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Opinion: Why is WWE forcing Rusev to be a heel?

We keep cheering Rusev, but why does WWE insist we boo him?

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Smackdown for a week, every Smackdown live PPV WrestleMania and shows how to live,

"Day Rusev" spells resonate throughout the building, the WWE has encouraged Bulgaria's brute.

The first songs "Day Rusev" began in a clash of Champions in a bout for the title tag,

where he associated Rusev amazing Fatal -4-way with Eden English.

When Rusev came in and the English ring, then he woke up the crowd of Rusev sings,

and you can clearly see greetings to face Rusev and you could see that they feed them energy.

The whole "Rusev de" schtick started talking once when Roussev unknowingly defeated Randy Orton after participating in a game in the 11-second match.

However, it got stuck and systematically turned RoSev into a huge babyface for the fans' eyes.

Did you systematically meet with the audience with him, was not it time to change the children?

Obviously, the WWE is not in the bronze eyes Week after week,

the popularity of Race continues to rise. His Roosevelt de Shirt became the most sold merchandise in WWE Shop and Rusev de Calendars, which was sold as a waste pie.

The reactions crowded on television, the live events and the merchandise sales clearly suggest that there is money in the form of bullshit in the Bulgarian gross.

However, the WWE has faced have forced Rusev and Aden English as high-heeled shoes,

so that the favorite fans drink them (such as AJ Style and then,

Shinsuke Nakamura) and their characters Stiriotaipikl pro fashion wrestling is portrayed as a coward

In his own interview, Roussev said that when he came to the WWE,

his goal was to change the perception of foreigners in the company.

For decades, a foreigner in WWE automatically meant that it should be an anti-American heel.

And for years, this was the character of Rusev. Fortunately,

his character and even Jindal Palace have been able to gradually eliminate his entire being manipulated by anti-Americans.

When Rousseau was added to the match for the United States Championship at WrestleMania,

it was learned that he was added due to his high commercial sales.

Despite Bobby Rudd, Randy Orton and superstars like Jinder Mahal,

Rusev was undoubtedly the most popular everywhere,

and there was no hope among WWE fans that he finally pulled the trigger on Bulgaria's brute.

However, the reality was completely opposite,

and there was a feeling that Rice was added to the party to get the pin.

Due to a large population in social networks, it is very easy to see Rousseau out of character.

Whether it's one of the divas, Total or UpUpDownDown on YouTube,

and also gives more importance to the fact of Rusev than it is a fun,

entertaining and naturally prefer the qualified people. With this in mind, naturally, you like your character more.

Maybe WWE has its own logic on why Rusev stayed on the heel.

Maybe before WrestleMania, SmackDown Live had a very little heel.

Some people may also argue that WWE intentionally maintains Rousseau's heel because he wanted it or wanted it.

Jack Ryder is a perfect example of a superstar who was systematically eliminated,

but he was pushed because he became more popular than WWE.

It is not necessary that this be true, but this is a great possibility.

However, after the super shake star, Samoa Joe, Sinsuk Nakamura,

is the heel of big names like The Miz and Big Cas (among others).

More than requires Bebifes what is ultimately critical to help the popularity of pulling the trigger of the WWE and do not have time to turn it on (and English Aden, that Rusev) Babies?

Pro is the beauty of the fight. You never know what you are going to click on.

Nobody expected to get "Rusev's" systematically, but it happened. Give it to your WWE fans!

Auspicious day

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