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Warriors advance looking to build off a strong first round

Warriors advance looking to build off a strong first round

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Oakland, Calif. (AP) - Kevin Durant moved from coast to coast before halftime for a monstrous two-handed hit.

Kale Thompson started the makeover because the timbre of the halftime was heard and won the nervous hands at the hands of the tunnel.

Stephen Curry, street dress, celebrates a tremendous publicity with his Special Brother,

who rises above and below the injured knee.

For a more spectacular rebound night, Drummond Green extended the glass at every opportunity.

The current champions are back, it's fine. They are rolling. And the curry may be closer to reapplying a uniform.

Thompson said: "I hope, but I will not wait because I do not want to fulfill my expectations and I can not fulfill them".

"If he does not play, then we are ready, if he plays, halulahahah."

The Golden State has tolerated only one point so far to lose Game 4

of its first-round series to San Antonio before closing the Spurs with a 99-91 victory on Tuesday night.

They will open the semifinals of the Seven Western Conference against New Orleans

in Game 1 on Saturday at Oracle Arena. A veteran of ancient warriors, Alvin January, took coach Pelican.

"Well, fortunately, Alvin Janetry does not really know what she's doing," coach Steve Kerr said. "It's a joke".

For weeks before the tiebreaker, the warriors rarely seemed like a super team that was in the postseason last year.

However, Kerr and his players insisted that when the stage grew in April they would have another level and rhythm,

and they were in the place of those feelings. The defense has been stellar.

And the warrior can be completely powerful soon after the curry is ready

to carry curry after being cut from a chopped intermediate link.

An artist from three other All-Stars and Reliable Role Players worked wonderfully without him.

Green said: "We are a championship team, we know what kind of defense we have to do."

"I think that throughout the season you want to go there every night, but this is not realistic,

especially when you leave the championship."

Surely, the Golden State can not make another 16-1 configuration record through the postcorder again,

but Kerr's almost happy group definitely looks back at the first position in the next round.

And Green usually makes the way by doing everything at both ends.

After. catching his previous exit 18, he caught a high-19 rebound in a postseason race at Game5.

Thompson. said, "We hope he keeps playing with this side

because when he does it and he plays with great passion and passion, it happens when he is at his best."

Curry will be evaluated again this week because he continues the work of more court

after recovering from an intermediate cerebral collateral link in his left knee.

He suffered a march on March 23, the day he returned from his last ankle injury with the absence

of six games. It was also unfortunate because the Javal Maggi center fell on him.

Soon, Kerr expects his initial alignment to be retained and his rotation to be more reliable;

now; they should not be used to break things together because they did late in the regular session,

while one surprisingly This time 2 seeds, using 27 different initial alignments and moving the mouthpiece to the air.

Ker said: "Steff works with Jim every day and talks about us and we're doing it."

On Basketball: And now, Wade decides if this was the end

"We only hope for the best, there are no prophecies."

Golden State has consistently recorded 12 consecutive franchise records in the postseason and 20 of 22 runs.

Kerr. will press his players to keep pace with the series and the Warriors have worked very well.

"work hard, we really work hard," he said. " play together and we keep that."

We shot 37 percent tonight, which is great, our defense efforts for five games were spectacular,

obviously now that we're going to be tough, we have to get to the end. "

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