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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results 18 June 2018, WWE Raw Results Live Updates

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results 18 June 2018, WWE Raw Results Live Updates

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Ronda Rousey attacked Champ Alexa Bliss

Grand Rapids, MI - Ronda Rousseau did not win the Women's Raw Championship last night because Alexa Bliss put

money in the bank and stole the title. So when finally after the surprise was that Berdde woman in the ring attacked

small planet between the political function Miss Blis, so they defend a couple of blows to steal the attention of Rausi Global Improved their aggressiveness. And take advantage of your ignorance of the rules of the WWE.

"Overhead Rookie" was an insult, which eventually threw the hand against everything that happened with Rhonda;

Bliss not only had to face a powerbomb through a table, Roush threw Judo at Kurt Angle and the general manager

of RAW sold it with briefcases after trying to stay calm. Given the explosion, the angle was not convinced that

Ronda "received it" when he insisted that he knew how the WWE works: once he was stuck with Rousseau in the

backstage, GM Rousse had his own. As a result of the work, the suspension was delivered 30 days from the RAW.

For. the championship, Nia Jacques (thanks to the absence of a physical therapy session to show the night) has

delivered her rematch clause for WWE Extreme Rules, enjoy the time which means that the enjoyment is filled with

hands. But Rousseau explained his reasons why he left Raw: he will enjoy after the suspension, whether it's a title or not.

Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins

Regardless of a happy defense against Elias in WWE Money in the bank, give credit to Seth Rollin to do the most

honorable thing and restore his Intercontinental Title Open Challenge. But the heart of the Kingslayer was made

better for him, and Dolf Ziggler took advantage of the champion's pledge and broke Rollin's rule and won the prestigious title of architect.

He said that, even after the architect suffered additional damage to his knee, it proved to be a difficult task

compared to the former world heavyweight champion. Fortunately for Ziegler, Drew McIntyre, who was infiltrating

ringside, was there to see his presence, doubling the roll-up between the champion and the challenger. Rolin tried to

eliminate Ziegler to a certain extent, as he did against Elias, but Shoff was a little shoe, investing Kingsley with both his hands, with his own little punches. It was there.

When Ziegler mocked the former champion and Rollin engaged after the bell, Makintire struck, Jiglr helped to leave

Diplosd Taitlholder with brutal Zug combined Claymore-zig. In the interview after the game, new champions and

reiterated his supporters had no interest in "Burn It Down" or "It's my yard Kacfrejh friendly shirts like" - they were there for the win. Kingsleyare has been murdered. Intercontinental champions live longer

Bobby Roode def. Curt Hawkins

Bank of the men's money game had no sign of Bobby big road, but after the former US champion receiving GRS

Coupe 20 feet of the test boiler was found on the wrong side of the highlight reel, which hit the ribs . He said that

the spectacular person did not remember the opportunity to manifest; Through a rapidly administered DDT Glory,

his victory over Kurt Hawkins on Raw was crucial and he was not completely free of injuries. Roode lives on the hunt, while Hawkins' goal of breaking his losing streak is frustrating to be out of reach.

Raw Tag Team Champ Woken Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt def. Heath Slater & Rhyno

If the "Vocans" in the B-Team Ring can match Matt Hardy and Bray Vats, but there is no doubt that they see themselves at the same level as the Raw Tag Team Champions in all aspects of the game.

First. Hardy and it's sounding for Wyatt with the hard stator and Rhino, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel Royal tag team

appeared on Taitntron at Cosplay Deletrs to put the best effect beyond the Mental Tilt messages of Champions. It

was a brave effort, but the champions did not exactly taste their own medicine: the dealer sends Slater and rhino

with his kiss of eliminating a band to perform a continuous dominance and maybe a message from his Challenger is not a game of City Beard and Sweeney Todd Wig Vocan Warrior.

Jinder Mahal def. Chad Gable

According to Jindar Mahal, if one achieves inner peace, he must be committed to change. This means that they hit

under the WWE Money Roman regimes of their Modern Day King losses to "ride the winds of change" and the

mental and spiritual opportunity to reestablish themselves. Unfortunately for Chad Gable, this did not mean any physical change.

Castillo had adopted a new peaceful attitude, because he went to the ring, but after ringing against the work Galle

Pesinik disappeared in a hurry, which claimed that the palace that an amateur wrestler in his glory days was trapped

in the way Gable quickly reminded The Maharaja that he wasn’t exactly a pushover with a wild offensive press that

ended with a moonsault, but Mahal cut his opponent off with a big boot and a ring-shaking Khallas. When the bell

rang, his demeanor softened again; clearly, an enlightened spirit is one thing, but nothing brings inner peace quite like victory.

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