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Raw General Manager Kurt Angle fired Braun Strowman

San Antonio, Texas – Last week, Braun Stroman used pure strength and a literal Julie hook to pull a piece of backstage rigging on Ken and Brock Lesnar. It was also amazing with the stroban norms, and it changed the whole color in one stroke of the triple triple threat match of the three. And now, this stroma has been removed.

Between the men, the demons, the universal champion and the favorite demon of The Devil were in the midst of a full oblivion of both, when RAW General Manager Kurt Angle reprimanded Stormman for relieving him of his status as a raw superstar. This decision left the WWE Universe in a disturbance, but Strobain felt very bad compared to the audience: After accepting Angel’s wishes and leaving the Backstage area peacefully, Stroman defeated the entire team of the security guards. Whatever the Olympic Hero had hired, take him out of the building before going away from the scene with very bad intentions in his mind.

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