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WWE Smackdown Results 12 June 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 13 June 2018

WWE Smackdown Results 12 June 2018, WWE Smackdown Results 13 June 2018

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SmackDown LIVE Results: Quick Hits

  • Carmella “unmasked” Asuka
  • Asuka def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
  • Karl Anderson def. Harper
  • Jimmy Uso & Naomi def. Aiden English & Lana
  • AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura signed the contract for their WWE Title Match at WWE Money in the Bank
  • Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair
  • Big Cass slandered Daniel Bryan in front of the WWE Universe
  • The New Day def. The Miz, Samoa Joe & Rusev

SmackDown LIVE Results: Full Details

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Carmella “unmasked” Asuka

Corpus Christi, after promising to deliver the truth about his WWE Money in Texas - rival bank, candy did kick live Smackdown to the real Asuka "unmasked". The Princess of Staten Island showed a pack of videos of Asuka's WWE moments and argued that she had lost Charlotte Flair after WrestleMania 34. It was Caramel's claim that everyone was ready for Asuka.

However., the princess's fair could have been very deep in her thesis, the Queen of yesterday appeared on the scene and faced the SmackDown Women's Champion. Before making any move, Mandi Rose and Sonya Devil put up no hurdle and that Mandi hit Asuka last week was only a second away from this night Devil is going to seal the deal.

Caramel set fire and said that the previously humiliated Asuka would not stand such an insult and would take Mandi and Sonya at the same time. Meanwhile, all Balihu had to calm Smackdown alive general manager asking state Page Asuka and rushed to cool, you want to meet tonight - Mercado or Sonia. Asuka shouted that they both wanted! Paige was fine, and one disability match was next.

Asuka def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Mandy Rose, after she did so many works of Diablo and Carmela, Asuka emphasized now took comment on Runes and Devil in a handicap match, while the women's champion SmackDown.

Despite the loss of numbers and candy involved has caused a great deviation from the speaker's table, which directs the light of the moon on the table, Asuka showed no signs of the confidence that passes and referred to the fair princess. Rose and Devil had no response to the Empress's attacks, and Asuka forced Sona to touch Asuka's lock.

After the game, like last week, Carmela has bravely corrected Asuka's face. However, as soon as the candy tried to avenge my friend falling attacking him, Asuka staggered market, but the queen gave him to come and leave him. However, it turned out Princess of Staten Island later of Asuka, that broke girl SmackDown direction to make a clear lane for the candy on the back of his rival and the drill with him a superkick.

Caramel may or may not be ready for Asuka, but she's definitely ready to jump in the hope of having an advantage - like she did tonight.

Karl Anderson def. Harper

On the horizon of the bank in WWE Money with the Good Brothers' SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, Carl Anderson captured Harper in individual action.

Harper dominated most of the competitions because Rowan and Luke Gallos saw ringside. However, when Harper missed an important partner and his leg broke the rope, Anderson slid behind him and was shocked.

After the game, Harper immediately ready to throw Anderson, but the good brothers out of the Dodge WWE quickly, money in the bank in his victory in less than two weeks before his title

Jimmy Uso & Naomi def. Aiden English & Lana

After the chaotic uproar, which was last week's dance, Jimmy Uso and Naomi took Eden English and Lana tonight. Not on Rousseau Rings Side (he was preparing for the main event later), the obstacles were complete because both sides had closed the box.

This action was quick and fierce, both Naomi and Lana said in the Bank Ledger game a great victory over Women's Money. In the key moments in the match, Jimmy and Naomi worked together to hit perform the ring, and Naomi did not go out to pick up English with a top rope Crossbody somewhere, so sore with Jimmy superkick Eden flushing allowed 1-2-3.

Jimmy and Naomi celebrated the victory, but after the game, the English continued to suffer pain, after a clear wound in the throat, she used gas to take air. What does this mean for English? Is your heavenly voice in danger now?

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura signed the contract for their WWE Title Match at WWE Money in the Bank

AJ champion Duiii for the style and title of WWE Money between Shinsuke Nakamura of the headquarters agreement signed with Page for his Last Man Standing match, the tension was high because two superstars looked at each other in the area behind the stage. WWE staff hands, the style looked strong style of the king in the eyes and said Nakamura, but they could not give directly and they will come out of the WWE Money in the Bank as the WWE Champion.

The WWE rock star shook off the style statement, raised a feather in the forest of the phenomena, which instantly unnerved AG. At the same time, the styles wanted to fly with Nakamura, urged them to stand up, but Shinsuke sat down. Nakamura has refused to deny, finally, devils with clapping artists are facing officials W. Dbluii to accompany the signature styles of the contract became angrier. Ignoring AJ's work, Nakamura signed the contract and saw Paige, made a simple statement: "The last man is e foot ".

Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair

The two best friends hit SmackDown Live because Charlotte Flair had faced Becky Lynch, both had won a big victory before women's money in loans for women in less than two weeks.

Becky. and Charlotte, who are not strangers to each other, during their last confrontation, the WWE Universe was on the edge of their seats. Just when it looked like the queen was about to lock up Chitra-eight Leglocks, Lynch immediately counted it in ad-arm-in to win a tapout.

After the game, even with Money in the Bank, is literally declining, Flair and Lynch still have a mutual respect because Becky has helped Charlotte after the competition. Unfortunately, there will be no such colleagues during the "Women's Money in Bank Ledger Match" in Chicago.

Big Cass slandered Daniel Bryan in front of the WWE Universe

Speaking with Renee Young, Big Cass spoke with Daniel Bryan in his next WWE Money game at the bank. Big Cass repeatedly encouraged Brian against the size disparity between the superstar and chilled Brian with Big Boot last week. Seven-footers definitely said that after WWE Money in the bank, "Yes!" The man wakes up with the battered, broken and firm understanding that there was no future for him in the "world of the great man" of the WWE.

The New Day def. The Miz, Samoa Joe & Rusev

In a six-man team battle in a Super Désers battle, a new Day Square against Miz, Samoa Joe, and Rusev, who will represent SmackDown Live in the men's money in the Bank Ledger match. Despite the WWE Universe, he still does not know that the new day will choose to represent the banking party squad, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Javier Woods, who fight independently against the tough opposition. To protest, A-Lister, the Samoa submission machine and the Bulgarian rough cut ring and the floor and pounds the energy group.

It seems that Miz, Joe, and Rachel were closing the victory when Javier retired with the Kovina clutch and Rusev took an Airborne Kofi with a kick. However, when there was a lack of communication in an attempt to kill Big E with a pancake plate, Miz threw flapjacks at Gaoye and Rusev, and both men reduced the A-lister. Left alone, Miz was easy to pick for The New Day, and he won them with Midnight Hour.

The money in the money in the bank match remains a great mystery, but tonight, one thing was definitely: the new day was shaken.

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