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Spurs avoid sweep, Cavs edge Pacers

The Golden State Warriors were unable to close out their series against the San Antonio Spurs just yet.


The San Antonio Spurs are not home yet, while Cleveland Cavalier lowered the level in the NBA playoff on Sunday.

With Broomsticks out of the closet, San Antonio posted a 103-90 victory over the Warriors 3-0 in the series, but to avoid eliminating the defense against one of the highest-octane crimes in the league. Dice.


LaMarcus Eldridge led the Spurs with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Despite seeing double teams, Eldridge was able to leave room for points while dominating the glass.

Rudy Gay, a new member of the San Antonio starting lineup, scored 14 points with seven rebounds, and Manu Ginobili scored 16 points from the bench.

The Spurs reached a 14-point lead at halftime, but in the third quarter, it quickly evaporated. But they came back in the fourth quarter and the current champions were out of the seven points to secure the first victory of the series.

Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 34 points and 13 rebounds. Drummond Green escaped with Triple-Double while earning 9 points with three-thirds and nine assistants, but Golden State has just shot 38 percent of the field.

Cavalier squared off his 2-2 series to win 104-100 against the Indiana Pacers.

John Wall and Bradley Bail helped the series 2-2 in the series after the wizards arrived late, after winning the 106-98 repeaters. Wall scored 27 points with 14 assistants and three steals, while Beale took five wickets and scored 31 points.

In the second half, Washington surpassed 19 of 19 points. Toronto blew the 14-point lead, the Raptors’ franchises tied for the second-largest rebound in history in post-season history. In this series, its eighteenth digit of the fourth quarter was the lowest in any quarter.

Giants Entatoconpo helped the box with 27 points in 12-2-20 shots in the series against the Celtics, with seven rebounds and five assists. Milwaukee’s leadership led to a 16-point decline, but the last Boston races forced them out of the 104-102 victory.

Rosier fight

As Terry Rogier says, go to the Celtics. The Breakout Guard of Boston has two good games in this series, and there are two little-winning games. The Celtics won two points and scored more than 20 points, but lost the two that did not win. On Sunday, Rosier scored just 10 points in three-12-12 shots (10 of 10 from the three-point limit) in the game’s losses.
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Milwaukee Bucks 104-102 Boston Celtics
San Antonio Spurs 103-90 Golden State Warriors
Washington Wizard 106-98 Toronto Raptor
Cleveland Cavalier 104-100 Indiana Packers

Rocket in Timberwolves

Houston was ready for a sweep before leaving game three on the road. James Hardon has had problems with his shot in this series. Chris Paul and Clint Capella have been in great shape, but Houston needs to harden itself to meet its high standards. The young Timberwolves are difficult to stop while they click out of the game like three of the arc

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