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Twitter reacts to Arsenal’s 4-1 win over West Ham United

Arsenal came out victorious in the London derby and here's how Twitter reacted


Arsène Wenger announced Friday that he would leave the club after a 22-year-old historical player

and expect Arsenal to act as a reason to change his style against West West United. But the thing was not that.

In the first half, Arsenal could not play with that tempo that was their traits and many did not open.

The West Ham defense looked solid and the visitors probably had a better chance.

In the 45th minute, his condition worsened, due to a serious injury, Eleni had to go out of the match.

Neither the team could work on the network and they went to Talkless on the part-time team.

Arsenal started the second half to prove and Nacho Monreal opened the scoring

because he hit the corner of the net behind the net in the 51st minute.

But in the 64th minute, Marco Arnatovich put things in layers because Manuel Langeini found him

inside the box and the Austrian had beaten him brilliantly on the corner.

Arsenal extended the pace to win the game and paid their efforts in the 82nd minute

because the cross made by Ramsay ejected everyone and went behind the net.

After three minutes Lacazette’s result

which ended especially after playing with a good Arsenal team.

After receiving a clean job on Ramsay’s tilt,

After four minutes he was shot because he shot behind the deer

As a win-win boost for Arsenal, they are ready to face Atletico Madrid in the semifinals of the Europa League.

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