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Propeller Ads Review 2019 Best High Paying CPM Ads Networks

Propeller Ads Review 2019 Best High Paying CPM Ads Networks

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Propeller Ads Review 2019 Best High Paying CPM Ads Networks

Bloggers and publishers around the world can take advantage of the competitive advertising market through improved AdSense, better revenue, improved networks and CPC pricing. Propeller ads are one of the options that help publishers earn fair revenue from their blogs and is one of the world's top emerging ad networks.

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About the propeller advertising media:

with the intention of converting into revenue with folding ads. From the beginning, the company has come a long way in this effort and currently has more than 650 million advertisements per day for PC visitors and mobile sites. They advertise many advertisements for their editors with banners, drop-down banners, direct links, pop ads and many other formats.

Contrary to the competition, which has many restrictions and restrictions on ad placement, the helix supports several ad formats that publishers can choose for both mobile sites and desktop sites. CPM prices are quite high and the website's performance for international traffic is currently 100%. The algorithms are able to test a variety of PPI, CPA, PPC and dating programs and determine the best on the publisher's website, which allows you to save a lot of time and energy.

It does not require any threshold traffic from publishers and sites that do not perform, so Propel ads can be part of it. Propeller registration is easy and hassle-free too.

Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

Publishers can easily connect to the network and the entire registration process takes less than 5 minutes. Even after the account is created, it is easy to approve, but propeller ads do not promote adult content sites or websites that generate fake traffic. As part of this, the editors should follow the following steps:

Visit the website

Log in as a network publisher or advertiser
Enter the email id, the website information you need for the propeller ads.
Click on the Start Now button to access the panel.
All features, such as impressions, clicks, revenue, and CPMs displayed by publishers are displayed.
Enter the profile settings and complete the payment method.
Add your site by entering your domain name and then click Send
Select the type of ad that the publisher wants to use and add it to your site to generate revenue.

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How does it work

Propeller ads earn 100% of international traffic for publishers with the highest CPM. Sites that generate traffic from Tier 1 countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, can generate maximum CPMs. As a CPM advertising network, it pays 1000 impressions of ads, generating your website, which benefits you from competitive advantages compared to other CPC such as AdSense.

Quality. websites can generate guaranteed revenue every day, and propeller ads offer different types of advertising products to increase visits to publisher pages and CPM. The different types of ads,

Propeller Ads Review 2018Multichannel Advertising Network. ... Propeller Ads

  • Click on the Pop-Under Ads category: these maximum CPMs are up to $ 10 since the publishers will pay for each ad. CPMs are the best for fun sites in popular ads.
  • Mobile ads: this includes mobile banner ads, mobile dialog, and mobile interstitial ads.
    Classic banner ads offer ads of different sizes, as banners are the easiest way to reach a wider audience at a minimal cost.
  • Sliding Ads: These are ads of a type that are dimmed at the bottom of the page.
    Direct. ads: publishers can create their own banners, text links and redirects to ad-specific URLs. Direct ads are eBooks, music sites, apps, movie sites, etc.

Video ads: this helps monetize video content and offers three types of video ads: pre-video, media and post announcements.

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It's easy to launch propeller ads and all accounts are activated immediately.
Share 80% of your tax revenue with publishers. An advertiser with a good inventory can surpass a CPM of several small advertising networks with a 50% share in revenues.
Advertisers are published in a spreadsheet or graph in real time by the editors
It supports a number of payment methods and a minimum payment threshold of $ 100.
All sites are busy, regardless of traffic volume.
It is possible to obtain 404 total revenues on long-term ads.
It is possible to run helix ads with other affiliated networks, such as Infolinks, AdSense, etc.
New publishers receive assistance via email and Skype.


Payment is made in a network of 30 basis points
Do not pay through PayPal, which is the most viable payment option.
Pay 20% less than AdSense and other ad networks
Although there is no traffic threshold, it is not suitable for new sites that receive 1000 views per day, since revenues would only be in cents.

When to use propeller ads?

Propeller ads include ads that are primarily software downloads. Some of your ads may even hijack your browser and force you to download the software. Therefore, it would not propel propeller ads on the sites it is considering as a brand. You can use propeller ads for continuous, adult, high-volume streaming sites that contain little user retention and value-added. In fact, adding propeller ads can dramatically increase your total revenue.

Propeller ad search reports and CPM rates

I have been testing propeller ads for only one hour, and after reviewing my ads, I deleted them because the traffic on my site was a good part of the return traffic and I was also running Google Consumer Surveys on my site. Adding a layer of pop-under ad network would cause more damage than my blog. However, I share the few statistics that I got. If you have 60% Asian traffic, you can earn a $ 1 CPM in pop-under traffic.

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Propeller-media ads
Payment and payment structure

Propeller ads pay a network of 30, that is, every 30 days and the minimum limit is $ 100 if Payoneer pays and $ 500 if they pay the bank account. Additional payment options are available: Webmoney Z and EPESE

Referal program

Propeller ads have an attractive reference program. Existing publishers can also add other publishers to their network and earn 5% of their earnings from links relevant to life. This 5% of the additional revenue from your publisher's revenue will be added to your account with all billing cycles and will be revoked with your own revenue.

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