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John Cena responded on the case made by Ford Company

We told you that Ford Motor Company had made a case against John Cena for breaking the contract. John Cena has expressed his reaction on the matter. 16-time WWE champion Cena posted a photo of the 1980 Ford Mustang GT car on Instagram.

WrestleMania 34 can match the match match of MMA Four Horshamman

According to a report by Kejaside Seats, MMA’s Four Horsewoman (Ronda Raouzy, Shayna Bazlar, Marina Shaffer, Jasmine Duke) may appear to be fighting the match at Wrestlemania 34. If you believe the rumors, then this match may be between the MMA Four Horsewoman and WWE’s Fours Hoursman (Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bailey).

Kurt Hawkins’s streak of 140 wins in the WWE

Kurt Hawkins has not been good for the past few months, in which he was trying to find something good. But his necklace is not taking the name of the stoppage Hawkins teamed with Dash Wilder and Curtis Axel in a 6-man tag match, and fought in the Salt Lake City of Utah for the WWE House Show with Heather Slater, Ryan and Apollo Cruise.

Shamas gave a big update on his injury

A part of WWE Superstar and Raw Tag Team Champion, Shamas, revealed on his YouTube channel “Caltic Warrior Workout”, that he has been working for six months despite being injured.

The Uses showed upset with the announcement of the Tag Team Championship match at the Clash of Champions’s PPV
SmackDown Live’s next exclusive PPV Clash of Champions will be seen in the Triple Threat match for the Tag Team Championships. However, after this announcement, the champions responded to this shocking decision by going to the social media.
Following the announcement of WWE, the pair of The Uses, The New Day and Chad Gable-Shelton Benjamin gave their own reactions. The Usoz reacted like this, as if he is a babyface and the pair of Gable-Benjamin is a heel.

The Rock is about to touch the hearts of Vince McMahan

The Rock saw Mr. McMahan’s statement on his timeline and after that he tweeted, “At the age of 11, I joined hands with Vince, at the age of 25 I got the first contract of WWE, and till today Vince is my best mentor And I can never bow down their advice. ”

Randy Orton battled with SmackDown Live’s big superstar

Jack Ryder has not been anything special for the previous week’s WWE and beyond. Earlier, his tag team partner Majo Rowli had attacked him in SmackDown Live, cheating him. Now Randy Orton, who went on to give RKO a sudden, also targeted him. Fans can see the twin war between these two:

This page will be in Raw Page and Sasha Banks match

WWE officially declared that the first match of the page will be with Sasha Banks after returning to Raw this week. WWE has given information about this through its twitter account.

After WWE India tour, what will happen to Jindar Mahal?

Jindar Mahal, which is called as “Modern Day Maharaja”. His journey from Wrestlemania 33 till now has been fantastic. The palace conquered Randy Orton in Backlash to win the WWE Championship in the month of May. The castle has fought with Orton on two different occasions.

Former WWE Champion Dolph Jigler said big deal about leaving the company

Another WWE Superstar could soon leave the company. Dolf was present as guest in the podcast of Jigler, Edge and Christian where he talked about his future with company and wrestling. Dolf is associated with Jigler Company since 2004. During this time he saw various fluctuation in his career. He started his career as part of Spirit Squad, but after breaking the group he got recognition as a singles superstar.

WWE Live Event results Salt Lake City, 2 December 2017

WWE Raw’s live event took place in the US city of Utah. Most of the Raw’s superstars were seen in a live event at Salt Lake City. In the main event match, The Shield encounters Tag Team Champion Shamas, Cesareo and Samoa, who had a trio. Meet the matches of Tag Team, Cruiserweight, Women’s Division during the show. There was a collision between the 2 monsters of WWE Rawr Braun Storman and Ken.

WWE Live Event Results Marinda, 2 December 2017

The team of WWE SmackDown is on a tour of Latin American countries. Where he is doing live events in different countries. After Peru, the caravan of SmackDown’s team reached the Marida of Mexico. Most of SmackDown’s stars attended this live event in Mexico. During the show, Tag Team, Women’s, US Championships and WWE Championships were held on the claim.

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