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RevenueHits Review 2018: Performance-Based Ad Network

RevenueHits Review 2018: Performance-Based Ad Network

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RevenueHits Review 2018: Performance-Based Ad Network

Many bloggers are concerned about their profession and little passion. But even after long hours of blogging, they could not make much money and the number of visitors on their blog site, with strict restrictions on the advertising platforms. The scenario does not match Revenue Talks, because this performance-based ad network simply monetizes publishers. As part of the participation of the editors, we present the advertising network based on RevenueHits (CPA) that is blocked in the advertising network industry as part of our selection of the most relevant advertising networks.

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RevenueHits Revenue Superheroes
About income:

RevenueHits is a performance-based advertising platform based on CPA (cost per thousand impressions). It helps bloggers generate good money for blogs and advertising and pay an eCPM of 30 euros, regardless of the type of website. Revenue offers and ads based on the traffic offered by the publisher and not according to the needs of the advertiser. This is a highly coveted advertising network for competitors, and bloggers can earn money easily with revenue.

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RevenueHits is a geographic segmentation advertising network adapted to the nature and quantity of the blog received and adapted to the needs of the advertiser. Its innovative performance base has been designed to help bloggers and publishers redeem their toolbars, websites, instant messaging and search engines. RevenueHits is a highly scalable platform that offers billions of ads per day with 99% availability.

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RevenueHits is headquartered in Intango Ltd and is based in Israel. In 2008, a team of technical specialists and online vendors was founded. Its technology searches millions of online ads and analyzes its performance from time to time. Ad inventory and effective texts offer based on performance and publishers can improve their earnings through these ads.

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Web gaps that can generate good money in your profits

I would suggest generating revenue on sites that do not generate high AdSense RPM. Because this is a CPA-based network and suitable for software/application downloads, you may not want to use monetizers in content providers. However, forums that focus on downloads, torrents, music, videos, and wallpapers are huge opportunities for RevenueHits.

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The machine learning algorithms can take some time to understand the traffic of your site and then display the relevant CPA offers on your site as pop-unders.

I make. Sites to share music/files
ii. Wallpaper websites
iii.Torrent sites

iv. Forums, movies, music and other topics

Revenue-generating ads can show more relevant ads after a week of optimization, as the system gets more information about the quality of your site's traffic.

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Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

Publishers do not have to have technical expertise as part of Revenuehits. In fact, it is based on the SaaS platform, so publishers do not have to pay transaction fees, CST ad serving or reference fees.
Publishers. must create their unique credentials when they register on the site, and these credentials will accompany them throughout the process, ranging from the definition of websites to payment.

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The income results are intended to maintain a respectable and honest business, so expect the same from the publishers. Publishers are not expected to place labels that are not allowed on their website, cannot change, rent or lease their network labels to third parties, and can not place a network label on blank pages, etc.

Requesting income is very simple and the process is as follows:

You can register as an editor if you want to advertise on blogs and websites or register as an advertiser if you want to place your ads.
Click on the registration button
Complete all required fields
Verify the email to confirm the activation of the account and activate the same
Now you are a member of your editorial network
Create an ad unit and integrate applications, widgets, blogs and web pages.

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How does income work?

RevenueHits follows a strict process of optimization and shows the most specific offers for the target audience of the site, improving the income. Some publishers can benefit from a $ 10 eCPM income, and these earnings depend on factors such as traffic origin, site content, ad placement, user behavior.etc. However, RevenueHits offers advertisers maximum efficiency in a few days, with 100% satisfaction with the traffic potential.

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Revenue gains use the best tracking technologies and optimization features to help publishers earn real money on their sites, widgets, and applications. It offers more than 2 billion impressions per day and promises 100% performance in geographic locations, a worldwide network, and diversity of advertisers.

Benefits for income

RevenueHits offers more than 2 billion impressions per day and has more than 10 million active users around the world. This helps advertisers increase their profits and maximize the return on investment
It also selects the optimal advertising campaigns.
RevenueHits is very easy to approve and can offer the license immediately, as well as other ad networks, such as Google Adsense.
It is possible to withdraw money easily as soon as the line of credit reaches $ 50.

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Revenue Hits as this performance-based advertising network

The income is obtained quickly, the income for that month is paid at the end of the month. Payments are made through PayPal.
Pay the records available on the board; it absorbs its own bank fees. The transferring bank or any other correspondent bank may charge additional fees for processing your payment.

Disadvantages of profits

Revenue hits are not compatible with video ads
It does not have a real-time monitor for quick status analysis
Unlike ad networks, you do not pay your fee payment.
Payment and payment structure, the income distribution of CPM
RevenueHits does not pay based on clicks on ads or ad impressions, but in CPA, it is an action and cost advertising network. These activities can be anything if they visit a website, interact with forums, etc. Therefore, payments can fluctuate daily. Payments through Paypal by bank transfer and Payoneer. The minimum payment is $ 50.

Reference program RevenueHits is a CPA advertising network

RevenueHits surprised every blogger through a pleasant recommendation program. the editor you can call with us and automatically registered.

For a publisher with a monthly income of $ 1,500, you will receive a 5% share of your earnings for one year.
A publisher with a monthly income of $ 1,500 will receive a 10% share of earnings per year.
The commission of 5-10% is the usual rate. However, if the publisher you are looking for does not have much traffic, you are looking for less. To be part of the affiliate program,

Visit the Editors tab and click on the registration button

Fill in all the information relevant to your site to show better ads.
After logging in, there is a reference page available in the account panel
Click on the tab and find the link.
Invite. your friends and earn more money


RevenueHits is one of the best alternatives for a range of ad networks that helps bloggers find less money with less effort. You pay on time and do not ban your bill. Buy the publishers' website and help you get money. Their performance and support are exceptional, and their representatives are always in contact with the editors, helping them monetize and achieve the best income.

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