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Pulse Point Review Next Gen Advertising Platform

Pulse Point Review Next Gen Advertising Platform

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Pulse Point Review Next Gen Advertising Platform

The impulse point is a new generation advertising platform that combines the science of programmed targeting and site optimization with content marketing. The platform is driven by the best technologies that allow brands to interact effectively with the right audience to help publishers achieve profitable profits.

Company Report - PulsePoint

The momentum point is a global programming platform for brand participation that helps brands attract relevant consumers with relevant advertising through exceptional content marketing tactics. Impulse CPM is an advertising network in the United States and is headquartered in New York. The context is an association between the Web and Datran Media, previously known as Context Web. Each day, it serves more than three billion ad serving impressions and provides the best advertising rate for sites in the US. UU., Europe, Canada and Australia.

The impulse point is similar to Google Adsense and does not offer extensions for content management. Publishers must place the ad code they offer when they need to show their ads. The Google Adsense add-ons available with the content management system can also be used in this regard.


The boost point also offers other outstanding features by offering advertising codes, such as ad controls, links to other ad networks, budget request, etc. It helps publishers through advertising targeting technologies to generate additional revenue by keyword, geographic location, browser, language, demographics, and interest. The types of ads it offers also differ from the interests of publishers, such as Leader ads, skyscraper ads, a large skyscraper and a moderate rectangle, according to publishers' real estate sites.

Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

The impulse point is a CPM-based ad network that allows publishers to bid on their ad impressions so they can generate more revenue. Impulse Point approval is simple and there are no traffic restrictions to join the editor program. But it does not strictly contain the sites that have offensive content in the transmission. In fact, it helps small publishers get more from their advertising network and immediately activate their accounts. The antiquity of the website is not important, so a recently published little traffic editor can appear easily.

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The impulse point accepts publishers from anywhere in the world, but it seems to put a lot of emphasis on EE traffic. UU The sites of countries of Level 2 could not earn more with this advertising network and would have a fill rate of 30-40%. The sites of EE. UU They have a delivery rate of approximately 100%, and ads in the ad network are clean because they work well for quality advertisers.

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If your ad site is empty on the publisher's site due to a bad offer, publishers may also have additional backup labels. It may be useful to use Google Adsense ads as an additional ad. Caution should be given to editors to make "advertising products" favorable to advertisers. Ad inventory contains pop-ups and banners, and publishers can freely use up to 3 banners on a website.

Publish PulsePoint traffic requirements

I used a pulse point when it was ContextWeb. ContextWeb and Datran Media have come together and Pulse Point

has emerged. It was a self-service platform and did not require a minimum demand for traffic. I used AdSense as a

backup. The charge rate was approximately 25% to 300% for 300x 250 ad units and CPM for $ 0.60. However, I

noticed that the ad is slower. I would not recommend running the Impulse Point with AdSense only if a level of security is required.

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You might think he's running the Komoona Pulse Point. Read more here. I think Komoona will help you get more at a Pulse Point. Criteo also offers high CPM prices (but with low charge rates).

In summary: Criteo, Combo, PulsePoint and AdSense / AdX can be a good combination. This can be configured using

DFP, where you can create a cascade/transfer strategy model to prioritize the CPM advertising networks that pay

the most. You can read this article about monetizing more, which is about a good strategy backward.

How does it work

The point of momentum that is a CPM-based network pays publishers, even if visitors to your site do not click on

the ads. Editors wish lists are used with the CPC, for example, in the sense of the Google ad, to get more from your

site because they do not compete with each other and help publishers increase their profits. The network helps

publishers create ads with minimal CPM when there are higher CPM ads, which are also called Ask prices, and

generate more revenue for the ad. However, if there is no announcement about the search price, the display of spare ads will appear.

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When creating ad codes, ads can mention replacement ads. They can include more than one ad saved in an ad code and set their frequency range. This backup code feature would help publishers rotate ads of different sizes to control their performance and their revenue-generating potential.

A video tag is another feature that uses the impulse point and allows publishers to create a video tag with advertisers like App Nexus, Open X or Live Rail to control the number of video ads that are offered. In short, Impulse Point helps publishers reach their target audience with a contextually relevant inventory and brand in the best possible way, and access 200 billion impressions of quality ads from more than 200 countries.


It combines the effectiveness of program targeting and brand content with billions of ads.
Offers. high-impact ad units and content marketing techniques on various social platforms and native platforms
Customize your ads based on content vertices, audience interest, ad placements, and visibility.
Minimize waste and improve your return on investment with predictive technology that helps publishers target your ads and target them to CPM.

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The contextualization process in real time analyzes thousands of quality viewers on your site to offer a very relevant advertising experience.
The integration of the platform takes place in only 24 hours and provides direct access to the buyer's portal.
Improve ad relevance by avoiding content and content at the category level and page level.
The protected brand security methods combine human and machine control filters to ensure the quality of the public and the inventory.
It helps publishers reach the public on all screens and search engines beyond the first and third group of cooks.


The pulse point does not offer redirection programs
The filling rate is worse in low traffic locations and new sites
Sites that do not come from the United States, England, Canada or Australia do not work well in this network.
The ad network charges the transaction fee with the payment options
Payment and payment structure
The minimum payment threshold for the impulse point is $ 50. The publishers are paying for their ads, which allows you to generate good profits for a short time. Payment portals

PayPal, which charges 2% of the transaction fee

Local bank transfer / eCheck, which charges $ 5 as a transaction fee.
Transfer of foreign currency, USD $ 20, transfer INR $ 15
Verify what your $ 6 transaction charges.
Payments are generally high on time.

PulsePoint CPM prices in 2016

The pulse point provides appropriate CPM rates. You can set the base price and transfer the transfer. Depending on the traffic, the impulse point can fill 20-50% of your inventory.

Reference program

The pulse point does not have a reference program and prevents editors from earning more revenue.

CPM Network AdBuff-High Paying

AdBuff is a highly remunerated CPM network with majority sales in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


The momentum point is a viable advertising portal for publishers with fair billing and impressions. Traffic from the United States and other major countries offers a single click of $ 2 from CPM to help publishers get a good return. Google Adsense.

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