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WWE Raw Results April 2, 2018, WWE Raw Results April 3, 2018

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Triple H and Stephanie face off with Angle and Rousey

We are in the field to see Jonathan Coachman in the ring. With him there are two tables in the ring and a red carpet. Coachman is on a platform. Coachman says we're coming out of the confusion between two teams that will meet at WrestleMania. The first commissioner of the WWE Rehabilitation Agency Stephanie McMahon is out of the crowd of McMahon for Bose, joins her husband, executive director of WWE Triple H. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon continue to sound and point to the WrestleMania sign before they enter the ring. Kurt Angle appears in front of him, and he leads the crowd in the mantra of "You suck" by the melody of his song. The angle stays on the stage, while the "Rowdy" Ronda Rousseini is presented. They go together in the ring

The four contestants sit in their seats. There is a mantra from "Ronda Rousey", Coachman says that the WWE Universe has raised questions through social networks, but Triple H cut it in Triple H, a question for Kurt Angle Es. It's a shame that everyone is singing "Ronda Rooney "(takes a few moments, but they start singing) because they really will like it, but after the roar of the thief due to Kurt Angle a deafness will become silent. Intensity, integrity and intelligence is the winner of the six-time WWE champion and Olympic gold medalist, who won with a broken neckline, as he had never received "intelligence" information since the day he met Angle. This is the largest signature in WWE history, and it is destroying it by establishing it out of embarrassment and possibly due to a loss at WrestleMania at the highest level. Why is it also a whopper for angle? The angle begins to speak, but Ruzi bites him, asks why he signed them with bad intentions. McMahon apologizes to Rooney and says he will rebuild after losing them on Sunday. Rosie said he understands the format and wants an answer. McMahon says he signed it because he's a big star. The crowd is that testament, they want to see it in the WWE ring. Despite her frightening attitude, she brought her here because it's better for business, her husband asked Kurt Angle a question. Angle derailed Roessie's career and got the cost of millions of dollars. Who works for him asks that question. Who thinks Rosenie is her? Angle says: "It's Ronda Farkkin!" He is an Olympic medalist, a UFC champion, and this is going to devastate you at WrestleMania on Sunday! "

Cochman tries to restore order, but what does Triple H think the cutting angle is again? All those compliments mean nothing in this ring. Rousey WWE for him to have been a dream to get into his life, Stephanie, the WWE is all his life, which is all his life for them, which is all his life to the end before his time. Triple H is so confident because he knows the rules of this ring. Rousey does not know what is happening. Here is a great learning curve, they make rules, that's why they know them so well. It is mandatory that he will lose

Coach Triple H and Stephanie ask how important it is for them to win. McMahon says it's not, but when they show the wardrobe when the uprising, so they cut off the head of their own snake. They will act and close them. All people in the locker room will learn to respect authority. Couchman's next question is for Angle and Rosie. How does Angel feel working in a team with Rauzi on Sunday? Whether it's a ring, a cage or an octagon, Randa "Rowdy" is the worst woman on the planet. It will show when Stephanie leaves. The coach asks the last question: Do you have any final ideas before WrestleMania? McMahon says that the Russian has chosen this route. It would be lost a loss for the first game Resimen WrestleMania is in the record books, the WWE. The world knows how it handles Russian handles to the crowd a great "OOOHH". Rousey asks Stephanie to have her right or left hand. That's right, Rousey just wants to know that McMahon can sign his check after snatching his hands.

Coachman says it's a good place to stop it's time for the pre-match photo shoot to get out of hand where it will not be like boxing or the UFC do it brilliantly coachman has some photographers Those who come to the ring. Coachman wants the best wishes for Sunday, both teams are face to face, while photographers have photographed some photos. McMahon is going to give a handshake, but Rousey just looks that point then McMahon to begin with, and Rooney gets his face made at the angles between them, and Triple H for his microphone With the blow behind the head. Rosie grabs Triple H from the throat, but McMahon grabs him and sits him back across the table! WrestleMania is the signal point of McMahon talks about some junk left by the ring.

 Sonya Deville w/ Absolution vs. Bayley

Before, that Devil had dragged him on the leg, before circling the ring. The devil kicks him again and tells him some trash. Belle avoids a kick and returns Deville. The devil sends him to the corner, but Bailey applies bubbles and a headlock on him. Devile before you carry killed to your belly under your body with a cross you are moving slower pace. They are demons out almost suffocated a Hedlaj acquisition and they gave their shoulder Bailey in the corner of the first let her tensor face and suppress the elbow. They walk a trampoline trick Deville finally takes it with a big kick


Belly trapped in a body scissor to see us return from Brele. Belle is out hit fights and ropes, but Diablo counter ropes kill the devil on account of two with a Spinebuster and knees knee-deep in the chest before hitting a sliding knee closer to falling. Diablo threw it into the corner, but Bailey escaped. Belle pulled her back and hit a pair of clothing before putting it in the corner and started walking around it. The referee turned his back on third string Belle and connects with a cross block body Bailey kills knee running for a near fall. Remove the devil from the ring of salvation, letting the navel arm, but the devil kneels. Belle makes her successful by drawing the ring and drawing two beads with two ropes. He gets Mandy Rose apron, and Bailey hits Diablo him to kick and roll the two charges. Belle then prepares her to win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bayley


Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

WWE intercontinental champions (and new parents) make their way to The Miz platform and join the vaccine team

Sonar first rounds look at each other as they close, and applies Balr Hthudhakhori is Rollins burst from the hand-fit head hooks, but Balor out turns. Rollins knocks him down, but Balar got up and lowered him by hand. Rollins emits and hits the headlight socket on one side, but the bolt comes off. They look at each other and expect the crowd to be happy, but this is the best light. Balor goes to the foot before spraying with the hand. Miz says that being a daughter is the most important moment of her life. Miz Sky Monroe demonstrates that his father is a role model whips from Blor Rollins, but Rollins shoulder returns to the block Rollins makes a Hedlok acquisitions that hit a pair of hands and kills him to fight against him to share part Balr And kills him Rollins fight , but Balor kills him. Rollins supports him, but the force returns with more drag. They're paralyzed because we're going to the commercial

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We return from the brakes so that the sunset can see the belore go through the flip and let go. Rollins turns angry towards the packer and shows it. Balor pushes her back Rollins looks at the WrestleMania signs and begins the dispute. Rollins puts him in the middle section and pulls him out of the ring. Rollins cuts him out of the ring and bounces him off the apron. Rollins keeps her under surveillance and puts her in the ring. Baill kicks her and calls him out of the ring. Rollins tries to take him back, but Baill throws him to the ground. Balor throws a kick that comes out of the apron of the face. The force moves it to a ring for a countdown. Ballor hits a snapmayer and kicks him in the back to count. Baarr cuts it in the corner twice. Balr put it down crack in the corner, but Rollins defense moves into the corner of the reverse STO Rollins to give the knee a blockbuster rollins him back and put a lock on his chin.

While Rollins places them in the headlights, they show a video package for Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles. It's the live action, Rollins Baylor takes down, is out of the ring, and the boot blow walk in the face for two Rollins count before the business chops looks soup disappointed Balr counteracts Rollins He suppresses the back and the load, but Baill kicks it and hits a pair of pioneer pioneers. Rollins reverses a whip, but Balor is also back with a diving forearm to cut Balr's chest and sends it to the corner Rollins boots on his face and on the second string, but Balr his mat gives replace Rollins is a two laps with the roll-up for the count Balor hit him quickly with the elbow fall until early fall. The Rollins counter returns with a sling blade and a sling blade of its own. The ball comes out of the ring, Rollins was pushed into the ropes to kill himself and hit him.

The crowd is in fact in this match. Balor takes himself pulling up his legs, but Rollins throws off the ring is to kick Balor running, but grabs Rollins leg and goes to give a powerbomb on the barricade, the same steps as the SummerSlam 2016 Balar's shoulder had exploded . Balor kills a sling blade is out and the ground was first left behind. Blor takes his ring and goes to the third rope for the Coupe de Grace, but Rollins moves Rolins sidewalk is for the stamp, but Blor who moves the roll-up businesses, but Rollins stamping a curb to win it Stops!

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins poses on the turnbuckle while The Miz holds up his Intercontinental Championship to taunt him.

The Bar insults Braun Strowman and his mystery partner

The bar says that no matter who chooses Braun Stroman as a companion, no matter how big or strong, you have to tag your partner at the end. Shems says he has only one page And there are many plans, Sesaro says that Stormon will never be such that he will never be a true team nor will he win the RAW tag team championship. They just do not set the time ... it's time!

The musical success of Braun Stormen, and he makes his way to the stage. Storman says he does not play well with others, but management has clarified that if he's going to challenge the title of the title, Necessary, then he got one. I was just talking behind them, and they did not appreciate that both of them said that the Joker had just said. Sesaro says that if his partner has a problem, he can tell it in his face. Stormon says it will be under one condition. She wants a match with one of them. Shamas says he would like to disagree with people, but he can not let this place go. Your partner has Stormon saying, "Well, I'll look for it." Stormen says that his teammates look a lot ... just a little different. Straw leaves

Stormon's music has been hit again and he goes out to hide. His brother is Braun. He is the brain, and he will take them out of his head. Bar strikes the stromman, but he reaches them. The bar soon scares her, but she throws and throws Sasarro on the other side of the rock. Fly shamus

Goldest André the Giant Memorial Battle will be at Royal. When it wins, HBO needs to make a documentary about it

"Voken" Matt Hardy interrupted Goldstreet's message, which seeks the same award as Goldst. Hardy is training with other veterans, including Goliath, to prepare this game to win. Tonight, you will meet Goldst, who is ready to "finish"!


John Cena looks for Undertaker to give him an answer

John Cena makes his way to the ring of his traditional mixed reception. Sina says that she said yes to this, but she was wrong. They are out of time and still have not answer. Dinner was wrong because no other time was left. Silence means "no." Not Undertaker Some people may be upset about that news, but they are not. Undertaker could do what he did to do something. Dinner has been removed from WrestleMania. A lot of people have asked him what his match is. Dinner says that she is going to WrestleMania as a fan. Just today, Michael Cole told him that he was stupid to sit out. They can enter the Battle Royale or become Braun's partner. Dinner will tell them why this will not happen. Dinner has lost many opportunities in WrestleMania, including the match in Rumble and Fastlane. If you have entered one of those matches, I would take a place from a full time WWE superstar, who exposed his ass to get it. Dinner called Undertaker as an attempt to make the last ditch, but also because he did not want to take anyone's place or wanted to take any back. It was just two WWE mythology which was dancing to it. Tonight, tonight his life changed. Dinner Nicky gives a shout to Bella: There are lots of things that run outside the WWE, which change their life every day. For the year, I've fed all of the energy away, it could be the right time for WrestleMania change

Dinner pulled the shoulders off the shoulder and said that it is up to four weeks for a whole audience to put their mind straight for the Undertaker. The Undertaker does not have a general etiquette to talk about to damn Undertaker ignoring them all. He wants what he wants, but the other ignores the people. He is a dead man to walk. Sina says that it is clear that he left his hat in the ring, but he left his balls at home. A "Dinner" spells fire, the music of Dinner gets hit, and it leaves the ring.

Elias is in the ring, congratulates Elias crowd, plays a riff, and asks who wants to walk with him stands for LIS with the WWE booth. WrestleMania is the last stop on the road in this Narfol? They should live in a city that really matters. Ellis starts making some music, but she bites by Heath Slater and Rhino.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman address Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar would make his way out of Paul Heyman's ring come out to make a wall on RAW's superstar ramp, Romano leaves Reagan. Lesnar and Heman do not seem excited. Heyman starts to his first lines, but stops only because Kurt Angle has thrown his manhood this afternoon and it turned out to be an ineffective guardian of "Rowdy" Round Rujesi, behavior that Atipriwark. Brock Lesnar has a universal title! So the promise to hear Heyman Taking the truth, the whole truth and confirmed that he did not say anything, the truth before the last WrestleMania to help God in New Orleans, that he will end his client of the funeral wizard, Heyman and he has not told him that this prediction, but a spoiler when there was no one laughed, but he laughed at all of them, that they did not believe the truth. Now, six days, WrestleMania will be in New Orleans only two beings that win at WrestleMania to The Undertaker on the face of the earth, which pushed for the Universal WWE Championship. Everyone thinks throne followed the current Lesnar, but in WrestleMania it will beat in the middle of F will rule 5 and the ring. Lesnar PIN The 1-2-3 does not predict that ... it's a spoiler if God does some work and discards it in a chipped banana and win, so this is the last time Raw but at any time Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman they will see it.

Heyman deliver his goodbye to his social media, but as Lesnar UFC says hello, he wants to remove some things about his client. All the aura he hates is designed for Brock Lesnar in 2002, Lesnar thinks that no one can clean shoes in the locker room and Lesnar crowd, this image is 100% true. Not a member of the importance believes that Lesnar wardrobe, which can take over, by itself could not take its title. No one can pay to see who they think Lesnar is worthy to compete in the ring. This Sunday night, Romano platforms only to accept defeat when he has an easier option if there are no alternative rules options like ass - win the match of both are owned by Brock Lesnar Secrets not to receive his wife, conquered by the child, the father and the uncle will go home and accept that he lost Brock Lesnar. The Roman government is not a great dog nor is it its yard. The rule will only be another mark in the Brock Lesnar title bar. The Roman rule is just the bitch of Brock Lesnar

Throne extends to the ring of Lesnar before the ring says Raj to think about it. Lesnar shouts a fire "Let's Walk Roman", "Think about it, boy!" Before climbing stairs and walking on Lesnar, platforms leaves then gets into the ring title of Lesnar, and surrounding the ring. Lesnar is seen in a first title of Prince watching Lesnar take then leave the ring and hold his Universal Championship. Lesnar then laughs at the rulers, Lesnar then grabs a steel chair and keeps addressing. Lesnar meets the chair in the ring, but the regime does not return. Paul Heyman said: "Hit him!" Governance Superman kills Lesnar with a trio of punches! Lesnar had to catch up with a steel chair, and Lesnar gave the floor to the fourth Superman Punch! Lesnar doubles however, grabbed the steel chair, and Reagan is that he takes the fifth shot of Superman ruling Universal Championship and is standing on Fell Brock Lesnar. Regimen rules Most incisions are detected sees the signature of WrestleMania before seeing Lesnar on his feet. Lesnar hit him with an F5 and left the ring with the Universal championship!

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