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WWE Raw Results 16 July 2018, WWE Raw Results 17 July 2018

WWE Raw Results 16 July 2018, WWE Raw Results 17 July 2018

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Roman Reigns def. Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre advance to a match to determine Brock Lesnar's next rival for the Universal Championship

BUFFALO - Last night, Kurt Angle-Brock Lesnar offered an ultimatum: Come on Raw, you agree to the universal against the challenge of, or be involved in the championship. The beast does not obey the orders of the letter angle -

a fierce Paul Heyman approached the final goal of Lesnar was to win the UFC heavyweight title, while the WWE was

represented by the universal champion - but the message he received. Angle "difficult to buy", due to Lesnar

defending his title in the stroke of summer onwards, and while the challenger still cannot be determined, a familiar face will start again.

This would be the Roman ruler, the self-proclaimed "is not open to the universal champion" who won the first three

triple threat of getting a win the next game of the week-and-you. The Queen "battle was Finn Balor who wanted to

attract the leadership to recover what she never lost, and Drew McIntyre, who has a plan," who wanted to start the

second phase, "after Dolph Ziggler got the Intercontinental title (The other three possible competitor - Bobby Lashley, Elias, and Seth Rollins - were in the second triple threat).

For his part, Reigns said he wanted to fight at the beginning of the exhibition. He was sure that the game was very

much a demonstration of McIntyre's new cruelty. McIntyre's efforts have focused on high Finn, but when the

Scottish Terminator drew attention to the reins of the final match, Claymore's Big Dogna targeted the Finn.

Superman McIntyre crashed into the ring and stroked the ball pierced with a spear, and that was it.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Bobby Roode

Dolph Ziggler may need Drew McIntyre away to survive the WWE Ironing last night, but The Showoff has a long

way to go through eloszlatásáért that he can not win without the Scottish Terminator when Bobby Roode was

defeated in a match. after mocking the apparent confidence of the champion in the "psychopath" on his side.

While Ziggler refused to put the Intercontinental title on the line, however, he took all the tricks in a game where

pride was at stake. One of these tricks is decided when Dolph steered Roode knees after the glorious chopping that

comes from the third string. When Roode slipped, Ziggler pulled out a frozen Superkicket rope that stole the mat

and won. Astute? It is debatable. Opportunist? Insurance. But he did it himself

Mojo Rawley def. Tyler Breeze

Moving away from the No Way Jose, Mojo Rawley hunts again with a lot of cool, which could win Tyler Nations Breeze this weekend. Rawley Pretty impressive exhibition held Prince, although Breeze certainly has his own hug, even with the Fandango not damaged.

Rawley was ready for the forearm and ring winds Alabama Slam, but he was not convinced that only one enemy has done at night, seemed to show the field of vision in the next line in the food chain: Breeze, Bobby Roode's treatise is in the backstage and laughs at Dolph Ziggler

Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke def. Bayley and Sasha Banks through a foreclosure

Friendship counseling is not going well for Bayley and Sasha Banks, but that does not mean there is no friendship to

save. Kurt Angle tried to get the restoration of two Super Star on the same page with other types of tactics,

threatening to replace one of them wants to live SmackDown in case they could not live with a team member action.

That huggable and the boss did not break completely, despite the aggressive efforts of the banks to rescue Bayley was the ellenfeleikből, the duo landed on the wrong side of the foreclosure.

The two confrontations behind the curtain have fallen into the mentality of the banks. First, he would not let anyone

else defeat Bayley. And despite a number of the many reasons he likes the boss, Bayley, you will be more than happy

with your own emotions, your desire to be friends with everyone, and still, care about them. it took me a lot of

notoriously guarded boss to admit all this, and judging by the idea after speaking Bayley got the same message

WWE Raw Results 16 July 2018, WWE Raw Results 17 July 2018

Will Brock Lesnar be eliminated from the Universal to Raw Championship?

WWE Extreme Rules at the CEO premium, Kurt Angle gave a clear ultimatum Brock Lesnar: either the cousin appears tonight, or accept the future party match universal title. If he does not, the Olympic gold medal establishes his universal title. Will the Beast choose the call or will it lose the best Night Raw title on Monday?

In? addition, although Roman Reigns has long claimed that he is the "unstoppable universal champion", how will Bobby Lashley's big win over The Big Dog appear?

Has Braun Strowman finally completed Kevin Owens?

One of the most beautiful moments of this year's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view Strowman Braun Kevin Steen

was pulled out of the steel cage and top of the table below. Although KO technically picked up the win, Mr. Monster

was completely taken back to the Bank. Summer Raw,, learned that Owens was taken to a local medical

prescription, but regardless of his condition, Strowman left Owens out of his system. If so, who will be the next unfortunate competitor who will suffer his reckless wrath?

What chaos will cause when The B-Team returns to the red mark as Raw Tag Team Champions?

Although they would ever see, B-Team seemed to have made the Raw Tag Team Championship impossible.

Tonight, watching the raw "awakened" Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt was to find a way out of the power of the newly crowned címvédőkre multiverse before going out the door too. In any case, when Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are at the top, the WWE Universe will soon discover that "B" is actually a "lost bubble".

Is the number of days a WWE goddess?

Alexa Bliss, as he or she was afraid, comes from the WWE Extreme Rules Of, still a crude female champion, after an extraordinary victory Nia Jax turned on an Extreme Rules Match, in which she also fled to the worst women on the planet too.

As Ronda Rousey's suspension is not until Wednesday, we can assume that Monday night is about Little Miss Bliss. On the other hand, nothing will stop the Irresistible Force or anyone trying to get a piece of the WWE Goddess.

On the other hand, after jumping on the barricade and joining the women's championship without makeup, would the worst witch of Kurt Angle's CEO be penalized?

Does the architect plan Dolph Ziggler?

Although Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins left everything on the screen for a brutal 30-minute WWE Iron Man game at WWE's Extreme Rules on, Drew McIntyre's overtime intermission sudden death left at the opening moments of the Showoff was the győzelemkel.

Considering the face of Rollins in the final moments of pay per view, the chances of the owner not arriving are quite high. For five weeks in Summer to SummerSlam, will you catch Ziggler in time for the most important summer events? Or is another superstar trying to take over the title of a warhorse?

Roman Reigns fought with Bobby Lashley

BOSTON - Most people do not want Roman rulers to call him. Bobby Lashley is not the majority of people.

Bonus can only be started when Lashley turned against the reins on stage, but everyone has requested that the WWE Extreme Rules opponent calls the ring, so Lashley could win that relief that we are waiting for the former WWE champion this Sunday. The big dog got engaged and Lashley did it.

Despite the efforts after the wave Superstars by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle sent to stop the two heavyweights from the hands, Reina and Lashley began to fight through the ring area, Lashley was undoubtedly led out the upper body, while the other superstars finally stopped, at this point, the Reigns jumped on the top rope and everyone jumped on their way.

Cinematographic realization of gravity diving by Roman rulers: exclusive to, July 9, 2018: 22
Apparently, the battle had cooled, at least while the Reigns called Lashley again, so the former ECW champion had a few more moments before the two could finally part. Due to the struggle for supremacy and pride, the question obviously is not what these two can include, but if such a thing can be achieved at all.

Nia Jax and Natalya def. Raw women champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

Alexa Bliss could have done with another raw Lt of the protection of the raw women's title approaches, but grateful for the fact that 1) the actual fight will come during Extreme Rules matches on Sunday, and 2) Nia's best chance Jax defeat or weaken the entire leg of the illegal clause should be used in this match. If there was any signal tonight, it may not be enough.

Raw Bliss was named as the offer in a team tag match and Mickie James was against Jax and Natalya what was the

irresistible force when Mickie was destroyed. The champion took advantage of Nia's concern that he sztrájkoljon a

Kendo stick - an Extreme Rules weapon last year to - and use a blistering effect until the exact second on Jax

decided he had had enough. The Elusive Force grabbed the stick from Bliss's hand after picking up some punches and tearing two and sending the ramp to Bliss.

Then., for Sunday: angry rival, nervous champion, whatever happens. And, of course, Ronda Rousey will be there.

Mojo Rawley def. By no means Jose

First, the belief that faith is due to No Way Jose. Seventeen years old, when he tried and did not ensure the rebirth

of Mojo Rawle, he awoke his aggressive streak when the game was finally made. The Dominican dance machine left

the Congo line and screamed in a storm over its rival, apparently trying to prove not all the fun and games that Rawley had previously suggested.

But that was not enough, because Raw Way's No Way Jose was repressed from the front by feeding the increasing

bombardment throughout the body. Jose kept running in Mojo's attempts to attack and eventually made a late race,

but Rawley finally pulled Alabama Slam out of the turnstile. It was an effort that proved difficult for José in the WWE, although he could be sure that Mojo showed his own point: at least he is at José's level.

Bo Dallas def. Raw Tag Team Champion "Awakened" Matt Hardy

The "awakening" Matt Hardy, who has now lost three consecutive games on the B team to all the members,

although this does not mean that Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas "Cinderella is a team of the rough label of the direction that matches a book closed yet.

Dallas (originally dressed in Bray Wyatt's full suit) defeated Hardy with a rope dangling from the rope, a victory that

is remarkable in itself but may have some conclusions like The Revival, which got up late and maybe went to the title

hunt. But B-Team quickly learned that there was a difference between dressing up and the actual item after the

champions apparently came out of nowhere and started the game. both psychologically and physically

The B-Team won the Hardy, but it's impressive, but the disadvantage is that the World Deleters are very aware of what they store on Sunday. In response to the trick of the champions, Dallas and Axel cannot say the same.

Ember Moon def. Liv Morgan

It turns out that Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are not only rebels but also adapt. They said they are still working on

the pests when the Red Team navigated the waters without Rubi riots as second successful victory got Liv Luna Man

against Morgan after the Shock Force was defeated recently named "petárdája" last week. It is a fact that Sarah Logan tried to interfere.

The moon only had a Morgan effect that could have pulled Eclipse when Logan started climbing, climbing onto the

platform to drive Phenome away. Moon pulled Logan out of the apron, and Liv swerved with a jerk, but the man turned the maneuver to get 1-2-3.

Baron Corbin and Elias def. Finn Bálor and Bobby Roode

In the last two weeks, it was remarkable that Elias Raw was resigned to a member of the team and claimed that his

debut album was recorded in his absence. I asked if the record is similar to the "police" Baron Corbino as the party:

The lone wolf won the last race of the trap, and the "living truth" as a happy homecoming down the path of the red team, proxy.

It took a long time for the fatal series of events that led Elias & Corbin to Finn Balmor and Bobby Roode since the

fight was in the time of war. The match seemed to be broken when The Extraordinary Man overthrew The

Constable (WWE Extreme Rules), although Roode was a legal person. The Corbin, who had written the best of the

fight, decided to match that of the Glorious was not a disadvantage when Elijah retreated back to Roode was put in the decisive final ISTAR Corbin End of Days.

Kevin Owens tried to hide from Braun Strowman

In recent weeks, Kevin Owens' attack plan against Braun Strowman was essentially hidden and hidden. The results

mix better, but the former world champion will not be able to avoid it when the WWE Extreme Rules begins.

Despite all night, Kurt Angle tried to avoid a boss from the office of the monster lord is in the bank, despite

registering, he found himself face to face Strowmannal Owens after invited angle to inform both Superstars has matched the cage, On Sunday Show. In other words, this time it does not run.

Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre was so decisive in losing Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins intercontinental title in that the Kingslayer

called "problem", but this is one that should be handled on a Sunday, after having lost the previous NXT champion,

the consequences of Rollins 30 minutes to Iron Man WWE called Ziggler on this Sunday for pay-per-view.

McIntyre, before Rollins' mockery, had been forced to accept the condition that WWE Extreme Rules banned the

rings if the Kingslayer had defeated him. As such, both superstars of extreme urgency in the fight, despite McIntyre clean energy Rollins was forced to launch a better defensive effort against the "Scottish Terminator".

Rollins finally found himself successful after changing his speed, and McIntyre answered once again, and Rollins was

hit by the unusual appearance of power. Even so, the Kingslayer descended on the stage and Ziggler was forced to

intervene when he began to marry. Bypassing Rollins by firmly taking The Showoff put him in a vulnerable position

and McIntyre got a Claymore to win the game. Now, McIntyre is still a wild card, and it's not hard to expect him to retract Ziggler's favor on Sunday. The problem remains unsolved.

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