WWE Raw Results 22 January 2018,WWE Raw Results 23 Janauary 2018


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin attacked Mr. McMahon

On the occasion of WWE Raw‘s 25th anniversary New York, the company organized the show in a special way. At the same time Raw was made 2nd place from Manhattan Center and Barclays Center. Manhattan Center is the place where the first RAW was telecasted. Many of the participants took part in it.

During this epic episode of Raw, the fans were able to see many matches as well as see a fantastic segment. Raw started with Shane McMahman and Stephanie McMahan. After that both of them invited their father to come to the ring. The three members of the McMahon family thanked the wrestlers, the production team and the WWE Universe.

Matches and Segements on the occasion of WWE Raw’s 25th anniversary:
Stone Cold Steve Austin came and gave the WWE chairman Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon a stunner

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