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WWE Raw Results 12 February 2018,WWE Raw Results 13 February 2018

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John Cena closed the night on Sunday night

John Cena's music hit and 16-times world champions make their way to the ring because the crowd sings, "John Cena is useless," on the tune of his music. After footstool by footage of Brian Stormon, John Canna is shown in the picture of Elias. The final entry into the Eliinn Elimination Chamber will be the final after the match, Stormon destroyed Elias and Cena. Sina says that the past is all about here and now. We are on the road to Wrestlemania. People know the importance of WrestleMania. If you are looking at home, then with them tonight or the WWE Superstar in the ring, You all know what WrestleMania means, WrestleMania can bring a legend back from the dead, and it may be the most important moment in the WWE superstar's life. What is the moment in WrestleMania that Cena is here to face the truth? The truth is in two weeks, it is to win the Elimination Chamber match. Congestion boos that Sina says that if she does not win the match for the first time in 15 years, then it is not certain she has the road to WrestleMania. Cena has to win the most winning match in WWE history to face the most unbeaten champions in WWE history. Seena likes to make things as impossible as possible Cena says she will win the Elimination Chamber and will go ahead in making history against Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania's main event.

Miz makes her way to the ring with The Miscarriage Miz says that this is not 2013. It is 2018, the year of The Miz can be that Sina has spent a lot of time in Hollywood where she cannot separate the fantasy from reality. Cena is the founding father of Suplex City. Miz says that she will be the main event WrestleMania because she is in the Intercontinental Championship. Miz will be the first WWE Universal Champion and Intercontinental Champion at the same time. Sina says no one believes that. Miz will not have a shot against Brock Lesnar, if that match, then it will be Mies' last match, Miz says it matches well against Brock Lesnar and has defeated the Roman rule several times. That is to make it now through the Elimination Chamber, Cena says that she feels terrible confidence. Miz says that she is wooing people in the main event of WrestleMania ... as she did to the army.

Cena says that we can be in the middle of the Miz country, so we make it Miz vs. John Sr. To make it interesting before the loss of the match enters the Elimination Chamber! Miz asks that Seena thinks she is stupid. The first person has the worst obstacles, why will she take the opportunity? The Mistourgeegh then attacks the army and takes it out with a double team slam. Miz takes his jacket, Miz says that he is smarter than Cena, that's why he will take that opportunity.

Kurt Angle's music hits, and RAW generals make their way to the platform. Angle says that it is not how we will start Raw. Angle liked the challenge of Cena, he also said that the person who loses first considers the idea of entering the Elimination Chamber. Angle is a match of books, and a referee comes out. Talking about the end, Bow Dallas and Curtis Axel have been eliminated by the winter shores.

The loser enters the elimination chamber first
John Cena vs The Miz
Miz asks to leave Missouri course with insanity and interrogates the referee to play the bell. Bell rings, and Mids quickly cover the army for two counting. Miz revolves around the chest to fall closer to each other.

-Edit announcement-

We come back from the brakes so that Miz Knock could be seen near the apron. Miz goes out of the ring and sends the army undercover. Miz takes him back in the ring and goes to the top rope. Miz comes out of the top rope and hits a double ax handle for a two count. Miz attacks on the lower part of the Cena, before the army raises the knees. Cena again miss-down scripts for two counting. Cena hit a fisherman's whip for two counts. Mids quickly put him on the knees several times and boots it twice in the head. Miz runs a face-to-face boot for one and two counties. Miz runs in the midsection of Cena in the minus Miz runs back and back in the elbow. Cena comes from a second rope with a storm DDT to fall near a close. Miz a whip reverses and applies a sleeper catch. Sew goes down for a knee, but in the end, it fights. Midge jumps to try to wear her back down. Cena falls format, Miz literally cinches it in

-Edit announcement-

We come back from the brakes so that Miz can go for a skull crushing finale, but the chest leaves. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Miz gets out and takes them to Figure four league. Cena fights from outside and applies STF. I miss paws on the floor for a rope and gets a hand on it. Miz has placed her back on the back, Sina tries to bring her back to the ring, but Mijes confronted her with a top rope and fought him. Miz pulls her rope upwards and goes to a cross-body block, but the army rolls over it and raises it. Cena goes for an AA, but Miz comes out and runs a knee-jerking DDT to fall closer. Miz adds up to the soft charge of charge and her patent Miz tries for each other, but sew with AA counter! Cena is covered, but Mies kicks. The Cena goes to the top rope, but Miz has rocked the ropes, causing it to knock. Miz then applies the four leglock figure in the middle of the ring. Cena fights out of it and counters have a punch in an intersection, which is called STF in Michael Cole. Miz Cinestape takes its path to the bottom rope to catch Miz and hits a skull crushing finale for the closest army.

Miz and Cena take a few hours before moving, Miz takes up the Cena and keeps it on the rope. Miz goes for a top rope skull crushing finals, but Sena is in a Super AA to win the counter.

Winner by PinPhone: John Canna
John Cena immediately leaves the ring and goes to the front row to talk to a disabled person. It was actually a lovely moment to be the first to enter the Miz Elimination Chamber match.

Sasha will take the banks to Bailey tonight. We can see Dead Hardy, Apollo Cruise and Brett Vet with the FIN bucker, the second chance is a deadly 4-way road.

Matt Hardy's graphic appears on the screen and we see the backstage. Hardy says that his second chance to complete his fortune is that three other ships standing in his way do not know that their second chance is over. Seven Gods have given them the power to make them obsolete. Hardy will achieve success and change the abolition chamber to the redemption chamber! A "remove" spells fire

-Edit announcement-

Anderson and the hanging backstage are talking about them, making revivals stop their stupid-o-meter charts. Knowing every tag team since 1902 they were made NERDS!

Gallows and Anderson vs. Revival
When they are making their entrances, then the resurrection follow them. He cut the hanging block and gave Anderson a double-team cupylsine on the floor. Revival rises in the ring and waits to see if hanging and Anderson can rise up and compete. Hanging and Anderson come on their feet and come into the ring, but the revival runs out. The referee keeps them back and tries to get the order before ringing the bell to start the match.

Scott Dawson will start the match against Luke hanging. The flowers revolve around Dawson and keep it in the corner to remove it in the corner. Hanging the Avalanche Dash Wilder of Apron, hanging floor Dawson with an upper part thrown Dawson into the ring and continued to punch it in the corner. The hanging sends him into ropes and makes his big shoes. Wilders accuse him, but the hanging left him a drop of a body. Anderson then gets out of the ring and attack. Referee Anderson tries to go apron. The hanging throws the Wilder on the top rope, but Dawson takes it with a second cut block

-Edit announcement-

We come back from breaking that Dawson snatched the hanging piece and punching the limber body. The attack on Tag and knee in Wilder continues. Wilder then applies a leg lock hanging hangs out with some nice kicks back with his good foot, hangs his fights, but tags in Dawson.

Anderson and Wilder Tag Inn Anderson runs after a running kick with a couple of clothing. Anderson knocks Dawson and screams shouting to Wilder, "Hi-Ya!" Anderson took down Wilder and hanged Dawson out of the ring. Wilders almost win on the roll-up, but Anderson gets out. Anderson makes a big spine buster hit for a near decline. Anderson's allegations, but in Dawson's blind tags The shutter kills the machine to win the revival

Winner by Pinfall: Revival

Commentators told Jason Jordan to Sheth Rollins that he was not medically applying to compete. The Roman government stepped up to Jordan The rolls and rigs face The RAO tag team was the bar for the championship, but Jordan was unknowingly Rollins and organs were disqualified.

Kurt Angle will provide a medical update on his son Jason Jordan and disclose breaking news, next.

-Edit announcement-

Kurt Angle gives an update on Jason Jordan
Kurt Angle says that he is here with mixed feelings. In two weeks in the Elimination Chamber, Ronda Rodgers will sign their Raw contract. That some boos get to his son Jason Jordan, last week he was an MRI and was told that he would have to undergo surgery. The next day Jordan had a neck surgery and unfortunately, WrestleMania would be remembered. It becomes a loud pop and a "yes" mantra that says that he is trying to keep a quiet head, but as a father if you are happy with the WWE Superstars being injured and WrestleMania disappeared, They should be ashamed of themselves. Jordan cannot be his favorite superstar, but he should do it well.

Seth Rollins, Jason Jordan's tag team partner, makes his way into the ring with slightly modified music. Rollins says that he is sorry about Jordan. The truth is that he is a good kid in a difficult place. Rollins has been there some years ago, he was the WWE champion, as a matter of fact, he won a title several miles away on the road at the Levi Stadium, where he roamed his bank in the bank contract, Roman Reagan, and Brock Lesnar Beat and shocked the world. Rollins was at the top of the world until it all came down to fall. Rollins raised his knee, seized the title, and remembered WrestleMania. WrestleMania is not a guarantee of moments, it is not a part of Rollins around the corner, there is a match in the Elimination Chamber, a title opportunity or a match at Wrestlemania. Angle says that last week he was considered to be the last shot on the tag team title, but he can find another partner, says Rollins, "thank you, but no thanks." Angle wanted Rollins to be a big piece of Raw on Monday night. Rollins does not want to be part of Raw on Monday night. Rollins wants to return to this place in the night Rawan wants to Rollins on Monday night Rollins. Rollins wants to be a man once. Rollins Brock Lesnar wants the Universal championship, and he wants it at WrestleMania

The only way he can do this is if he wins the Elimination Chamber match. Who says that he loves the enthusiasm, but he can not cancel the match tonight. Rollins wants to earn their shot Let's take the second chance fatal 4-way and they turn into a deadly 5-way match. A loud "yes" song breaks, the angel tells him that he should not put him in a bad position because it is unfair for other wrestlers. Rollins says that he comes out every week here and keeps his body on the line Jason Jordan is missing in his WrestleMania moment, but this does not mean that he has to remember them. Angle says that it is not ultimately up to it, is it for fans? Do they want Rollins to give an opportunity to the abolition chamber? A loud "yes" song breaks, the angel says that he is in the match. Rollins is beautified and shake hands with angle

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes and he’s seen backstage. Wyatt says Rollins has been added to their game, but he doesn’t deserve a chance, just like the other three in the match don’t. Matt Hardy is in desperate need of help. Wyatt knows how to fix him. Wyatt knows how to fix them all. Wyatt says when he wins Elimination Chamber and goes to WrestleMania to slay the beast, he’ll once again have the whole world in his hands.

Sasha Banks makes her entrance. She’ll face Bayley, next.

Sasha Bank v. Belle
Bell rings, and they ring the circle. A loud "Belle" spell has to throw fire. This Bayley's hometown rolls for a countdown to Belle Roll's bank. Belle caught it with a backslide pin for a count. Belle removed the hand and caught it with La Magistral for a calculation. Put the bank in midsole before sending it to the corner. Bailey kills a previous elbow and comes with a hand pulling from the other rope. Belly then puts him down, the bank gives him power in the corner and spins on it. The bank tries to take it down by hand, but Bailey hooks the headlock on one side, Belle is killed, but she blocks him down. The bank tries to make an amazing bank statement but goes out to Belle. The bank takes it down and flies a knee on the face for two hours. The banks piled hands, but Bailey fought. Banks pushed him in the face and threw him out of the ring. Belly smiles and goes on an apron. The banks left him. Belle rings and powers are found in the banks, the banks removed it and closed belly shoulders with ropes.

-Edit announcement-

Belly we fight with a straight jacket to see coming back from a break, but the shoulder is pulled instantly to the closest to the bank. Attacking the shoulder, the bank speaks a little trash Bayley is a double knee counter, but her shoulder is also hurt to follow up. The bank gives him power in the corner and a double knee. The banks again belted Belle and Belly floated it with the clothes of the frustrated clothes. Prior to taking Belie with her with the Thaises press, she punches the business before baling her bull, before killing her belly speak, before killing bullied, Bali closed her ropes to fall closer Gave. Belle kicked him on the face and made the top rope his way. Banks are avoided by diving elbows, and banks go immediately with bank statements! The bank tries to remove ropes, but belle eventually makes it there. Bailey then rolls his face - first in Middle Turnbuckle. Bailey knocked her back and went for a suplex, but the bank waved it. Bayley climbs again and kills a super belly-to-belly for victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Bayley
Belle celebrates victory in her hometown and builds on turnbuckles. Bailey then turns into Sasha's banks and is the only one on it, Bailey takes her in favor, and Nia Jacques does not come out of avalanche anywhere. Before scouting for a Samoan drop, Jacques kills Belly with a Samoan drop, Jacks leaves the ring again.

Charlie Caruso stops Nia Jax on the stage and asks why she interrupted a moment that had nothing to do with her, says Jacques that she has to do everything with her. Both of them took Asuka to the border in the last two weeks, and they destroyed them in just seconds. Only a woman can beat the streak of Asuka, and you are watching it

In the Asuka eradication chamber, Nia will face Jacques. If Nia Jacks kills Asuka, she will enter the title match at WrestleMania.

With. the Renee Young Titus Worldwide, Titus O'Neill takes a microphone, and if he is worried about being removed by Matt Hardy, Apollo asks the cruise Cruise says he is asking O'Neil to make history here Does he fear the creators of the world? The crew says that Voyet can not digest it, can he beat Rollins and burn his "down" attitude? The crew says that he will extinguish that fire and are not waiting on the line at the Baller Club. Dana Brook says, "Cruise can not be lost." O'Neill loves it, and they dance while chanting at that time.

Alexa Bliss Backstage is running when she asks Mikey James Mikey why Bliss has saved her and now she is getting along with him, says Bliss, that they are tired of the new people running RAW and felt they need to return is. Most importantly, he wants to clean the air with himself. A few months ago, he said there are some things that did not mean it. Mikey says, "What about it, biscuit but?" Bliss says that he is jealous of him because he is a champion and a mother six times. He can not believe that he can balance that balance. Bliss says that if salvation is done in the Elimination Chamber, then they get spoiled. Mikey says he appreciates what bliss. They can be team-mates tonight, but in the Elimination Chamber, it's getting difficult for the title.

Moksha. makes the ring their way with the ring, which leads them to the forefront. Sona Devily and Mandy Rose will face Mikey James and Alexa Bliss.

Salvation w / Paige versus Mikey James and Alexa Bliss
Mikey Rose will start against Mandy Rose. They lock, and James takes him with noisy roses, giving head to the grapes, but James escapes. James falls down to him for a counting rose leaves a whip and elbow behind the Sonya Deville tag and takes a waste pond. James kicks her away and hits a walking dominance Tags in Alexa Bliss, and they enjoy a double team on Devil's elbows hit back, denies injury to a close decline James James in a double count for Davy David goes away with him on the corner and shoulders, James comes back with a hurricane again with the Tissue Press. Gulab deviated her, and Devil struck back from behind for two counting. The tag and the stomach stains incorrectly apply in the rose, James gets out of it and the jackpot avoids James again kills a neck breaker. Paige disturbs Bliss, and Devil removes her from the apron. The attack from the back kills rose beds for victory and victory.

Winners by Pinfall: salvation
Moksha makes double teams Mickey James save Alex Bliss until

Elias Elimination Chamber Blues Will Play
Elias is in the ring, the photos appear on the victory over John Kena and Braun Stormon last week. Elias congratulates the crowd and guitars go a little further. Who wants to walk with Elihu? Elias says that was pathetic. The best part about this city is that it is not too far from the real city like San Francisco. Who is kidding? Every city in California has a toxic dump. He is the man who defeated John Cena and Braun Stormen in the same place at the same time, so there is a difference on the favorite to win the Elimination Chamber. Then he will run on WrestleMania, the whole world will know that WWE is for Walk with Elihas.

Elias likes his voice, as he likes the sound of his voice, he wrote a song called "The Elimination Chamber Blues". He will play it till now, as long as he silences his phone and closes his mouth. Elias sings about six men, but the burden of the burden is due to the halt Elise says if he can not do it, then he will not sing. A loud "yes" spells fire their assertive ropes have already been heated and they look very good, so they should continue. Elias sings that Big Dog will not win because no one wants to believe. Miz should stick to Mij TV. The songs they wrote for Miz were not for them. They were for Mary Cena, the future is right here. Elise starts singing about Braun Storman until JoJo cut it down to announce Braun Stormon.

A spotlight shows Braun Stormen sitting on a stool with a microphone in front of him. Stormon leaves the spotlight and brings back a bass steel Strowman stages up to the Strowman stroke break. Stroman sings that Elias is not finished with Elias, "Get these hands." The crowd loves this Strobain says that he does not know his power and broke the wire, so only one thing has been left to do with him. Stormon puts it on its shoulders and climbs to the edge of the winter. Elise waits with a guitar before a cease-fire

Stromoron goes on an apron, and while entering the ring, Elias attacks them. Elias tries to hit him with the guitar, but Stroman holds him Stroban says that he met twice with him and he will not get it again. Before killing a running power arm, Strowman goes down to him. Elias is crawling away from the ring. The Strowman goes out and bass stole the cello, strobane followed him on stage and smiled to the bass cello from Elias! Help out the referee to run out!

It was absolutely incredible !! Braun Storman is the best thing to do, running now. #WrestleMania plans may need to be changed Stormon should actually be added to match with Lesnar and Reagan. strike while the iron is hot. It was amazing # raw

Shams W / Cessarro vs Roman Reagan
They stop before giving a clean break. Shams removed the hand, but the regime turns on it and imposes a hammer. Sheamus goes to the ropes and governs push. The prince is a duck for a workout, but punched him in the Sheamus corner, with a whip on the corner near the princess who has reversed it, but he quickly went out with a cloth. Sheamus rolls out of the ring, and Cesaro gives her a PEP thing Sheamus gets back in the ring, and the rule quickly rattles her clotheslines out of the ring. Another exclamation by Cesro Shamas is that the chasm pulls the ring from the ring, but the ring regains the toss in the post again. The rulers sent him into a barricade and shut him down. The throne again sends it to the bar for the second time and rolls into the ring to break the countdown. The regime again scares back Cesaro Shamas then brings a rolling satan on the floor!

We come back from the break to see the trapped raj in an overhead wristlock. The government fights before hitting the light of a tilted cloth and kills the rows of two pieces Sheamus sends him back and sends him in the shoulder-first ring post. Shamas then kills Irish Curse backbreaker for a close fall. Prior to applying the Irish Carlough, the shifting rule in the Shamas Midsection almost goes to the lower rope, but the sham pulls it away. Before colliding with a Samoan draw, the prince shoots out and knocks him back, the governance superman punch, But the shamas counters get closer to white noise. Shamas sets for a brake kick, but for the closest drop, a Superman The council governs the council under the umbrella. Shamas is a spear counters with a kick and charges, but with the seat-out Powerbomb to drop a near one for the councilors. Raj has been installed in the corner, but Cesar's distracts him. Shamas rolls closer to him. Sheamus quickly knees on the face for another close fall. Sheamus cannot believe that he did not keep her away and argue with the referee.

Reggae gets out of the ring and takes Kesaro into the crowd before killing the back body with a Superman punch. Shams attacked him from behind, but the regime soon sends them to the face-in the first ring post. The government goes for a drive-by-drop kick, but Sam's slid it down, Shams takes him in the ring and goes to the top rope. Shamesh bounces, but to win the Reggae, it joins one STIFF Spear from the middle air!

Winner by Pinfall: Roman Reigns

Second chance fatal 5-way match
Brett Vet vs. Matt Hardy vs Apollo Cruises vs. Seth Rollins vs. Fin Bailler

I have joined the match in progress. Wyatt Hardy is given DDT on the Apron. Apollo Cruise drives Voight out of apron and runs a monocoque block on the floor. The sand is strengthened before the roller for the rollers, the dogs are left on the bolt apron and bring it on the floor, on a Balor Rollins, it takes him down before carrying a pair of clothes down and giving him a double stomp. Does. Balor comes in Vayat and sings it, but Hardy broke the pin, the borer goes to the top rope, but Hardy cut it off and went to a special mountain. Before Super Bowling, Rollins Supercocks Hardy Voit then wipes the Rollins with a Flying Body Block. Voit sister goes to Abigal, but Rollins rolls her for two counts, Rollins then supercocks her head, but Baylor breaks the pin. Rollins send the baller out of the bell and knock Hardy on the floor, the rode goes to the top rope, but the crew cuts it out. Cruise goes for a superplux, but Hardy pauses it hardy and the hair touches the tower of doom Do it, but the vote breaks it. Before wearing clothes from Violet Hardcore, the baller is thrown out of the ring. Vayt removed the cruise and hit the slur along the Rollins. Wyatt then takes Cruise down and hits the sensation splash for a closedown.

We come back from the brakes, Voight avalanches see Bellor in the corner and his back scales, but Hardy is cutting the rope just for him. Wyatt is stunned by her. Hardy appreciates Wyatt, Hardy wore clothes of a dress and spins on it while pushing out the "remove" spell out loud. Hardy goes for a bulldog, but Wyat pushes him. Hardy then kills White with a side effect before hitting the other on the boiler. Behind the head, before rolling Hardy Absolves Wet to a Twist of Fate, but Rollins wipes it with a springboard clothing line. Chokes Rollins moves Rollins back to Rollins to the corner and hits a double lobster on Voight and Cruise. Rollin looks at WrestleMania's mark before hitting Balore with a suicide dive. Rollins comes in the ring and kills Hardy with a suicidal dive. Rollins come back in the ring and the third suicidal dive on Vaya! Before colliding with Rollins Scale, Cruise falls into the ring and knees and rolling through the falcon's arrow to fall closer. Cruz grabs him back, but Rollins puts him in the knees in the back and sends him out of the ring. Walks in Vayat and Rollins closes it with a step-up anguigiri rolls to the ropes, and Vayat drives it out with a cloth

The ballor rises in the ring and hits the voye with a sling blade. Balor then goes to the Drupkkiss Voit Ballor top rope in the corner, but rollins cut it off. Rollins goes for a superpellax, but Balor fights it. The Rollins Club is away on them and go for the Phoenix Splash on Viet, but those moves Hardy hits White with a twist of fate and cover, but Baill breaks it with Coup de Grace. Rollins hits the baller with the curb stomp, but the crew breaks. All five men are below Rollins and Cruise before their feet and screw on one another, Rollins gets better with him and the accusations, but the crew military forces him, after which the Cruise Samoan draws to fall one Run after standing profits. Cruises go for a back superlex powerbomb, but rollins fight out. Cruise kills a step-up anguage and stands with a shooting star press, but Rollins comes out again! Can not believe this on Titus O'Neill Rings. Cruise goes to the top rope, but Hardy cut it off. Hardy drives her away from clubs and ropes for a side effect, but Wyatt pulls her on the floor and sits sister Abigail! Vaiat comes in the ring and goes near the cross, which is still on the top rope. Wyatt goes for a superplex, but Rollins and Balor bind him to the tower of Doom Spot. Rollins and Balor cover, and referees are counted for three referees say they both win ... and the show is over.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins and Fin Balor

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