Due to the controversial conclusion between James Ellsworth and Asuka, Paige said that Ellsworth had to fight again with Asuka tonight ... in a Lumberjack Match. After Carmella had received strict orders to fix the emperor tomorrow, Ellsworth began the process of cutting off some offensive words.

After the race began, last week the same situation: Asuka terrified Ellsworth. Where she had not fled to Ellsworth, the Empress seemed to have waited for WWE Extreme Rules just five days before the SmackDown Women's Championship. At one point, Ellsworth tried to lock him up, but the wood grabbed him and started doing it.

During all these scares, Carmella tried to give Ellsworth a spray that was used to accompany The Empress. But Asuka stung plan and stopped the threaded tricks on Ellsworth Carmella to start the kötényről him and his goblins Carmella wooden horse in the lock Asuka victory by submission.
After the bell, Carmella ran to the ring trying to jump on Asas. While The Empress tried to cope with the princess, Ellsworth recovered the spray and ignited Carmella's enemy, so the champion would make the most important statement for the challenger.

Andrade "One hundred" Souls def. Faceless

András "Cien" Almas lost aggression a few weeks ago in a vicious stage attack, Sin Cara made a quick race against El Idolo on SmackDown LIVE.

Souls but soon took control, having jumped to the top rope and both feet planted on the chest of Sin Cara before he led the masked Fighter due to the attack of the double knee of the blue mark greater triumph of the relentless race.

Team Hell No and New Day Def. A Bludgeon Brothers & Snipe

Due to the release LIVE SmackDown was chaotic bratyka Paige has won a large party member of the 10-member team, and the two sides fought savagely tone.

The Bludgeon Brothers advantages and sanity in size and strength can be exploited by the Hell No team and the

a new day is endowed with good cuts from the competition, but Daniel Bryan led his team to great jumping

maneuvers, including a great E, released Kofi Kingston on the top rope and Harper, freeing Bryan to catch Eric Young on the 1-2-3 knee.

After. the great victory, New Day and Team Hell began to celebrate. Bryan and Kane when they reached the top of the ramp, back and forth they left, first, the need to keep a "Yes!" Singing. Bryan tried to use Kane's fire extinguishing technique. In the beginning, "Yes!" The men's experiments did nothing, worked marvelously late attempts, Bryan hit the big red machine iconic flames. Is this possible for Team Hell No for Sunday's victory in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship?

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