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WWE Raw Results 23 April 2018, WWE Raw Results 24 April2018

WWE Raw Results 23 April 2018, WWE Raw Results 24 April 2018


WWE Raw preview, April 23, 2018: The Beast returns before the Greatest Royal Rumble event

Four nights, Brock Lesnar addressed Raw on Monday night before protecting his universal championship

against Roman rule in a steel cage match at the Royal Rumble Competition.

After the death of The Big Dog in WrestleMania, what will be the revelation of the animal incarnation during the first live appearance of the WWE?

Preview without format: quick successes
The winner comes
After the superstar shaking
Will Stephanie McMahon eliminate the decision of Kurt Angle?
Can we make champions of tag team Raw “Voken” soon?

Raw Preview: Full Details

The Conqueror cometh

Brock’s Universal Champion Lesnar completely destroyed the Roman regimes at WrestleMania,

but despite the painful defeat on the All-All Grandest stage,

the Great Dog animals in their rematch in a steel cage at the Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia

the determination to defeat the incarnation is done. Next Friday Arab Streaming Streaming on WWE Network.

After the show, the Lesnar show makes its first live appearance,

and its lawyer Paul Heyman does not say anything about

the return of combat that would be included in abusive steel. What, without a doubt,

will Heyman acid words produce a total conflict between these powerful rivals?

Superstar Shake-up aftermath

This past Monday night, Monday’s RAW night landscape has dramatically changed

dramatically with the arrival of stars like Dolph Ziegler,

Drew Makintire, Jinder Mahal, Natalya, Shock Force, Bobby Road, Kevin Steen Sami Jain

and others looking for a name for themselves in their new surroundings.

Will new alliances and rivals appear that these new competitors have made Team Red their home?

Will Stephanie McMahon eliminate the decision of Kurt Angle?

If you thought that the problems between Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon

and General Manager Kurt Angle ended up at WrestleMania, then there is something else that comes close.

On Monday night, Angle determined that neither Kevin Owens nor Sami Jain would join Royal,

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will be defeated after their defeat at WrestleMania

and after a couple of weeks at Team Red,

someone The competition was not in the game when the list was up to date,

but Stephanie ordered the Olympic Hero “Yip!”

The leaders of the movement had given their decision to give a raw contract, based on emotion.

The row is in the middle of the conflict, and if so,

will opportunistic superstars like Owens and Jains take advantage?

Can we make champions of tag team Raw “Voken” soon?

The pair of “Vocan” Matt Hardy and Bra Vat is “lovely” to say the least.

Throughout Titus Worldwide and The Revival in Tag Team Eliminator,

rivals in danger earned the opportunity to fight against Cesro and Shyama for the raw team title,

currently in the best Royal Rumble event.

The world that wakes up before the opportunity of its title in the Sokna Arab

and the people of the world can grow quickly?

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