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WWE Raw Results 19 February 2018,WWE Raw Results 20 February 2018

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Seth Rollins Defeated Roman Reigns

In this Seven Man Animation Chamber match that took place this Sunday, the match between Roman Range and Seth Rollins was held today for that claim and this match was very good and Seth Rollins defeated The Big Dog Roman Rena 3 times WWE Champion playing a surprise role They were playing this match in the match, and finally the victory took place in Seth Rolins.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena Gauntlet Match

In this Elimination Chamber match this Sunday, Seth Rollins defeated the first Roman Range some time later, after which they faced John Cena 16 times for the World Champion Seth Rollins beat John Cena badly to have a good match between them but John Cena Had to face defeat, now the next match is with Seth Rollins and Ilias, the point of view is whether Seth would be successful in defeating Rollins Ilyas Be with us

Seth Rollins Defeated By Jhon Cena

Elias Vs Set Rollins Gauntlet Match

This Sunday WWE Elimination Chamber Match Seth Rollins beat Roman Range after a while badly defeating John Cena and they face the match from Illyas the guitar man. The match started, both the opponents face-to-face match was good and in Ilyas won two times, Seth Rowlins looked tired, and in the end, Ilias beat Seth to win the gauntlet match so far Ilias won the match. If he succeeds in the stem, then in the Elimination Chamber match to be held on Sunday, it will be a matter of watching who will be Winner in 7 Man, but in the match in the match, Beast Brock Lesnar's Agent

Elias Def. Seth Rollins

Elias VS Finn Ballor Gauntlet Match

As far as the Let Late match, Seth Rollins defeated the Roman Range, after that Seth defeated John Cena, then Ilias defeated Seth Rolins after winning. Now the next match is from Ilias's Fin Buller, The Demon King, between the two Match started. I'm making match-good standing, both used their own returning heel, and they finally won the Finn Baller's victory. Finn Buller was now facing Miz Have to be

Finn Balor Defeat Elias

Finn Ballor Vs The Miz Gauntlet Match

This match is between Finn Baller and Tamim in the Gauntlet match of the Seven Super Stars so far, Ilias has won the match by Seth. After this, Elias in the Finn Buller has now started the match with Fill Buller. The middle match was a lot of collisions, the Finn Buller felt quite tired and finally won by Ms. Miz. Now Miz is faced with Brown Stroman Brown Stroman is not yet losers I think Process will continue and be face Brawn Stroman from Brock Lesnar

Miz Defeat Finn Ballor

Brown Strowman VS The Miz

Miz vs Brown Strauss started the match, the match looked unstoppable, beaten by Brown Stroman Miez, and Miz ran tired of fleeing Miz part, and Brown Storm defeated Miez with his action and winner Brown Stroman Brown Stroman WWE's Famous Wrestler is unlikely to beat them. Bron Storman is his name in WWE's very dangerous wrestler on today's date. Brock will be Lesnar

Brown Strowman Def. The Miz

The Bar vs. Titus And Appolo Crews

Titus Neil and The War started the match, and both of them played the match well, signed by Sheamus and Cesaro's entry, Shamas and Cesaro broke the stumps, after which the bar had hit Titus; Neil. The victory was finally won by Titus Neil and Apollo Cruz

Winner Titus's Nil And Apollo Crews

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Bayley vs. Absolution and Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss will start the match against Mickie James. Bliss smiles at James and tags in Sonya Deville but Deville gets out James gets out and takes his face before applying a front face lock. Bayley tags in and bounces Rose off the turnbuckle. Bayley tries to give her a head-scissor, but Rose counters with a cartwheel.

Winners :- Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Bayley
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