WWE Smackdown Results 13 February 2018,WWE Smackdown Results 14 Februay 2018


Jigger vs Baron Corbin

They came to Ziglar’s music. Baron also played a great music but he did not come. On this backstage, Kevin Owens and Sammy Jane beat the Baron fiercely. Baron tried to kill a little bit but he could not do anything. Both of them beat the baron by punishing them and injuring them. After this, both of them came to the ring to kill Jigler. Both of them jiggler jumped out of the ring and killed. Barons also came on the ramp but then they killed. Right now, who will be the fourth superstar in the Fatal 4 match, this thing has been hanging because Sammy and Kevin did not allow the match to happen right now.

Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan

Both superstars have reached the ring. The fight between the two started. From the beginning, Charlotte thought to attack, but Sarah was not giving her a chance. But after all the effort, she could not escape and Charlotte had a tremendous kick and dropped him down. However, inside the ring, Sarah also gave tremendously to chop Charlotte. But after that four chop, Charlotte killed. Sarah hit out on the back and dropped the Charlotte. And gave fantastic supplex. With Sarah, she is a partner outside the ring, then with the Charlotte, Naomi and Beki. Sarah grabbed a brilliant kick and covered the Charlotte but they got kicked out. After this, both of them killed one by one on the turnbuckle. After that chance, Charlotte won the match by defeating the glorious finishing move, Sarah.


In the backstage, Shane and Daniel made the decision that Kevin Owens vs Baron Corbin and Sammy vs Jiggler will be a match. If Baron and Jiggler win, then Fatal 5 will be in the fastest match for the WWE championship match.

Kevin Owens vs Baron Corbin

Kevin is already present in the ring. And the barons are coming lame. The fight has started. Kevin Owens attacked the outside of the ring and threw the baron in the barracks. After this, give a fantastic close line and dropped down. Baron inside the ring hit Kevin’s Punch, he went out. Baron got out of the ring and slammed him into a barricade. After taking him out twice, he killed Kevin in the barracks. Inside the ring, Kevin covered his baron and covered it, but Baron escaped. Kevin went to kill Kevin out of the ring, but Kevin got off and collided with Baron Steel Step. The baron has given a fantastic closely outside the ring. Baron put on the splendid Deep Six Kevin After this he tried to move his move but Kevin kicked it. And fired the baron towards the ring. Seeing the opportunity, Baron won this match by putting his finishing move on Kevin. Along with this, the WWE championship match at Fastlane has become Fatal 4th.

Bobby Rudd’s Open Challenge

Bobby Rood has come in the ring.

Bobby: I’m the best US champion. Open Challenge is going on for this championship. I am very happy. And even today I challenge for this. Hopefully, whatever happens, come and talk to me with eyes, not to mention the RKO coming back from behind.

Randy Orton has arrived. Randy reached the ring but this is what Jindar Mahal also came.

Randy: Randy does all your respect, but in the top 10 you are at the 9th position. So many times you have made so many histories you have become champion and yet this is the situation. I beat you in the championship match but I respect you. After 16 years you are at 9th but in 5 months I am 5th. Bobby Rudd is also a Future Legend Killer.

Bobby: Jinda, you have spoken a lot. Do not respect any of you.

In this Randy gave RKO to Jinder’s companion Bobby Rudd came to Zindar to give his move but Jindar Mahal killed Khalas and after that he also killed Randy.

New de VS Shelton Benjamin, Chad Gable

Kofi and Big E ring went to challenge Benjamin and Chad. Kofi and Shelton started the match From the beginning, Shelton and Chad started to beat Kofi. Kofi is constantly failing to deliver the tag. Chad and Shelton gave their move to Kofi several times but they were saved. After quite a long time, Kofi smartly tagged Big E. Outside the ring, Shelton dropped Javier Woods by punishing him. Inside the ring, Big E stormed the two superstars and splashed them. But Chad has killed Supellax. Shelton interfered in the rotation of the tag. Kofi kicked a tremendous kick and threw them out of the ring. Chad came and threw Kofi out of the ring but Big E won the match by putting the finishing move to Chad.

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