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Top 10 Native Content Ad Networks For Publisher 2018

Top 10 Native Content Ad Networks For Publisher 2018

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Top 10 Native Content Ad Networks For Publisher 2018

Original content ads have become one of the most interesting ad formats that promote viral stories on the web and product-based ads. Interestingly, many players have appeared in this area, since Google did not venture to do so, or it was too late to understand it. In the publication, we will familiarize ourselves with some of the best and most popular native advertising networks you can try this season. Keep in mind that the list does not keep the 10 best orders. I know the minimum traffic demand and CPC prices of the networks mentioned as best I can. CPCs may vary based on traffic demographics and conversion rates.

Native ad networks:

RevContent: a native advertising network that pays a lot

RevContent is a great native advertising network. They allow publishers to see 100,000 pages per day. They pay a good price! However, your ads may seem creepy and geared towards adults. RevContent claims to have a monthly offer of $ 150 with a 2% publisher acceptance rate. Technically, RevContent is only interested in publishers with the magnitude and scalability of heavy traffic. I did not know much about the CPM ratio. However, I would be updating this section soon when I talk to an editor who uses the service.

Automatic AdSense programming

RevContent Publisher Traffic Requirements

Customer websites should appear on average on insignificant monthly websites on an average monthly basis. Visitors to the set content network typically use 2-3 million page views each month.
The sites must ensure that the content they post is genuine and up-to-date. The investment is very strict with copyright laws.

RevContent CPM / RPM ratio and profitability

I was able to ask one of my friends about RevContent. They reported that they are $ 1 + RPM, but the average RPM of the last month is around $ 0.44 and they hope to return to the original level after the start of new advertising campaigns. See the RevContent panel and the RPM prices here.

income graph rev content

the most reliable content discovery platform
is one of the first native ad networks that help you make your way and bring native ads to new heights. Outbrain offers content services to publishers, as well as promotional ads through the WordPress plugin.

Outbrain The most reliable content exploration platform

With Outbrain, publishers can optimize their content, connect with the public and establish long-term relationships with readers. This smarter programming maximizes commitment and leads to higher revenues. Outbrain is a huge and vibrant content market in the online advertising system and has more than 557 million global audiences per month. Its network reaches 200 billion each month, and more than 80% of the world's leading brands use Outbound to reach the target audience.

RevContent Publisher Traffic Requirements

OutBrain works with excellent editors. You need 10 million page views to appear on the Outbrain network.

Gravitation: customize the web

Gravity is a content improvement engine supported by the AOL network and leading publishers such as, Huffington Post, etc. He needs you. You need at least 1 million page views to join the Gravity advertising network.

Custom content and native ads: overloaded information! People are inundated with information and choices. In this environment, it is difficult to find people who find the content most interested in your site. Gravity helps users find comfortable content and interact with relevant native ads, which increases user participation and increases incremental revenue.

Gravity Customizing the Internet.

Our interest-based graphics technology enables truly personalized content and native advertising experiences: a better user experience and more coins in your pocket.

Native advertising network

Nativo is the leader of genuine native ads: the editorial content of brand content editor that matches the appearance and appearance of the editors, fully integrated and used on the publisher's site on the screen. Nativo is a five-year launch in Long Beach, California, which aims to simplify this process for all interested parties. It has several premium publishers: The Street, USA Today Sports Media Group, Source Interlink Media, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Internet Brands, Entrepreneurial Media, Investor Place Place, Reader's Digest and Sandusky Newspapers.

Native Taboola:

ad network for mid-range publishers

Taboola helps advertisers use traffic and publishers to monetize web property. Taboola is also a good option for Indian traffic. I used Taboola and I gave 1-3 percent to Asian traffic and 10 cents to American traffic. In general, the general CPC is approx. 2-4 cents, which is fine because you can use the widget with existing AdSense. Publishers and advertisers can log in in the background to view the report or create campaigns. If you are looking for a detailed review of Taboo, read this post.

Taboola manages traffic and earns money on the site
Rent a minimum requirement for the Taboola

You must connect to the Taboola network at least 1 million pages per month. However, it seems that the guys from Taboola are a bit flexible for this purpose and have approved my blog with approximately 3.00 thousand page views. I have joined Taboo for more than a year and the requirement that current traffic accepts the site is a bit high.

Tabular CPM / RPM / CPC prices for publishers

Taboola is a good alternative for sites that do not have high AdSense RPM, but that is doing a lot of traffic. Taboola is a one-click payment network that only pays for clicks. The average cost per click ranges from 2 cents to 5 cents but is generally low for Asian traffic. Depending on the quality and location of your traffic, your advertising RPM can be $ 2 +

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by ADS Optimization

If you place a Taboola tool from a content and a sidebar, you can expect a CTR of 3-4%. Taboola also offers pop-up widgets that work well in desktop traffic. For additional widgets, you should contact your account manager.

Here is a general summary of the statistics for approximately 20 days

Taboola offers a CPC model and the revenue is credited each time a user clicks on a Taboola ad.


Triplelift is a relatively new native advertising network (2013) with a growing number of publishers. I did not find much information about them on the website or on the Internet. So, I really can not remember the readability of the platform, but if we could comment if we use your service.

Native Ads:

Native ads claim that it is a premium native ad network that can be run with AdSense. It has a moderate approval process and responds to the approval status within 12 hours. Although I have not tried this network, I have heard in the comments that they do not pay good click rates, click from 1 cent to 2 cents.

Native Ads:

AdsNative, with more offices in the heart of San Francisco, New York, and India, has a strategic position in the world of technology and publishing. They think of accelerated start-up lifestyles and have solid support for our business in development. Since 2013, our company has raised $ 11 million. "Native ads look promising, but we still need to see their size and reach.

Ad Now: the best native advertising network for small and medium publishers

Ad Now is a relatively new native advertising network. I know one of my clients' advertising networks. While it's new, Adnow has offered my client a $ 1 RPM and the website has an average of 3 million page views per month and some payments. If you have a good turnover in Europe, I suggest you consider that Adnow can monetize. I started to launch on my blog and got $ 0.70 RPM with two widgets. Read the detailed review here on Blognife.


Adnow- Native advertising network

helps you get more revenue from your existing traffic by simply placing the advertising widget anywhere in your content. Suitable for medium-sized publishers and bloggers.

TRY IT NOW Content Ads:

Content advertising is a popular name that emerged after Outbrain, Taboola, and RevContent. There is a good network of publishers and publishers. The widget looks cleaner and without spam. I suggest trying to get content ads if your site was not enabled by Revconet, Outbrain or Taboola. offers a 100% compliance rate and shows 25 billion pages per month.

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Adblade is a content style and a native advertising platform owned by Adiant. Adiant is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, and was established in January 2008. According to Ad Safe Media, Adblade is one of the leading advertising networks "classified safe for the brand". Adblade works well if there is significant EE traffic. UU The Adblade user must have at least 500,000 page views.


Nster, Disqus, Mgrid, and ZergNet are some of the other popular advertising networks. The Master widget allows you to display a relevant recommendation of your site or even a paid ad. However, most of its inventories cover the US traffic. UU And Europe.

Wrapping Ads:

Depending on the visits to your page, I recommend the following advertising networks that you can try. I ask you to join these networks because it has been proven that they pay more than other networks. Save time and energy instead of connecting to each network to perform tests.

Traffic is 10 million and more to try Outbrain and RevContent

5 million - Page Views To Test RevContent

1 million - Page Views To Try Taboola and Adnow

Traffic less than 1 million - Try Adnow

How to Increase AdSense Revenue on Mobile Visitors

If you use these native ad networks, share your experience with them and average your CPM / RPM (in comments). This will help me keep updating the list and it will be useful for all users. I hope you have enjoyed reading our 10 best native advertising networks.

Update: see the most up-to-date list of 2016 of the 20 most popular ads

Recommended list for you:-

Native advertising networks - Spoutable, Reston,
CPC, Google AdSense
Ad networks link - Viglink, Infolinks
Networks Pop-Under - Clickadu, Hilltopads
Recommended WordPress theme - Editors (AMP Ready)
Premium ad location extensions: advanced ads
Web hosting - Bluehost.

Spoutable - Premium Native Advertising Network

One of the best performing native ad networks that can generate additional revenue. Find high CPM with Spoutable. It is highly recommended

How to Enable Page Level Ads In Google AdSense Account


Increase your scheduled printing, video and native advertising revenue when you make the reservation. This $ 150 limited-time consultation would include suggestions on how to increase your site's revenue. I have worked with more than 80 advertising partners and I am only offering them, generating good traffic according to their volume of business and space. It also receives two guidelines: this can help you set up video ads that pay CPM of $ 12 or more for first-level traffic and $ 5 more for second-level traffic.

(I have tried approximately $ 1000 for different players, etc., but it is not necessary).

You'll also get a guide to set up automatic update ad units (it took hours to get the code, but increase your revenue by impressions by 40 percent). All this information is worth $ 2,000 or more if you are going to learn on your own and there is a significant time cost involved. These steps, if implemented, will provide at least a 50-100% increase in your blog or website. As slot machines are limited and I offer a single appointment, please include the preferred slot machines here. Connect with My Gmail ID Is Wait for your 1-on-1 conversation to help increase your ad revenue.

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