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Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For Wordpress 2018

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Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

Today's publication is crucial. Income optimization is one of the most important factors of a successful monetization

strategy. More revenue means that the publisher can invest more in the creation of meaningful content that users

like to read. In this post, we will learn about the location extensions of existing WordPress ads. After reading this

post, you will gain detailed knowledge of the extensions and will also filter out which ad insertion extensions will be appropriate for your blog.

1. AdSense-Easy Ad Management fast
Configuration level: easy Suitable for beginners

Use the case: it is recommended that you have content that contains a similar word number

Opinion: recommended

Quick Adsense is a WordPress plugin for ad managers. It provides a faster and more flexible way to paste AdSense

or any ad code as a blog post. It comes with a simple configuration page and does not have complicated

customizable options. When you start ad placements, this is the first add-on to install from the WordPress plugin.

Benefits: advantages of using Fast AdSense

Very simple configuration: in a few minutes, you can access your ad code. The configuration is simple and easy to

use in WordPress settings> Quick AdSense tab

Multiple options for setting up content ads: The Quick AdSense plug-in gives you many opportunities to show your

ads in the content of your post. You can choose to show ads at the top of the content, after paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 ... It

also allows you to place ads in the middle of the content, at the bottom of the content and directly above the first

paragraph. You can still adjust your ads to the left, right and center by customizing your blog.

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

Recommended location guide for Quick AdSense: We recommend that you place 3 AdSense ads in your content if

your blog contains more than 500 words or more than 700. Place the first ad unit after the first paragraph (centered

alignment) or higher (above left) of the content to cover the text. Place the second ad in the middle of the content

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by ADS Optimization

and the third ad before the last paragraph (both centered).
In general, placing Adsense randomly in a publication is a good way to experiment with different ad formats and

placements beyond the optimization of AdSense ads. If you have many regular visitors who revisit your blog

frequently, it is likely that random recognition will get your attention.

2. Advanced ads and advanced ads
Installation level: moderate Suitable for beginners and advanced

Use case: It is recommended that you want to display different ad sizes based on mobile/desktop traffic, support affiliate banners, enable ads based on footage/pop-ups and placements.

Opinion: it is highly recommended

Advanced ads are one of the most common WordPress ad location extensions. However, if you want to place ads

with advanced ads, you may need an initial configuration, but when you finish you can discover the many features

offered by the add-on. The base of the add-on (free version) is good enough, to begin with, but I suggest that Pro Bundle have access to all its functions.

A free version of advanced ads lets you create unlimited ad placements, group creatives to create ad rotation,

How to Increase AdSense Revenue on Mobile Visitors

schedule ads, set dates and times of expiration. This will allow you to display ads or AdSense ads from other

networks and affiliates, rich media ads, and more. You can use shortcodes to post your ads anywhere in the content,

place, ads in the sidebar and paste the ads at the top, bottom and paragraph.

In addition, the pro package has the following characteristics:

You can create a header, footer, right sidebar and anchor ads stickers. You can also show pop-up ads when a visitor

wants to leave your site and generate revenue for your outgoing traffic. You can also use pop-up and layer ads or

show ads based on your visitor's geographic location. Geo-targeting generates a simple clip of your ad groups,

tracks, and clicks on ads by country, city, and continent, and displays them with beautiful graphics. The pro package

is absolutely necessary if you want to increase your advertising revenue or endorse affiliate products or links. Advanced Ads is one of the most exciting features you can try!

How to Enable Page Level Ads In Google AdSense Account

Recommended placement guide for advanced ads: Pro and advanced ad standard versions allow you to filter your

audience in mobile and desktop. I suggest that you only upload 300 600 × 600 ad units to a desktop view since this

ad unit in the sidebar does not work properly on mobile devices. You can place more 300x250 ad units and only

appear on the device within the content area. You can also find a group function to rotate the associated ads and see what conversion is available and correctly assigned.

3. Ad injection: set up a simple ad
Configuration level: easy Suitable for beginners and advanced

Use the case: Ad Entry is a quick AdSense option and allows you to keep the content of your ads in content based on

the duration of the content. It is recommended that the contents of a blog post fluctuate along.

Opinion: recommended

Inject your reviewmylife ad into an ad or other content (such as Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank,

TradeDoubler, etc.). Insert your content in the entries and pages of WordPress. The number of ads can be controlled

based on the duration of the ad creative and can limit the display of ads by post, visitor reference, and IP address.

AdSense Alternative- Criteo Review For Optimization

Ads can be set up in publications (in random, top and bottom positions) or in any widget/sidebar. There is support

for split tests A / B / rotation of ads. And it supports dynamic restrictions (IP address and reference). You can also

place ads based on content. If you are looking for a simple extension that has made up most of the

placement of your ads, I would recommend injecting ads after Quick AdSense after its easy implementation and use. With more than 40,000 downloads,

4. AmpedSense- Split Test your AdSense ads
Installation level: moderate Suitable for beginners and advanced

Use the case: it is recommended that you want to increase your advertising profits by sharing the evidence.

Opinion: recommended

AmpedSense allows you to try and share several AdSense settings on your WordPress blog until you find the best

AdSense ads on your site. The AmpedSense plugin can be downloaded directly from the official WordPress plugin.

Optimizing the placement of your ads: do you know if your ads will be placed above or below the content? In the

sidebar? What is embedded in the articles? Examine different standard positions and custom positions using our widget.

Optimize ad type: show ads against text ads in link units? What is the biggest gain?

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

Optimize ad size: There are 18 different ad sizes (that's a lot!). Are you bigger in income?

Optimization? of ad colors: does it stick to Google's default values or does it try to match the color scheme of your site?

Test your personalized advertising spaces. Would you like to try other ad networks compared to AdSense? You can paste and test any HTML or JavaScript snippet.

Optimize your ad volume: Get more revenue by placing several ads on your page. Try an ad with so many ads to make sure it's more profitable or annoying for visitors.

5. AdPushup: increase advertising revenue
Installation level: directed configuration Suitable for beginners and advanced

Use the kit: it is recommended that the AdWords CTR and total revenue increase from 1.5 to 2 times the machine learning technology provided by the UI and banner blindness.

Opinion: it is highly recommended

With AdPushup, publishers can increase their existing advertising revenue through continuous optimization,

machine learning, and continuous monitoring. The AdPushup WordPress plugin not only intelligently implements

Google ads, but continually optimizes the increase of CTR, banner blindness, and increased generic revenue. After installing the add-on, you must register with AdPushup.

Structural ADS:-

Structural locations can be created manually. You can test the size of an ad unit in that location. Considering the

placement of the main ad, each of the following ad sizes can be tested on the desktop (728 × 90, 900 × 90, 900 ×

120 (custom size), 980 × 250 and custom sizes). For mobile traffic, you can try 320 × 50, 320 × 100 in one location.

You can also run a 300 × 600, 300 × 250, 336 × 280 measurements at a location in the sidebar, and the algorithm

optimizes the maximum revenue generating ad unit. The maximum performance is a function of CPC and CTR.

Structural ads are better, on the left, centrally aligned with the appropriate fill just for clicks in the AdPushup editor. You do not have to write lines of code here.

Content ad:

AdPushup is the first patented content placement technology that allows publishers to include premium content

(for example, the entire article) and allow ads to be placed automatically. You can set the maximum number of ads

that can be placed in the content. Maximum allowed 5, provided you receive high-quality content and require Google approval, provided by AdPushup.

Usually, it takes a day or two to start AdPushup. There is a free 30-day tour, after which regular billing represents

8% of AdSense revenue. Because AdPushup is a certified Google AdSense partner, AdSense manages the revenue

sharing and does not have to pay separately. Editors' revenues increased from 30% to 100%, and even more. The average growth of AdSense revenue in the publisher's network is almost 70%.

Wrapping The Ad Code:-

There are also some WordPress extensions, such as AdRotate, ad serving, simple AdSense and the official Google

AdSense plugin. You may find these add-ons, but once you mentioned the work. If you ask me how to start,

I advise you to start using AdPushup if you spend more than $ 1000, you will see a good improvement in the

configuration of your ad. If you earn approximately $ 500 or less, you may be asked to allow approval of your AdX

account. With AdX, you can run 5 ad units on your site and have access to multiple ad exchanges, so the overall CPM

will be higher. Then you can use the Advanced Ads Pro package and the AdSense quick add-on (if you choose AdX) to implement it, otherwise, AdsPushup will do the work for you.

Increase Your Website/Blog Revenue

video and native advertising revenue when you make the reservation. This $ 150 limited-time consultation would include suggestions on how to increase your site's revenue. I have worked with

more than 80 advertising partners and I am only offering them, generating good traffic according to their volume of

business and space. It also receives two guidelines: this can help you set up video ads that pay CPM of $ 12 or more

for first-level traffic and $ 5 more for second-level traffic. (I have tried approximately $ 1000 for different players,

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

etc., but it is not necessary). You'll also get a guide to set up automatic update ad units (it took hours to get the code,

but increase your revenue by impressions by 40 percent). All this information is worth $ 2,000 or more if you are

going to learn on your own and there is a significant time cost involved. These steps, if implemented, will provide at

least a 50-100% increase in your blog or website. As slot machines are limited and I offer a single appointment,

please include the preferred slot machines here. Connect with My Gmail ID:- For Wait for your 1-on-1 conversation to help increase your ad revenue.

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