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RevContent Review for Publishers-2018

RevContent Review for Publishers-2018

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RevContent Review for Publishers-2018

We are living in the Internet world and earning income every day, as several companies have established their presence online recently, the online advertising industry is growing rapidly. Brands have recognized the fact that they need to promote more ads to grow, and native ads are their best option for the quality advertising networks they offer. Revcontent is the latest content recommendation and native advertising platform for companies since it improves the return on investment.

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The latest trend in native ads follows the traditional publishing system, especially through a revolutionary native advertising network system. The network has a huge base for global advertisers, and there are many publishers who use Revcontent for traffic to their site and after the ads. In this article, we went through the review of Revcontent in detail. We hope the Re content 2018 review will help you and start working with them. The publishers that subscribe to this link of Recognition will receive an income rate 5% higher than the usual exchange rate, so we strongly recommend registering in the previous link.

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RevContent Review 2018 - A highly paid domestic advertising network
About Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the most popular online advertising networks in the online ecosystem that serves important names in publishing, such as NBC News, Forbes, CBS, etc. Re content differs from other native networks, encompassing the highly sensitive widget, gallery implementations, endless paging and unlimited API customization that greatly influence the traffic of your customers' website.

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This native advertising network maintains widgets of different sizes to integrate with customers' blogs and websites, increasing traffic and revenue for your site. Gadgets are extremely attractive and publishers can choose between great articles and have a good performance in the following compartments: media, entertainment, and technology. For publishers, it's a good idea to use a widget at the end of this article to help them get more revenue on their site, and sometimes revenue can be as high as AdSense. In general terms, Revcontent works well on social and viral sites, with a good amount of first level traffic.

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Is the correct answer an alternative to AdSense?

We have seen many editors using Revcontent and AdSense. RevContent works well with social sites where the AdSense CPC is not too high. In addition, the native ad CTR is often high compared to AdSense. In many cases, RevContent pays as AdSense. Also, if you place your native ads wisely in a way that does not compromise your AdSense CTR, you'll get almost double what you're currently looking for.

RevContent editor requirements and minimum traffic requirements:

Re content offers more than 100 billion recommendations every month to improve the quality of quality native ads. But connecting with Revcontent is not an easy task, and the company rejects 90% of applications on average. They do not compromise the quality of websites and only work with publishers who can reach the top level. Once approved as an editor, it is important that you send a JavaScript code to your native site to display the native recommendations. Specifies the specific properties of certain sites in the system. The revision of Revcontent is incomplete if we do not discuss the publication requirements for Revconet, so here they are:

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We hope this Revcontent review 2018 will be helpful and can get you started with them. Publishers signing. them. Publishers signing. up with this Revcontent.

Customer websites should appear on average on insignificant monthly websites on an average monthly basis. Revcontent's network editors show an average of 2-3 million page views per month. This is the minimum traffic criterion for RevContent. Publishers need 1 million pageviews per day.
Sites. must refrain from objectionable content, such as hacking, banned drugs, malware, etc.
The sites must ensure that the content they post is genuine and up-to-date. The investment is very strict with copyright laws.

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The content of the web pages must be of high quality and must not forget the misuse of words and misspellings.
Alexa rank below 20 kt, and if it is an Indian page, then the rank of Indian Alexa is less than 7 kt.
How do I connect to the native Revcontent ad network?
If? you meet the following criteria, continue and click on the Register link to open the Re content website and create an account. This subscription link is 5% higher than Revocontent. Ads Review for Publishers-2018

Enter the URL and traffic of your site (select 1 million + here) and where both are advertisers/publishers / both. When finished, you can continue with the other options.

You will have to provide more details here and click on Send. Once completed, the Re content publishing team will review your application. Due to a large number of requests sent, the application runs for approximately 7 days and you should receive comments on the status of the approval letter. Once you have approved your site, you can access the Re content panel and start creating the first element of the ad. Here is a screenshot of what Revcontent looks like,

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Re content offers a series of customizable advertising elements. You can choose between standard text, video, floating link ad, article-based ads, or even using Revcontent's custom APIs that are truly native to your site. The use of several ad modules, especially the video ad widget, can significantly increase your overall advertising revenue. Let's look at the Re content ad widget on content style and recommendations

How does the resistance work?

Revcontent is one of the fastest growing native ad networks that attract more visitor views per user than 50% per page per user than other networks that improve content. The principle of native advertising is to create ads in disguise. For example, when a user goes through a BuzzFeed outfit, a story about modern clothing can be found with the sponsorship of premium clothing showrooms, improving the commitment of readers.

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Revcontent is highly recommended for guidance capabilities and provides greater transparency for all competitors on all platforms. Advertisers can target their ads to their customers through their mobile device, their geographical location, and even their navigation. Re content also started with an intuitive user interface with transparent reports and widgets customization. Publishers can create advertising elements, track their performance and see geographic targeting. Before we know about Revcontent's review article for revenue potential and CPM pricing, let's look at the benefits and disadvantages.

Review of Revcontent - Advantages and disadvantages:

Re content offers widgets with all the functions that can be used without any screen size adjustment
Protect your brand and check with the "X" in the right corner of the ad to remove inappropriate content
It offers high RPMS for clients between $ 3 and $ 40.
Re content offers highly customizable widgets and offers users a high level of emotional advertising, so users do not feel this is an ad.
Your ads improve customer traffic and native ads are offered in a variety of formats, such as XML, API or JSON according to the customer's wishes.

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Re content allows you to calculate performance metrics in real time based on device type, site section, and content performance.
Re content offers a 50% return on investment to advertisers. It also improves the bounce rate of your site and visits to the page.
The social algorithms owned by Revcontent are based on key metrics to deliver the most attractive content to their clients, which increases visits to the page of your site.
Its performance is 150% more than that of its rivals in generating revenue, user commitment and return on investment.

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Re content imposes a series of restrictions on publishers and advertisers and rejects most applications for quality purposes.
Smaller websites and blogs are generally not approved by the network and to be eligible for high site traffic.
Some users feel that their ads are a bit intrusive.

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Income from RevContent, RevContent Dashboard, and Revenue Report
In the first days, I did not have a RevContent account and I did not work in any of its sites. However, I managed to request the earnings of Revconte from a friend and share his income report. The average RPM is 0.44 (that is, the CPM ratio of RevContent).) When he spoke with him, he said that RPM was almost 2-3 times more than it was. In fact, Taboola, and Revcontent have been tested and it was found that RevContent is better for revenue generation.

Payment and payment structure of RevContent:

Re content pays its publishers a network of 30 funds; ensures that you return $ 3 to $ 5 to your customers. It is possible to withdraw the action every 30 days. It is important that you have a minimum threshold of $ 50 before your payment begins. The payment method of RevContent is PayPal and check. Can a legal ad network that works with a premium publisher. be sure that RevContent has thousands of people around the world

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RevContent CPC in 2018

Here is a quick review of Revcontent's monthly CPCs in January 2018. Note that first-quarter revenues are generally lower and average income is at least 1.5 times the current price.

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Re content offers a global fill rate, almost reaching full geographic value. The network is strong in regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, Canada and other parts of the world, especially in Europe. Long-term CPC rates are high in Europe, where Taboola is not very strong. Indian CPCs typically range between 1 cent and 2 cents. In the case of EU countries, the CPC is approximately 10 cents or more. The Revcontent video widget can also help you monetize and publish journal content. However, the download speed for the Re content video widget is good if you are an important part of your traffic from the US. UU And the primary countries.

CPM content for 2018

The review of advertising content is not complete until we analyze the CPMs and the RPM pages for the publishers. The average CPM rates are on average around $ 5 for the number one traffic. Sometimes it is more than $ 10, but it is possible in some special niches where the competition is very high. In general, worldwide traffic is approximately $ 2, and if you are a large part of traffic 2 or 3, your rate may fall to 50 or more. In general, CPCs in India is between 1 and 2C, so publishers need many clicks to earn significant revenue from Revcontent.

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Rev-content control panel and user interface

Revcontent is a professional panel and a monthly profit estimator that presents forecasts for the current month. The panel reports on the best performance widget, traffic sources, live map and more. Click on the Widgets tab to see additional gadgets for widget performance and see general performance, clicks, clicks and national reports. See the Re content panel screens here.

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In the screenshot below, you can see the heat map of the most important countries, which gives you the most impressions and a significant income for your site. This provides a clearer visual aspect for the delivery of traffic, in a few words.


Viewers are tired of the traditional forms of ads that appear when they open each web page. Re content makes online ads more attractive, and the rise of native ad networks can only count for the future, where the industry is dominated by native and styles. Revcontent's editorial offer is by far the best and maybe fair in terms of revenue. So, it's time to use Revcontent widget ads to monetize your site if you have not already done so. I hope our revision of Revcontent is useful and, if so, why not start with the application?

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