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NFL discussing possible steps to deal with anthem protests

NFL discussing possible steps to deal with anthem protests,

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ATLANTA (AP) - NFL approved a rule approved a new owner of the Carolina Panthers, exclude players who hit with his helmet and take measures to spice up the start of the game.

Still needs to be resolved: a more controversial issue.

What about the players who kneel during the national anthem?

Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones said Thursday: "We know each other with his visibility and interest because it has taken his life."

"We ask the world: 'Do not move your head, look at us, wait a minute, look at the NFL, look what we are doing'

and then, when we have some problems, we have to work, we know we have asked to see you.

"Let's do the best we can".

At their annual spring meeting, league owners David Taper was well received by the firm to buy Panthers founder

Jerry Richardson humiliated team to deal with the $ 2.2 billion in their records, which had involved sexual and racial

abuse of the NFL After beginning the investigation, he decided to sell the workplace.

During. a brief press conference in which he raised questions about only a handful, the conical shape immediately

indicated that he would hear proposals for a new stadium to other cities in North and South Carolina. The team has

not concealed its desire to change the Bank of America's 22-year-old stadium and its lease will only last next season.

Taper. said: "What is the name of the team? Carolina Panthers will be Carolina Panthers." "And this means that this

the team should have a presence in Carolina and the last time I saw how many they are, that's right, two of them are."

But the owner of a hedge fund, Taper, worth an $ 11 billion report, repeated many times over, that Carolinas' largest city is "the logical place for this team."

He said: "As soon as there is a new stadium,

you are asking me too much and now I have the only lack of knowledge". "I will learn a lot in the future."

The purchase of taper in luxury hotels in the Tony Buckhead

the neighborhood of Atlanta was the first order of the day.

That part was simple

As a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers,

Tepper was already familiar with the owners of the league and his

approval was formalized. The vote was unanimous.

The anthem is a very thorny subject.

Jones said, "We reporters certainly a consideration, they want to make deliberate decisions to make, which has

made it clear that after the capitulation resists during the anthem and the hotel lobby fulfillment One of the few

people who spoke was broken." Whatever we do, let's look at what the NFL is and what football is playing. "

The owners began to discuss this issue, which came to the White House,

and will speak more on Wednesday before concluding their meetings.

Midfielder number 49 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco began to kneel during the national anthem in 2016, which was a silent but powerful protest against police brutality and racial disparities in the police.

Other players took the cause, and the gesture made during the 2017 season

allowed the Republican to leave position 49 and could not get a job with the other team.

President. Trump changed the protest of the songs on the theme of the campaign and said that any player who

kneels during the NFL "star flag" should set the fire. The NFL has not gone that far, but Kaepernick has another job not

taken and partner of his former team and outside fellow protesters, security at work Eric Reid.

Both filed a merger lawsuit against the NFL.

Jones said: "I think it has definitely been resolved and I can make sure that this problem is getting the best from

each owner and it is the best view in all of our constituencies and for our fans,

the most important thing is that it is number 1."

"We know we want our fans to fall into football,

and they do not want to think we're thinking about anything other than football."

The NFL was considering whether to evaluate a 15-yard penalty against any player who kneels or organizes any other protest during the song.

Another possible option would be to change the routine prior to the game,

the, teams have to keep in their respective costumes until the song is played.

This protocol has a long time since college football, which inhibits the anticipation of songs in their stadiums.

The goal of the new kickoff rules is to make the high-speed game a bit safer and perhaps more exciting.

The players of the kickoff team cannot get an initial start, while eight players of the return team will have to start in

the 15-yard zone near the midfield, who will be forced to run on the ground with cover players. This drama will become

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