WWE Raw Results 4 December 2017, WWE Raw Results 5 December 2017

WWE RAW GM Kurt Angle kicks off the show

WWE RAw General Manager Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring while crowd – respect – “you suck” on the melody of your music. Ang welcomes the crowd at the show and says that tonight we will do a great show. We will see Cesar and Sheemo defending the Raw Tag Titles against Sheet Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Based on what happened, we will fight an intercontinental championship with the Roman rule …

The son of Jason Jordan music hit Kurt Angle makes the ring a ring for his bold boss. Jordan’s left knee has been tapped. Jordan tries to speak, but the crowd sank him out. Jordan says that he wants to rule the Roman Angles say that he can not be serious, his knee is still tapped. Jordan says his knees are fine and can do this. Since he has been in the ring on Raw, he has been here with Roman Reagan, John Kena, Braun Stormen, Ken and The Miz. He has organized his own with each of them. The government has issued an open challenge to anyone who steps up. Jordan says he wants to move forward because he knows he can defeat Roman Reagan. Jordan said to Kasam, “I just need an opportunity, Dad.”

Roman Reagan ‘music hit, and he comes out for a very good reception, the WWE Intercontinental Champion gets in the ring, and Bause raises up the rulers say that he is a winner, so he is going to tell the angle He is fighting. It will not be his son. Samoa, who wants a crowd, wants to rule Jordan, if he wants an opportunity, do not run the father. Above step and a man Jordan has said that WWE wants management to poster boy for everything says the governance says that he is right about one thing: he is on many posters and chairs because he is mainly The show shows the rule says that he earned it and worked hard for seven years. If Jordan wants something, then he is not going to get it. Jordan can step up and take it.

Samoa Barley hits the music, and he comes out for a huge reception. Who stays on the stage and says as much as he likes to sit on the back and sees them working hard, his patience is worn thin if Raj is made a guardian, then he accepts his challenge, Sometimes he is kind who will challenge him and give him five seconds to end the challenge because the government knows that he can not beat him who is counted down and becomes zero Land Jordan says do not try to talk to him now. Unlike, it is really difficult because they do not need to go out and attack people from behind. Jordan issued a challenge to rule and who is going to challenge now Jordan order to stay in the ring Jordan Reagan says that five seconds have been done … and Jordan turns around to give him the topmost stomach of an upper abdomen! The angle catches Jordan back and pulls it out of the ring. Disciplinedly meets his feet and says that it is not going that way. Which can later wait for tonight. Jordan can be found right now. To angle the angle tells the angle! Agge asks for a referee to come out.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Jason Jordan vs. Roman Reigns (c)

The bell rings, and they circle the ring Jordan hooks a waistlock, but Reigns elbows him in the face before punching him Reigns punches and kicks him in the corner before being backed up by the referee. Samoa Joe is sitting in a chair on the stage watching. Reigns continues punching Jordan before giving him a hard Irish whip to the corner Reigns throws Jordan out of the ring and follows him out Reigns slams his face off the barricade Reigns sends him back into the ring Jordan is back with a pair of right hangs, but Reigns kicks and punches him before the clotheslining him over the top rope. Reigns goes out and gives him a drive Reigns apply a chin lock, and a light “We want Joe” chant picks up. Jordan fights up and pushes him in the corner Jordan then scoops him up and slams him in the corner Jordan picks him up and runs across the ring Jordan does it Jordan goes for a running shoulder thrust, but Reigns moves Reigns goes for a running shoulder, but Jordan sidesteps him Reigns hits the ring post shoulder first

We come back from the break to see Reigns in an arm bar. Reigns fights up, but Jordan keeps him grounded. Reigns finally fights up and punches out Jordan reverses a whip, but reigns it with a jumping clothesline. Reigns clubs away at him in the corner 10 times before crushing him with a big boot. Reigns shakes his face Reigns punches the mat and charges, but Jordan dropkicks him down for a near fall. Jordan lifts him up, but Reigns elbows out and punches him out of the ring. Reigns exits the ring and leaps off the steps, but Jordan catches him out of mid-air! Jordan then slams him in the ring steps Jordan gets him in the ring Jordan goes for a move, but Reigns fights it. Reigns hits the ropes, but Jordan counters in a back suplex for a two count.

We return from the second break of the match to see Reigns kicking Jordan before connecting with a DDT for a near fall. Reigns apply on a single leg crab. Michael Cole says Jordan has reinjured the knee during the break Jordan tries to claw to the bottom rope, but Reigns drags him to the center of the ring. Jordan ends Reigns connects with a Superman During the break, Jordan gave him a belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope and went on to tweak the knee. Reigns set up for a spear, but Jordan kicks him in the face Jordan then hits a pair of bridging north lights Jordan pulls yourself into the corner Jordan pulls itself up and is hobbling. Jordan goes for a back suplex, but Reigns counters in a headlock takeover. Reigns connects with a Superman Punch before taking on a spear. Three seconds later, and this match is over.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe gets on the microphone and says Reigns is looking tired Maybe the kid wore him out Reigns made some bad decisions tonight, so he’s coming to the ring and putting him to sleep Joe gets in the ring and knees away at Reigns before going for a Coquina Clutch, but Jordan comes in and hits Joe with a swinging back suplex! Joe leaves the ring and is angry Jordan challenges Joe to get in, but he declines Reigns then sends Jordan out of the ring with a Superman Punch

Later tonight, we’ll see Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose challenge Sheamus and Cesaro for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Coming up next, Paige returns to the ring for the first time in a year to face Sasha Banks.

Kurt Angle is talking on the phone and says he knows things got out of hand. It’s Stephanie McMahon. Angle says he’ll get it under control. Jordan comes in and says he has to give him a rematch since he almost beat Reigns tonight. Jordan wants the rematch next week, but tonight he wants Samoa Joe. Angle says he can’t just come in demanding matches. People will think he’s playing favorites. Angle says he’ll take the Samoa Joe match under advisement. Joe then slams Jordan into the wall! Jordan hit hard head-first! Joe yells at him and threatens Angle before walking off.

Paes vs. Sasha Bank

Sonia Deville and Mandy Rose, Peggy on Sasha is on the banks, we have met Belle and Mikey James.

Bell rings, and Pege looks like he raises his hand and waits, he closes, and the banks have power in ropes. They slap somehow breaks down the pag, so the banks slapped him back. Paige kicks her before giving her head up, while Paige hits the ropes, but the bank holds the press and some screw bank throws it back in the corner, but Peggy returns for two counting soon. . Pages lock a chin, but banks have a fight. Paige sends it in the corner, but the bank puts the brakes on it, the bank kicks it, but the pages take it down and keep it in the corner, before cutting the leg and changing the bow and arrows, the leg is on the ropes. The bank sticks, but the pegs bow down and lift two count. Angered by the number of Peggy Referee, pages tend to lock a chin, but the banks fought and rolled it for two counting. Before screwing it down in the corner, the pages fall down at him, in the Pege corner he gets trapped, but before kicking him on the face, the bank kicks one. Behind the paces, the banks had acquired head-scissors, the banks pulled them back and hit a cross-body for two counting. The banks have started implementing a revised rulingcacket. Paige finally gets a foot down Paige puts herself through the ropes to keep the banks back, then Paige surprised her with a spear, before she punching on her banks, her After that he revolves around him and punches. Peggy makes a comeback and goes for a slam, but in the efforts of the bank’s bank, the counter of the banks, they then deal with each other outside the ring.

We have to move banks with a front falk to come back from the brakes and watch them. Paige puts her on the middle rope and suppresses it. During the break, Pege chokes him on the head-bum banks and top rope, betting him with a top rope. Paige sends him in the corner, but the banks booted him back, the banks hit a pair of clothing and a drummer. Paige sidesteps a second attempt before the banks kills a double knee Paige knees him in the face before throwing him down. The pages go to the top rope, but the bank cuts it down. Pagge then closes closest to the Mistimed Sunset flip connects to the powerbomb. Both of them get up and start the first part of the trading. Banks go to bank statements, but Paige takes it into ropes. Paige goes to a Ram-Pege, but the bank counter in a bank statement. Paige crawls it down to the rope and gets a leg on it, then Peggy rolls out of the ring. Gulab and Devil examined her, but Bailey and Mikey James were shown to ensure that nothing happens to the banks in the ring to get Pegasus trouble then lay out them outside of winter in a dispute with Bayley and James Before the bank sees from the ring, Paige then takes advantage of the distraction with Ram-Pege for victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Paige

Absolution gets in the ring and double-teams Sasha Banks before Rose a front suplex to Deville’s knee. Paige then celebrates with her stablemates.

Kurt Angle is backstage texting when Elias walks in strumming his guitar. Angle says, “Oh, god!” Elias tells him to silence his cell phone and put it away. Angle asks what he wants. Elias says he wants another opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship, but he gave that opportunity to his son. That’s blatant favoritism. The WWE Universe wants to walk with Elias. Now all they’ll get is a music performance. Elias says Angle’s bias toward his “bastard son” will be his undoing. Angle reconsiders and says he’ll find Elias a worthy opponent.

The main event will see The Bar defend the RAW Tag Team Championships against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Last week on RAW, Braun Strowman drove a chair into Kane’s throat. We’ll take a look at their rivalry next.

Rollins & Ambrose aim to become two-time Raw Tag Team Champions

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have won a single win over each sezore and shamas – The team had captured the title of the Row Tag Team title of Shield brothers at the beginning of this month – and now they are in Law’s Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

With Roman Christians now holding the Intercontinental title, winning the victory for the brothers will provide championship gold about all three hounds of the waist of justice. Can Crazy Fringe and The Kingleare Win Celtic Warrior and Swiss Cyborg?

Cruiserweights collide in pursuit of championship glory

On the previous Monday night, Rich Swann defeated Akira Tozawa, Ariya Dewri and Noor Dar in a fatal 4-way match to advance on December 11, which will determine the next challenger for the WWE Crusherweight champion Angé Amore. Swan’s opponent’s decision in that match will be on the upcoming version of Raw where in the second lethal 4-match match Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Dru Golak and Tony Ness will be involved.

Who chooses Swann to get the right to fight with Certified G for his “bu”? We will search on Raw

Will Roman Reigns get payback against Samoa Joe?

The Roman Dynasty won its first intercontinental championship defense – Aliens sang the blues – but the celebration did not last long. As soon as The Big Dog made its way to the entrance ramp, ramping Samoa who attacked the governing area and locked it in the Kookkina clutch, the boy sent a bad message to the champion.

Who has officially entered the Rigings Yard, and is in search of a fight. Now, when their confused rivalry has ruled, how will the reconstruction of the Samoan Submission Specialist?

Sasha Banks battles Paige one-on-one

On Monday night a split-and-winning strategy was used to exclude Belly and Mikey James in the locker room area after the liberation, Peggy, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville used Sasha banks to attack one of the cruel three Four-time raw women champion, who targeted the ring in the ring, refused to join their ranks.

On Monday night on Raw, The Boss has an opportunity of retaliation when he faces Peggy, the mastermind behind Mokshapalan in solo action. News broke through the WWE’s official Twitter account today.

Undoubtedly, with the rest of the hidden salvation in the circle, did Sasha humble the Raven-Haired Renegade? Search on Monday on Raw, starting with 8/7 C on the United States network!

How will Kane and Braun Strowman settle the score?

Like a monster in horror chandeliers, Braun Stormon will not be left just below a week, just as a strong wound injured by a steel chair and ring step by step, the monster in the neck of men, Stormon on The Big Red Machine The windpipe-crushing side back with the attack.

Clearly, these behemoths are incomplete business, will they once again collide when the red brand will leave Los Angeles?

Do not miss on Monday Night Raw on 8/7C on USA Network!

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