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WWE Raw Results 8 January 2018, WWE Raw Results 9 January 2018

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The Bálor Club confronted Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan


Memphis - Last week, Samoa, who is still dominating the defense of his epic intercontinental title, the Roman Dynasty came to see his Roman empire. He did not know a little, he stepped into a good brother city.

To be fair, it was not really the arrogance of Big Dog or his announcement that "If you are messing with one of the members of The Shield, then you are messing with everyone", which is the case with Finn Böller, Luke Galoos and Carl Anderson have raised mass fires, reunion partners, now calling themselves Beller Club. This mistake is with Jason Jordan, whose raw tag team became a little more familiar with princes and rollins to lead a young superstar to win with the title title Seth Rollins.

Jordan claimed that it could be anything less than "the most influential three-male group in WWE", the rule and the Kingsleyer (disappointed, the lack of "time" of his partner, which is worth it), the most important thing is Jordan has responded with a slap on the face of the hanging, and RAW general manager Kurt Angle provided the solution, later in the night the six-man tag team match between two groups Gave sanction.

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville


Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville had stole spotlight in six-woman tag team matches last week, but two young superstars would probably not be ready to go without Paige yet. Beside the rabbit banks and Belle, Rose and Devil were not seen to be less impressive, but due to their inexperience, both of them stood against the raw women's champions. In spite of this, Pege had instructed Circuside (Mikey James also pinned the barrier on the ring).

It) leaves a bitter pill for the women's Royal Rumble-tied liberation, in particular Gulab and Devil insist on themselves against The Boss, while keeping Belle aside from apron. Hugabe was an exhausted tired of cheap shots from the Devil, though, and sending him through the ropes to disperse on both sides of the roof, Gulab also allowed a single misunderstanding, the banks allowed the bank to win the tapout Locked in the statement, much more carefully than Peggy.

"Woken" Matt Hardy def. Curt Hawkins


The WWE universe has made Matt Hardy progress from his break point and has mounted his "Voken" status on the mic. Now, he has seen for the first time what can be done in the ring at the cost of the Reart Bengal Superstar Kurt Hawkins. Prince of Queens could not shake his T-shirt-certified losing streak, because a new aggressive Hardy had bitch in his hand, he pumped it with a fist of fist and finally he got a necklace with Twist of Fate was kept.

And apparently, this is just the beginning, with Hardy being officially announced for the Men's Royal Rumble match, 29 have their eyes on potential extinction. However, to show his opponent Bray Wyatt again in the middle of the moment after his victory (both did not throw his hands, but he used to laugh at each other's confrontation with each other's silence) to give a random reminder, "Champion of the Multiverse" may still be in Card for Hardy, yet there is a major obstacle in its way.

The Miz returned and set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship


It is a cruel cold for The Mizetouraz, because the pause has been abandoned in her shaved, but The Miz is back and she has a business to take part. Making a comeback between the fanfare and circumstances of "Miz TV" - With an introduction to Elias, the full-a-lister refuses a series of gifts from his guests Curtis Axel and Bow Dallas, who really, their clothes back , Thanks to his claim, the value of his door has been occupied by the price: Intercontinental championship. The Big Dog stopped his defeat from Roman Reagan, allowing him to "borrow" his title to help maintain his reputation in his absence, The Miz announced that "Father's house" and he Announced that they were coming to collect.

Cedric Alexander def. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore via Count-out


Seven days ago, a round of "Influ-ango" pushed the rescue of Enzo Amore's WWE CruiseWarit title in one week. Now, an injury has extended its rule beyond. Although Snazz Marinara was optimistic on his chance against his flexible challenger Cedric Alexander - who had received "rocky" -prek talk from Goldstreet before the evening - some early shots scared Amore to cover almost immediately Sent.

Fortunately for Enzo, he threw Alexander with the top rope on the floor, until Alexander was exposed and a springboard knee opened with Ameer's brow and blew a magnificent rally from the Challenger. This unconsciously failed his efforts, however, as a super-top-rope plan, Ango was left with an ankle ankle which prevented him from defeating 10-fault and so much pain in the trainer's room. Giving away the champion, so that the presence could not be done, and Jacques can rest her

Titus Worldwide def. Cesaro & Sheamus


With Sesaro and Shamas Raw Royal Rumble, RAW can successfully negotiate with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle on his raw tag team title remake, but it got the only good news at night. The Bar received much more by requesting those angles to be supplied with some competition, when the amazing opposition of Titus Worldwide had overcome the difficulties of the raw tag team champions three times.

In an effort, everything was written by the Roth Tietary team, Titus O'Neil and Apollo Cruz had struggled to get out of the block against the bar. Cruise was particularly persecuted by Sirso and Shamas, although he also gave O'Neill an opportunity to win upset, when he hit a Montsault from Ephron, which both dumped Brogeike and Seasarro was named one Had intervened. Big Deal won the book with Roll-Up on Irishmen and Titus Worldwide. On the other side, in the bar, for the first time, pieces are left to pick up because their title comes repetitive.

Braun Strowman attacked Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Kane


Last week, Braun Stroman told Ken that he was in the Royal Rumble for himself in his Universal Title Triple Threat match against Brock Lesnar. And when this extent was being brewing hostility between the Universal Champion and The Big Red Machine this week, The Monsters in Man took the opportunity to strike.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman responded to Keane's attack last week and in the match conditions - Heyman promised dominance despite the obstacles against the client and the challenge of "Old School" - The Demonic Demand of the Devil Again attacked, suppressing the animal at the top of the platform and exploding with Lesnar in the backlash area, on which Stormen gave them both a truck.

The gift of destruction threw Lesnar across the hallway, broke Kane with a road cart and produced a Julie hook in which he used to surround his backstage on both his opponents. The assault loaded an animal in the Ambulals on the way to a local medical facility, while Ken was away from an injured leg. Suddenly, Lesnar's victory is not quite sure as everyone will believe with Heman.

Samoa Joe def. Rhyno


The investigation of Rhyno for tightening of Hath Slater is steadily continuing, though the opening skakdown tag team has not yet found much luck in their efforts on behalf of the champions. A week after taking a fight with Braun Stroman in an effort to show Slater, The Man-Beast squirred with Samoan Barley in this week, in which he showed his wrist to one-man band.

Unfortunately for Rhyno, who had put on certain performance of the competition. Man Best, who proved to be quite difficult to bother, but twice the NST Champion Koquina clutch locked to present everything to his opponent.

Who was not sweating his defeat last week, labeling Roman regigns to win over him as a pyrrric victory, he said that he will move on at the right time. Until then, however, who were setting up their sights on Max's Royal Rumble match, especially their first elimination as a superstar: John Cena

Nia Jax attacked Asuka


Alexa Bliss was unable to find Ania Jacques to bring her back against Asuka, last week. Neither could she understand Nia that The Empress of Calaraw had said about some lesser-flattery (when Jism Nia felt, even if Asuka had insulted, Alexa probably could not understand that Two superstars same language). But "The Irrespective Force" gave a statement from the undefeated superstar when he advocated Asuka before his planned competition. The assault hit Asuka, she suffered pain and won the match with Jacques next week. But Nia declared the women's Royal Rumble match (Enzo Amore motivated to pursue a title, not less), it may be time to ask if Asuka is ready for her or not.

The Balor Club vs. Seth Rollins, Jason Jordan, and Roman Reigns

Finn Balor will start against Seth Rollins. Balor applies a waistlock, but Rollins takes him down. Rollins sends him into the ropes, but Balor reverses it. Balor counters a sunset flip with a dropkick. Karl Anderson is tagged in, and he gives Rollins a backbreaker for a two count. Anderson applies an arm bar before tagging in Luke Gallows. They go for a double-team back suplex, but Rollins flips through. Roman Reigns tags in, and he gives Gallows a Samoan Drop. Anderson and Gallows are knocked out of the ring. Reigns hits them with a Drive By Dropkick. Rollins then takes Balor out with a suicide dive. Jordan celebrates with them in the ring like he did something. They just look at him in disbelief.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins punch out of an arm bar applied by Balor. Rollins gets out and knocks Anderson and Gallows off the apron. Reigns is tagged in, and he hits Balor with a trio of clotheslines. Reigns clubs him 10 times in the corner before giving him a nasty big boot. Reigns punches Anderson and Gallows off the apron before turning into a Sling Blade from Balor. Anderson tags in, and he punches away at Reigns for a two count. Gallows tags back in and kicks Reigns down. Gallows stands him up and kicks him down for a near fall. Gallows applies a chin lock, but Reigns soon fights up. Gallows pulls him down by the hair. Anderson tags in and drops a knee for a two count. Anderson then applies a chin lock. Anderson holds it for a while before Reigns fights up. Reigns then gives him a tilt-a-whirl slam. Gallows tags in and stomps Reigns. Gallows hits a snap suplex for a two count. Gallows elbows away at the chest before applying yet another chin lock. Reigns fights up, but Gallows punches him back. Reigns then rebounds with a Superman Punch.

Rollins and Anderson are tagged in. Rollins hits a springboard clothesline before knocking Gallows and Balor off the apron. Rollins hits a blockbuster before hitting Balor and Gallows with a suicide dive. Rollins then hits Anderson with a Sling Blade. Rollins hits a running forearm on Anderson before hitting a suplex into a sit-out falcon’s arrow for a two count. Rollins grabs Anderson, but he holds the ropes. Gallows grabs Rollins, but Rollins fights out. Jason Jordan clotheslines Gallows out of the ring. Anderson hits a big spinebuster on Rollins for a near fall. Gallows is tagged in, and he knocks Jordan off the apron. Rollins then hits an enzuigiri on Gallows. Balor tags in, and Rollins hits him with a back suplex. Jordan runs in and distracts the referee while Reigns is tagged in. The referee keeps Reigns out because he didn’t see the tag. Anderson and Gallows hit Rollins with a Magic Killer while the referee kicks Reigns out. Reigns takes out Gallows and Anderson and yells at Jordan. Reigns then spears Gallows at ringside. Balor dropkicks Rollins into the corner and knocks Jordan out of the ring. Balor then hits Rollins with the Coup de Grace for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Balor Club

Replays are shown of the major error Jason Jordan made in this match that cost his team. The Balor Club goes up the ramp celebrating. Reigns continues to admonish Jordan. The Miz and The Miztourage then attack all three from behind. Miz hits Reigns with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz goes to leave, but he stops and reenters the ring. The Miz and The Miztourage then give Reigns the Triple Powerbomb!

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