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Pep Guardiola and the daunting task that awaits the Spanish Maestro

Pep Guardiola and the daunting task that awaits the Spanish Maestro

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In 2016 Pep Guardiola won the Bundesliga for the Bavarian giants in three seasons thanks to the great success in Germany.

a spell won by a winning trophy that bounces. two Champions League titles and three league titles in four seasons against FC Barcelona.

This overwhelming success was achieved by the teams that played an impressive and offensive football,

the tiki that became the envy of Europe and the whole world. It is not surprising, then, that Manchester City,

whose ambition to reach the highest point in European football, had to catch up immediately when it was available.

Skepticism has been well received by experts who may be too accustomed to playing football in England and who

have won titles in recent years, arguing that the style of the tiki game could not be strangled in England.

In fact, after not having started a sustainable attack against the title during the first season in Etihad, the opponents

were punished. However, he was inclined to do his style. When asked in December 2017 that England should change its philosophy, Guardiola replied:

"If that happens, I'll retire because I do not feel the way I do, but I can defend it more deeply, but I want to play the

ball, my first game on the second team in Barcelona is always trying to find it, sometimes it does not work because

the other team is good or we are not good enough, but the idea of change will not happen, in my life!

He did not change, his team disappointed both at home and in Europe, but the signs became evident that he had

built something special in Etihad. It can be argued that there was not enough time for the new team, as there were many international orders, Euro and Coppa America.

However, in the last season, all hatred and fate were blocked. His team was a conqueror.

They have won all kinds of records, won 32 league games, scored 100 points and scored 106 goals on the way (all

the summits of the league) and, most importantly, they played the role of Guardiola!

Unfinished +79 goal difference, the nearest Liverpool is +46. From the point of view of competitiveness, City

seemed to be in its own league because Manchester United, its closest rival, was disappointing by 19 points! In every sense of the word, the Spanish master conquered England successfully.

However, this season is a completely different challenge. Pep Guardiola has to prove his worth again, with what only

two people have been able to do in the Premier League since his training in 1992.

In the 26-year-old Premier League, only the great Sir Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho managed to keep the

crown. Will Pep become the third manager? This is an option, but as we have seen, very, very difficult.

Win the championship, and in the way they came, some of the challenges that Pep has to face. First, opposition leaders will be wiser and surprised in the past.

When Arsenal went throughout the season, managers discovered that they were frustrating and disturbed the

rhythms of the game when they were extremely physical. Sir Alex Ferguson was the first to successfully assassinate

the assassins in October 2004 and Wenger's men fell to 2-1 at Old Trafford and were followed by other managers.

Recently, Antonio Conte surprised England with the 3-4-3 final in the title and won all 30 games. While Mauricio

Pochettino did not find the system for Chelsea's 2-0 loss in April 2017, Conte's team was completely indescribable.

The 2017/18 season proved to be very tough for Chelsea,

who almost completely fired at them last season. This was partly because the managers found a way to beat Conte's

tactics, which led the defending champions to a bad season in fifth place and the European Championship.

Chelsea's latest victory, architect Antonio Conte, has been presenting the departure since then. In short, the

champions begin the season as the team to defeat the other leaders' plans to defeat them. This is a challenge facing Guardiola.

Secondly, there is the complacency and/or the awakening of the champions. Antonio Conte fought with his bosses

for the relocation, refused to buy the Italian players to the club, perhaps because the club felt enough.

It was a mistake and it clearly explains why the club fought last season. After winning the game last year, Pep

Guardiola spoke with Sky Sports "Monday Night Football" and said his team no longer needed the new season.

He said he was just a midfielder and a striker. In fact, progress was made in Riyadh Mahrez, while Jorginho Chelsea

signed his nose after Chelsea offered to pay a little more than City is willing to pay. Having lost the Italian midfielder's pass, the transfer activity of the city has been quiet lately.

You probably have the feeling that it's enough for the new campaign in the tank.

The truth is that the team of collectors must develop through new signatures to keep existing players away from obstacles and the comfort zone.

If the city believes that it is enough, then the complacency that can paralyze during the season. It's no wonder that

when managers set up their teams for the new season, Pep finds time to open The Open!

The physical and mental needs to win the championship are sometimes difficult and the city is no exception. This

success also resulted in 16 key players selected by teams representing their own nation in Russia this year, and many of them have reached the final stage of the tournament.

This means they will have less recovery time than they can count on in the new campaign that begins within two

weeks. Currently, many players have not even made preparations for the preseason and may have little fitness when they open the season against Arsenal on August 12.

The Citizens leader may insist that changing his philosophy would be a betrayal, but last season there have been

incidents suggesting that he sometimes has to adapt to the opponent's tactics to destroy and defeat them.

City fought in a very organized side of Crystal Palace, which was amazing and they took the game, which resulted in

a draw, while Pep did not find the answer to the questions. Liverpool asked the team to play in the Anfield championship game and played in both games of the league.

The. three games ended the defeat. This clearly emphasized that this urban site would fail, what the opponent should have known.

Pep Guardiola has flooded everything, but the challenges of the new season will have to prove the Spanish master.

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