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WWE Raw Results 14 May 2018, WWE Raw Results 15 May 2018

WWE Raw Results 14 May 2018, WWE Raw Results 15 May 2018

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Roman Reigns attacked Jinder Mahal

London, United Kingdom: the best rule for Roman business? Obviously, the WWE administration is not so sure.

Brock Lesnar after the consecutive losses and the failure to win his way into the men in the last week, the Bank,

General Manager of Raw Kurt Angle informed the world champion on three occasions was prohibited by the

powers to another qualifying match. It was also.

Instead, an opportunity will go to the Jindar Mahal, which Engel had accepted, it seems that he had wrongly denied

the qualifying match last week. Like a good version, the castle was placed in a Triple Threat classifier against Bobby

Lashley and Elias, although the palace was the one who ruled its own qualifier. Governance sympathized with the

difficult situation of the angle, but neither did it hesitate to exclude the General Manager from the equation. The

Great Dog responded to his inclination by hunting the palace behind the curtain, until finally, a group of officers did

not interfere, until the Maharaja provided the necessary coverage to participate.

Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens

Call him Seth Killer Rollin. Mojo this week to close his best Raleigh racing efforts after, Kevin Intercontinental

Champion prevailed throughout the pond protect against Owens - Rollin in the fourth continent had defended his

title - Open Challenge operates as part of the Architects Series.

This game was the last installment of the Rollin's Barnburner series, although, despite all his passion and intensity,

Kingsley was lucky to some extent to escape the conflict with his reign. The power of the Koe's injury was more than

a perfect match for the champion's hybrid crime, and Rollin often used to fly headlong into a trap especially for the

former world champion.

However, Raulin did very well in this aspect and keeping Owen off guard at a weak moment, he achieved the

triumph. After the battle outside the ring, Owens went through the rope to spin the Champ and threw himself into a

sauce, while halfway between the wires, another exciting title for the champion stopped the defense.

However, Owens felt he was out of victory. And when Kurt Angle refused to give him a rematch, Keo called in a

person who could end it: Commissioner Raw Stephanie McMahon.

Bobby Roode def. Baron Corbin and No Way Jose to qualify for the Men's Money in the Bank Match

Baron Corbin Bank is deeply familiar with the agony and ecstasy of earning money in the contract, but Bob Rudd

refused to return to his home in the staircase party makeup and rest when Lonely Wolf went to the pill to swallow

all the cats In a Triple Threat were rated on Raw.

Corbin. had approached the party identifying the road as his greatest danger, although it emerged as a strategic

error in the game behind the opponent of the third party No Way Jose. The insult led to the Dominican dance

machine to the most spectacular performance of his young career in raw; Because the match was long, he

threatened to play the spoiler.

Jose's concentration was worrisome for both Corbyne and Rudd, who had asked Raw to stay in the Qualifier last

week. Lone Wolf has adjusted the course to try to find out his opponents at once, but his aggressiveness has cost

them: Old way Corbin sent Joseph with great DDT entered the ring post and win, a fuming Corbin On the side of the

ring for the disillusionment

The B-Team def. Breezing

Curtis Excel and Bo Dallas last week "Vokn" Matt Hardy and VAT bra "lost in fashion", but the defeat of the ashes, a

new team called the Middle East Mijtorej here - the B team, although Excel A-Team - And a second wind. Despite

winning the tag team does not match, B-Team took it down to get its first victory after Brandango dropped the last

dance and was seen in the middle of the context-neckbreaker pair hybrid upstart.

This victory was more surprising than the B-Team, and the irony is that they reinforce their belief that they can

strongly eliminate Hardy and Wyatt as champions. In a post-match interview, Dallas and Excel announced that they

still had their eyes on the title and that they would be challenged below the line. Meanwhile, Bridgestone will run in

another adjacent company, which is a little less physically dangerous but less important: avoid crimes against

fashion while performing Royal Wedding live on Saturday.

Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon vs. The Riot Squad

The Amber Moon will begin against Sabar Logan. They are blocked, and Logan hits him. The moon takes it with a

head-scissors head, which takes Logan very seriously. Sasha's bank tags and Moon knocks down Logan, who is poor.

The bank hits a meteor during two counts. The bank presses a press and diverts it. Banks get out of control, but

Logan knocks them down. Tag and screw banks in Ruby Riot Tags. Tag and screw in banks on live morgan labels. On

Riott's label, but the banks improve. The expensive team is afraid of The Rot Squad outside the ring.

We. return from the brakes so that the bank and Natalya hit Morgan with the double team suplex. Natalia misses the

clothes and Morgan drops her. Natalya gives power to the corners and labels in the banks. The bank knocks Morgan

down and breaks his arm. The bank invests a whip and Morgan kills it. Logan tag and the bank leaves it in the corner.

Riot annoys the banks, and Logan touches his knees in the face. Logan covers the banks for two counting. On Riott's

label, and he ruins the banks. Then Riot applies a chin lock. The bank comes out with a Jawbreaker. Riot quickly

wears clothes for his two counting. Morgan retreats and dives in search of successes to almost deteriorate. Morgan

applies to an extraction tank. Banks tend to fight, but Morgan leaves him to count two. The banks labeled Riot Tag

and Shoulders before avoiding a shoulder. The banks send Logan to the Giro. Morgan labels and hits the moon from

an apron. Natalya has been marked in a Russian foot sweep on one side and has been beaten. Natalie hit the apron

with an apron before hitting Morgan on her tail. Natalie makes a low drop hit. The amber and Riott lunches are

brought. Morgan hit Natalia with an enigium step-up. The bank hits Logan with a meteor from the apron, and the

Moon hits Riott with a suicidal dive. Natalya applies a sniper to Morgan to win.

Winners by Submission: Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon

The labels of the six women smell. Especially Logan seemed terrible. Sasha Bank is now lost as a face. The Amber

Moon was not exactly original to them, and Natalia is simply a bad professional fighter. Good with the trick, but who

cares? The personality is a black hole. # Raw

The Revival vs. The Deleters of Worlds

After Braun Storman and Finn Bill tonight, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre will be on fire. A handheld video is

shown with the promo, Macintire, and Ziegler. The costumes were full of legends. There are no more superstars.

The hunger is gone and the passion is not there. Jiggler says he should not take food from anyone's plate. McIntyre

says they are here to turn the table.

Matt starts with Hardy Dash Wilder. Wildest keys by hand. The crowd sings: "He has found the whole world in his

own hands." Hardy knocks down the Wilder but receives the COOPS. Hardy stops her and says that athletics shakes

her up. Amazing! Hardy gets a crowd to stand in the crowd. Wilder falls on the Vat label. The B-Team is taking notes

behind the stage. Scott Dawson tags and screws Wyatt. Dawson eliminated the avalanche, but when VAT came on

his back, it was resolved. The IVA knocked down Dawson and splashed a rematch. Hit a double slam/head-butt

combo for two counts. On Wilder's tag, and they attack Hardy's knee. Dawson labeled Hardy's knees and sprouts.

Hardy does some work on Hardy's knee until he hits the punch. Wilder was wrong and basically printed an office for


Winners by Pinfall: The Deleters of Worlds

Before hitting a Uranage, VAT tags and savagely attack Dawson. Wilder labels with resistant labels and a twist of

fate. Then they hit to kiss to win.

Sami Zayn complains about Bobby Lashley

Sami Jain is in the ring while the crowd is singing their songs happily. Jain says he has heard enough. Has it happened

to someone that Prince Harry looks like him? One raises a "yes" mantra. Jain heard that Prince Harry is a fan of

Bobby Lashley. Lashley left WWE for 10 years and made a big comeback on Raw that night, returning to Raw. The

color looks good, but the only problem is that he tried to do it on his own. Jain still shows a delayed image of Lashley

showing a vertical super lax of delay. Jain complains that he had contracted Vertigo from the first case in WWE

history. Jain takes off her glasses and reads her doctor's note. Jain read the note and said that this is the reason why

he has lost all the games since that incident. Lashley attacked and afflicted everyone to influence the fans. This is a

Lashley gun excited and boisterous. Last week, he sat with Renee Young for a super exclusive interview. Lashley was

shown a clip while talking about his family. Jain says he wants to become her. Jain talked about how there was

something to hide Lashley. Jain used Fac

Alexa Bliss def. Bayley and Mickie James to qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

 NBC Universal after the Collision Apfrnts Rada Rousi can be established as a girl prime last rule challenger Jacques to the championship, but Alexa Bliss simply will not be out of the title box. The former Bank champions took their first step towards Mountentop to qualify for the Women Leaders of the money in the match, which they went out to carry in their favor of Mickie James and her old rival Bailey both pieces.

As often happens in the case of a high-stakes game of this type, launched at the edges first aligned between competitors, and the increase in tension between the seams of Mickey and Alexa. Bailey tried to take advantage of the situation to win by himself, but after breaking down to try a three count on the Bliss, Mickey has manipulated the Hgjebl forest for a while. Bailey reached the top in the dispute, but the precious time sacrifice was used for the rally, and the old opponent got up with a hard right and a wicked DDT that he wrote at the end of the match.

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre def. Finn Bálor & Braun Strowman

Dolph Ziegler and Drew Makintiyr talk about a great game (especially Drew), but the former heavyweight of the world made Anfti and champions the most shocking thing about the rebirth of how much they support their Abhimanon. After the recent clearing a couple of tag teams in weeks, Ziegler and Makintiyr focused their attention on the Balr trial and Braun Stroman, the two Money in the qualifying bank who believe edema and Makintir to their dependent reputation.

Do not hesitate to Makintire Polk with the bears Prowarbil, jaw and Jacking Stroman getting more annoying, while he and Dolph engaged by Balor. Unfortunately, Stroman was so confused when tagged that he left out of the equation by charging on the ring post. Balr to be left open to the interference of Makintire, and even Stroman said Scotman retired called Skuliman, however, was Harvests baked Finn edema: Ziegler has fallen extraordinary man from the upper rope and earning to plated immobilize him Makintiyr the moment his victory more Awesome.

Kevin Owens def. Bobby Lashley and Elias to qualify for the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Despite his battle with the officials last year, Kevin Steen felt good to play the game: to Stephanie McMahon after complaining about the outcome of the Intercontinental title bout, Owens added us Bank Triple Threat money in the playoffs by Jinder Mahal a replacement, he was still out of the race after a Roman rule, letting him through the wall.

Owens did not make his way on another occasion, he acted well on it, despite the fact that, once again, thanks for his parents. Bobby Lsle had apparently gained control of stretch control and spent Bout's big favorite emotional alias. That extended to his step when Sami Jain was time Lsle made out of the count position of three and made him explode with kick Heluwa in barked. Owens has seduced Elias with a Frog Splash to get the rest to take care of the victory.

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