NXT: 5 Points to Note (9th May, 2018)

NXT: 5 Points to Note (9th May, 2018)


#5 A very interesting confrontation

From WrestleMania to The Greatest Royal Rumble to Backlash, not to mention Weekly WWE Television (except for the programming of other promotions), one must believe that there are many struggles to follow. It is also your job to look and review the fight, but sometimes it can be a bit awful!

And yet, NFT never feels like work. At the end of the hour and at the end it is only doubled, you want too much. Very few brands have this effect on fans, especially when there is so much programming.

In my opinion, this week’s show was very fun. I tried to identify 5 highlights of this week’s program and present them to you in this article.

Tell me what you thought about this week’s program in the comments.

#4 Best heel in the business

Anyone who follows the independent struggle should be familiar with the high-flying sensation called Ricochet. He is one of the most talented athletes in the world and NFC won him a great superstar when he enrolled them. This week, he made his intentions at the top of the show.

Yes, Ricochet definitely points to the NFT championship organized by Dutch Destroyer-Elister Black. And then he was confronted by another man, who mentioned that he designs the same title: The Velvetine Dream. Neither the man was ready for a fight, but there was a point where it seemed that the fist would fly in a short time.

And yet, both men decided not to fight at least this special night. We have no doubt that these two men will mix it in the ring soon. It was a great way to start the program and pump everyone out of the chaos to the audience.

We recently saw how songs were added to Nakamura’s theme for people to sing along with this song. NFT has gone one step further with Ciampa in recent times, without leaving the music without any music. And when it comes out, the base actually becomes deaf. This week, he took Cassius Ohno to the main event of the event.

Ohno agreed in the match to pay Ciampa for all the work done with his friend Johnny Gargano. It only failed because Ciampa had won with a bad man. During the match, he also hugged the eyes of Cassius Ohnows with his nails.

After the match was completed, someone started a mantra directed towards Ciampa that said something like this: ‘You are the devil (Clap Clap Clap). Ciampa broke the mantra because he gave more punishment to Cassius Ohno.

#3 Raiding through NXT’s tag team division

Hansen and Roe took this fight on heavy machinery this week. They confuse both with ‘steaks and weights’, as if never before. And then, with surgical precision, these two robbers with beards win victories. Will they be booked under the line as new pain writers?

The gains of Street also have their intention in the promotional package. NCT Tag Team Championship: they have set their sights on great prizes.

#2 Terrified of Baszler

During his match with Vanessa Bourne, Dakota Kai was very impressive. He showed some great asshole flames at the end of the game, which gave us a lot of fun. However, his victory in this week’s show was the smallest.

Either way, Shana Baszler has come to the head of Dakota Kai. Either way, Kai is afraid of the female NFT champion. This is a unique story and I am anxious to see where it is going.

Even Nicky Cross also understood what was going on. I wonder where this story is going in the next few weeks?

#1 An impressive Full Sail debut

EC3 has always been a great person. Anyone behind him outside the WWE knows it. It seems that you have already prepared the main list and at this moment there is a high ceiling in the NFT. This week he took Raul Mendoza to a small exhibition party.

After the game, he cut a promotion to know his intentions. He affirmed his talent and his body. He was told that NFT will soon be known as NX3 shortly after moving forward.

It was taken in my action this week. Let me know your comments in the comments.

I will see all the people again next week!

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