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WWE Extreme Rules 15 July 2018, WWE Extreme Rules 16 July 2018

WWE Extreme Rules 15 July 2018, WWE Extreme Rules 16 July 2018

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Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Sin Cara (Kickoff Match)

Pittsburgh - Two Wins, No Problem Andrade "Cien" Almas, who repeated against Sin Cara in the Extreme Rules of WWE Kickoff despite the efforts of his former mentor soul, thanks partly to his business manager Zelina Vega.

Sin Cara Sends Andrade's "Soul" Spirit from the Top Rope: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Kickoff Match00: 56
The action begins at WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Kickoff when she meets the clashes between Sin Cara and Andrade "One Hundred" Souls.

Both Superstars came out swinging in the first few minutes of the rebound (literally in the case of Souls), but

aggression by Sin Cara defeated him when he smashed suicide diving and exacerbated by the same elbows that had

previously been injured by Almas. He lowered his arm, the International Sensation turned his leg, a wild variety of

trampolines and hurricanranas to curb Almas on the stretch, at the end of which a hurricane hurdle the stretcher on the platform.

Vega, who missed the start of the competition, quickly remarked after the International Sensation gave Souls a

perfect shot of Frog Splash, pulling up the podium to detract the referee and making Pinfall at Sin Cara impossible.

Idol made it in capital letters, and Sin Cara worried about the tensor before kneeling, and Hammerlock's DDT was

triumphant. Give your gratitude to Sin Cara to find out his mistakes, but he forgot that while Andrade "Cien" Almas can remain alone in the ring, he will never be alone in the fight.

SAnitY def. The New Day (Kickoff Tables Match)

WWE Network hosts a very different type Table 3 WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff where Sanity defeated the New Day in Heavy Tables Match marks the biggest win ever to the collectors of rising LIVE SmackDown blood.

Breaking the New Day and the Neighbor Pandemonium: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Kickoff Match01: 11
From the opening bell, New Day and SAnitY fight between teeth and nails in a vicious table match.

It was understandable that New Day was ready for the game, as SAnitY's initial victory and loss record suggested a

small learning curve; Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe seemed to find their balance at the beginning of

the game, especially after Dain made a mistake that made the trio injured. It seems to identify Dain's factor X Sanity,

New Day, using various attacks to kill The Beast of Belfast, including the combined uranage-Backstabber Big E and Xavier Woods Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston.

Unfortunately, the New Day was focused on a member of the SAnitY at the expense of the other two. When Dain

finally sent, Kingston found himself on the apron where Alexander Wolfe waited for the rings on a table. Wolfe

responded with the Dreadlocked Dynamo bite, preparing for Eric Young's evil elbow, and ran over the table and

ended the game. There are still some mistakes in solving the decisive victories, but in the clear-minded match, he clearly felt at home.

The B-Team def. “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions

Night and day have been tagged in the WWE Extreme Rules, though not at the tag team that you can count on. The

miracle of the Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas Raw Tag Team Championship ended with a magnificent win "awakened" by

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, completing a remarkable reversal of luck with a team that did not win before switching to the name of the B-Team a few months ago.

"Waking up" Matt Hardy seeks to eliminate half of Team B: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:02
Fired "Woken" Matt Hardy at Curtis Axel fills the Raw Tag Team Championship with the award-winning WWE Network.

As triumphantly the Team B was, after winning the title, was still a shocking defeat to Hardy & Wyatt who unbeaten

after the team joined in forming the Deleters Worlds. Given that Team B had a two-victory at Hardy pay-per-view

as expected, they were built in the game plan to isolate the awakened one of Bray Wyatt and with good reason.

Dallas and Axel had a problem finding the answer to the former WWE champion early in the match and returning to The Reaper Souls competition seemed to be lean in addition to the champions in seconds.

The B-Team, however, obviously went further than the champions endorsed and warned Hardy when he joined the

Bo Dallas Kiss of Deletion. Axel climbed on the apron to break the maneuver and Dallas quickly followed, sliding

Hardy against Wyatt and releasing awakened One rolling cutter hanging on the rope, winning the Victoria, who

obviously consolidated his belief that "B" in B -Team is "better". The story of Dallas and Axel Cinderella go back to the second chapter, while Hardy and Wyatt are still a terrible task like termination: a reboot

Finn Bálor def. “Constable” Baron Corbin

As Stephanie McMahon personally named Raw, from Contras, Corbin Baron took the rules, but Finn branded by the

WWE Extreme Law in the Rules, and took a new turn in a brief but temperamental rivalry, which is the classic of great men the rivalry of the little man in a very personal empire in recent weeks.

"Constable" Baron Corbin counterattacks Finn Bálor: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 (Exclusive to WWE Network) 01:03
Barbarian Corbin "Constable" does not show any dispute against Finn Bálor, thanks to the award-winning WWE Network.

Considering that The Constable already won the first Universal Champion (although in group action), Corbin's pride

was not completely empty. As if to prove his position, Lone Wolf completely flooded his opponents by combining a

perfect discovery and ground attack strategy, which often left Balo on the carpet. Even when the man began to

separate the extraordinary rapidity, he often found himself while jumping into Corbin's clutches, where it was most worth waiting for a chokeslam offensive and deep six ways.

Bálor showed his heart when all the great maneuvers of Corbin escaped, although it seemed unlikely that the battle

would continue. Even after the terrible punishment, Finn fled Corbin's narrower margins and, by the end of days, a

small package that made Corbin three. It was a flight as a victory, although it was above all the declaration of Bálor. Due to all the size and strength of Corbin, the match was the most important muscle: the heart

SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella def. Asuka

PITTSBURGH - When a championship title maintains its name in every possible way, Carmella is one of the greatest

defending champions in WWE history. The Princess Staten Island, which features titles of SmackDown women won

by him and unusual fashions stopped, once again retained the title against Asuka, even though there was a competition for his signature in order to insert ace up his sleeve.

James Ellsworth throws foreign objects from the shark cage: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:06
While Carmella and Asuka were fighting for the SmackDown Women's Championship, James Ellsworth tries to help Carmella with the award-winning WWE Network.

This would be, of course, James Ellsworth, who had suspended Asuka's previous defense in Carmella in a shark cage

to avoid interference in the second round. This did not prevent Ellsworth was going to be some tools (pull down a

steel chain and a blinding spray) earlier and forced Asuka to avoid active exclusion and himself, Ellsworth third trick - his introduction into the shark cage - was the crucial moment of the game, although not as likely.

Ellsworth found himself in the ankle as he tried to escape from the cage, and externally by Carmella, Asuka turned

his attention to the frantic hanging meddlesome, Ellsworth and behaved like a punching bag when he threw the

cage. This left him vulnerable to Carmella's decisive traps when he dropped behind Asuka and threw his face into

the cage first. Asuka quite outraged when he arrived at the decimated staff ring, which attempted to rescue

Ellsworth before destroying the town by kicking, knocking and blocking Asuka interference. If the Emperor of

tomorrow sees more options against Carmella, then he can decide the best way to eliminate Ellsworth, maybe not be able to close it but extract it

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Jeff Hardy to become the new United States Champion; Orton attacks Hardy

Jeff Hardy title reign came to an end in the United States, the shocking standards WWE Extreme, as the charismatic

enigma suffered a demoralizing, almost immediate loss of the United States leadership before Shinsuke Nakamura is another enemy has made his presence known after the match.

Viper is in contravention of Jeff Hardy, who is still in the low stroke of Shakesuke Nakamura and the loss of the United States title with the award-winning WWE Network.

The opening bell did not even jump before King of Strong Style moved towards Hardy, on the champion's floor, with

a low impact, with the reference on his back. Hardy fought at his feet and insisted on starting the game, only to

suffer for a moment with Kinshasa, who had escaped his title and had taken Nakamura to the title of World War I champion.

Nakamura closed circuit feast of the recent American champion arrival of Randy Orton, but while The Apex

Predator seemed to be the object of Nakamura recognition, it surprised the Pittsburgh faithful to the fact that it

drew attention to Hardy and a criminal trampled the local regions. departure. Jeff Hardy was a proud and confident champion, but life not only came to WWE Extreme Rules. He came out of nowhere.

Kevin Owens def. Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage Match via Escape

Kevin Owens got what he wanted: he left the Braun Strowman. The former universal champion escaped with the

party "Men's monster men" in a steel cage by the escape, despite the "defeat" and "escape", deserved some serious

air-book hit around Owens just leave the cage of the Titanic Money in the Bank after the owner pulled the top and

sent it to collapse on the notification board.

Kevin Owens cannot escape the wrath of Braun Strowman: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:13
Braun Strowman fought bravely against Kevin Owens in the Steel Cage Match with the award-winning WWE Network.

In a fight that continued last month Strowman's efforts regardless of Owens' victory or the humiliating loss, the

destruction demanded the gift of fighting Owens, then shook the entire Canadian aggressor by throwing him a

perfect image Frog Splash. After all Owens arsenal to collect Strowman tried to impose a KO in the most alarming

way you can imagine, and Owens threw both sides of the cage and prevented an attempt to shout at the door safely.

But Owens had a veil in the hole, and Mr. Monster placed the top rope on the bench with a pair of handcuffs that he

had smuggled into the cage before beginning to climb. Strowman responded by grabbing the clamps, sliding the

cage and blowing the KO off his side and sending him through the commentary to convince victory - that was the

case; Owens was placed on a neck strap and separated from the ring. This is a strategy for Strowman that surely left

something desirable when it comes to winning a game. But as a crunching force, and perhaps a statement for Universe Champion Brock Lesnar, it was certainly difficult to discuss the strategy.

Owens was taken to a local doctor for evaluation.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers def. Team Hell No

PITTSBURGH - When Daniel Bryan and Kane are on the same page as the Hell No team, it's hard to resist. So to stop the fan favorites gathered together for the Tag Team Championship Smackdown, La Porra hermanos has separated them.

Before the championship of Harper and Rowan dropped a spooky backup which the two gangsters brutalizálta The

Big Red Machine ankle and Daniel Bryan has the same disadvantage since they were mainly backstroke. Of course,

you can not win a team title match tag At least one kaszkadőről - Kane he really did - but the battle up between the

power Bludgeon brothers and Bryan ribs of damage was too expensive even the legendary underperformance of the Top and Kane grew up like a walking shoe, to offer your help.

The Big Red Machine was more effective than expected at the peak of the afternoon-Chokeslam a couple of times

before an aborted attempt Tombstone had forced it. Even then, Bryan's friend retired and it seemed that the mere

presence of Kane had led the Hell No team to victory. But the brothers settled, dubiously when Rowan slipped and

threw Bryan Kane was before he was finished in the beard, a combination powerbomb clothes rack felsőkötélű. It

seemed that Bryan's efforts did not disappear from the characters: the world he was against was always alone. Usually enough. Not tonight.

Bobby Lashley def. Roman Reigns

PITTSBURGH - Roman kings claim to run Raw and the universal title line is behind. Considering that the universe

was champion Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle issued an ultimatum or Raw, they agreed that the next time he protects the

title or private title, he will not be so short and dry. But Queen's status of the best dog might not be as bulky as he

thinks, because Bobby Lashley beat the Grand Slam champions in the fight against invasive rights, and depending on who you ask, it's possible to face the repulsion against the beast.

It was appropriate that the game was falling out of the central point of two heavyweights, which is very technical fighter missed the window of speed and the power of a few problematic screens. The early advantage Queen has forced Lashley was to fight from the bottom, and while the former ECW champion is not immediately returned to the tables, the targeted attacks separated the Queen was the Big Dog ribs and softened the high-risk maneuvers to cut an ax for upper rope

The section became clear that the game will be reduced to who will sink the spears, and it appeared to have appeared after the queen maneuver after Lashley was hung on the top rope with an impressive Superman Punch-term. But Reina took a little too much time to admire her work, and Lashley had a large dog with rocks, the type of rope was stripped and was intercepted and tried to throw Reigns' for one of three to receive the number. The rulers are still the unstoppable universal champion, but the throne line is filling up

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax (Extreme Rules Match) results

PITTSBURGH - Nia Jax with the ring Natalya in the corner. Ronda Rousey in the audience. There is no rule or limitation that has prevented any of its participation. And yet, Alexa Bliss kept the title of raw women in the extreme rule.

Round Rousey jumps from ring stick to Mickie James: WWE Extreme Rules 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive) 01:12
Ronda Rousey comes from the audience to attack Mickie James and James Champion Natalya attack awards Alexa Bliss Women's courtesy of WWE award-winning network.

Indeed, before turning around and chaotic circuits ended in the match, Bliss title attacks at the head of a route in his hand with an irresistible force as Jax calmly started every run Alexa trying to use and turn them into champions. The match has changed a bit so that intelligent design, WHO Nia would have a steel chair tilt the turnbuckles, which started to fight in the ring Rousey called out the audience and Mickie said James Natalya If we neutralize water.

Rousey WHO shirked the 30-Day Suspension Extreme Code WWE Raw tickets triggered by massive aggression by Mickie James, but the six-time champion female time to save him from Rowdy Ronda to anger. Both Rousey and Natalya, both taken away, Bliss and James turned their attention to Jax, who was thrown with steel chairs. Bliss locked the game with a vicious DDT lost to Rousey back, covering a defending champion on the chair and seemed to be circumcised almost certainly ending the catastrophe. If on the face of Rousey, the champion does not always shirk, but if the WWE Extreme Rules event is any indication, in many cases win-Alexa Bliss cannot overcome.

WWE Champion AJ Styles def. Rusev

PITTSBURGH: After WWE Extreme Rules, two things are not disputed. The first is that Rusev is a true, indisputable and honorable party. And the second is that he is really making extraordinary efforts at the AJ Styles competition that the WWE Champion, which 251 days after Styles extended to the most unlikely popular hero of Team Blue to his last World Cup match.

The phenomenon did not fall completely in the days of Rusev: the Bulgarian Lion has more than approved the support last year and has resorted to a performance that will surely signal the future success of the World Cup. The Super Player set up the supposed three-week training camp offered for the Style and aimed at the Champion's back, hoping to soften the Acknowledgment.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to take the finish line tonight. The efforts of the styles to weaken the feet of Rusev paid dividends in the stretch; for all the damage he had done to his back, Rusev could not walk to Accolade after a kick and a torturous calf crusher, which Aiden English helped him escape. Ironically, the contribution of English to Rusev was reduced when The Bulgarian Brute came mainly to an elongated screwdriver. Picasso's pain hit Styles, so Rusev became vulnerable to a Springboard 450 and the phenomenal forearm that closed Styles' business. The songs of "Rusev Day" that echoed the game, Rusev won more than winning the hearts of WWE Universe. But that was the AJ Styles who won the day

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins (30-Minute WWE Iron Man results

PITTSBURGH - The WWE Extreme Rules went through the old school as much as possible, the main event of Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship was defended against Seth Rollins is a 30 minute WWE Iron Man match, which was overwhelmed by 5 -4 after a marathon race. Both superstars in their own MO, came out of the heart and Seth's ability to fall, while Dolph won by any means necessary, and a large dose of Drew McIntyre was.

Ziggler had to be defensive enough creative to stay in the race: Rollins rose to 2-0 in eight minutes, The Showoff 25: 50 pm The Magistralrel, the stomp is 22: 02 pm delivered. McIntyre, who fell in the second round, after the second fall Rollins was dropped into a trap that excluded the 21-minute threshold.

McIntyre was executed because of his actions, but Claymore Rollins came out and Dolph well in Scotland's Terminator's contribution of The champions fell to a Rollins was consumed within three minutes, followed by a Superkick and Zig Zago is two and three, for combined score. Ziggler is the first head 15: 53 picked up when the Kingslayer paws the rope, and then returned to a purely defensive Fray, relying on finances and rectified to try to megfújni the clock and preserve a 4-3 security benefit. Rollins to score 3: 8 tied to, and Ziggler fired at the spinning bearing and the sunset slid, but a Stomp, who had decided that the battle that takes the Rollinsnél spent very little time to get the pin.

Ziggler retained the championship in the race for champion wins, but in search of raw CEO, Kurt Angle, the final results, came on the scene, and sudden death reinitiates the game. The result is really sudden McIntyre immediately rose from the platform to distract Rollins and zigzag gave a quick hit aimed at caressing the Kingslayer and close battle, 5-4. Stolen? Check it. Closed screen? Check it. The title remained? Check it. It is a Pittsburgh package

WWE Extreme Rules 15 July 2018, WWE Extreme Rules 16 July 2018

WWE Extreme Rules Results 15 July 2018, WWE Extreme Rules Results 16 July 2018


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