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Raw General Manager Kurt Angle announced the rules of the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Miami – This is a new year, and the first order of the business of Kurt Angle, the crude general manager, brought good news for the WWE Universe in 2018: Announcing that the woman’s first ever Royal Rumble match will be hung under the same rule, Because the men’s match for long periods. This means that 30 players are eliminated, when the superstars go to the top rope and both feet touch the floor, and the winner gets a championship match at WrestleMania.

After that, however, it was normally back in business, as well as Cicero and Shams opposed the decision of pairing with Seth Rollins to join with his son Jason Jordan – a quick union that gave The Raw its raw tag teams Lost the title – and the match again demand. He himself brought Jordan out and he approved Angle for a match between the young champion and Sesro, on which Rollins reached the obstacles and even more importantly, remove some intelligence.

In the architect’s eyes, Jordan had to learn a lot about teammate, especially to avoid running into 2-one loss without thinking of how such a decision could affect the whole team. Rollins left some harsh love for Jordan, stating that when he was in the ring for the sake of his mate and his title, he did not have high hopes for the “self-absorbed” Jordan opportunity against Sirsso. Like to clarify its point, The King of Swing attacks Jordan from behind, stopping the match in his earnest.

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