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MonetizeMore Review For Publishers Revenue Calculator to Increase Ad Revenues

MonetizeMore Review For Publishers Revenue Calculator to Increase Ad Revenues

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MonetizeMore Review For Publishers Revenue Calculator to Increase Ad Revenues

MonetizeMore is one of the best industries that outsource advertising campaigns tailored to online publishers. Its goal is to increase ad revenue for publishers through ad optimization, double-click on the collation and publish premium plans.

About MonetizeMore

Monetization is the best option for optimizing outsourced ads for publishers who earn money for their sites and blogs. MonetizeMore offers an exchange double-click platform that dramatically increases the ad revenue of the advertiser with its existing traffic level and ads per page. Both the large and new publishers take advantage of this Double Click Ad Exchange plan, which aims to achieve the best revenue from publication revenue.

MonetizeMore was found in January 2010 and is headquartered in Victoria BC (Canada). The company was founded by Kean Graham. Publishers felt that their content was a common practice when they placed Google AdSense ads on their site and then focused on specific content, SEO, direct sales, etc. To create. Of all these practices, MonetizeMore demonstrates that ad optimization is the most viable way to increase the profitable profits of a website.


In the last five years, MonetizeMore has been optimizing the inventory sold by thousands of publishers, which exceeds 240 million unique visitors per month. Google noticed the performance and value of MonetizeMore in the industry and decided to monetize MonetizeMore's qualified partner status. The publisher has AdX accounts, DFP integration with AdX, so the publisher can create lines that complement the ad networks, including AdX, and specify the return of maximum to the publishers. These initiatives generated an increase of 20% -50% in the growth of advertising revenues of publishers.

Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

MonetizeMore shows outstanding performance through its own advertising optimization methods and technologies and is a difficult rival to many of the existing advertising optimization websites. It prevents your advertising network from blocking your accounts and blocking your advertising profits. There are few requirements for publishers to partner with MonetizeMore: their policy team will ensure that publishers' sites are compatible with Google and take the necessary measures to prevent traffic from invalid websites. Premium publishers charge a fee if they increase their advertising profits.

The integration with MonetizeMore is quite simple and straightforward, publishers must create a MonetizeMore account, display the site and provide access to Google Ad Exchange, and publishers must copy their ad tags on their site or ad server to generate revenue. It helps increase advertising revenue by 30-70% and the risk-free prices of publishers. A targeted ad optimization team helps you monetize ad placement, content, and data strategy to provide publishers with real-time support. My personal experiences with Monetize more chat support and email support have been excellent. They ensure that all requests are handled with due diligence and inquiries by email are answered for 30 minutes.

How does monetization work?

The DoubleClick ad exchange is a paradigm designed for high-level publishers and advertisers. MonetizeMore can offer this consolidated source of supply to the ad buying market for all publishers who are partners of the same. The Dual-Click Ad Exchange platform is beneficial to publishers than any other source of demand as follows

Programmable Exchange offers access to many networks and search platforms.
Ad optimization tools help you improve RPM performance
Advanced targeting technology is linked to ads on the advertiser's website
Avoid channel search and avoid anonymous ad tags to prevent premium advertisers from buying ad impressions to buy cheaper costs.

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MonetizeMore offers customized tutorials for Google's compatibility with the website.
This connects Google Analytics with Ad Exchange to help publishers make business decisions based on data based on their sites and advertising performance.

Double-clicking on the ad exchange allows you to have real-time access to the most important advertising needs of your site for Google Adsense, with complex targeting technologies to better help your publisher's site. Monetize More uses more than 24 hours of these additional optimization tools to maximize the advertising revenues of its customers. Optimize through optimization through the combination of state-of-the-art technological solutions, better results, optimization flexibility and maintenance of direct advertising networks and relationships with publishers.

Monetization assigns multiple premium ad optimization experts to all premium publishers to get the most revenue from the ad optimization process. Its performance-based pricing model promotes faster publisher ad revenues, as well as the relationships and suggestions necessary to improve all aspects of the business, such as SEO, traffic control, paid traffic, etc. the editors

MonetizemoreMore plans

I make. Double Click AdExchange Plan-Meant is for medium and small publishers who have access to ADX accounts and premium advertisers. As the earnings divide the publisher: Google:: 80:20, the sites will eventually earn more with an AdX plan.

ii. Premium Publisher Plan: Monetize more helps the publisher increase advertising revenue, increase competition from advertising spaces, participate in a site, monetize inventory and generate incremental revenue. One percent of incremental advertising revenue is accounted for.

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by ADS Optimization

iii. MonetizeMore Demand: Monetizmore Demand is a header offer solution that provides incremental revenue. The header offer is a real auction environment where the highest demand sources bid for each ad serving in the exact CPM value you pay for your DFP account. This is a dynamic distribution outside of Google! I pressed the tones of the traditional waterfall model and it helped me to achieve much better CPM prices. I offered the header offer solution and received a letter that read as follows:

We accept applicants for at least 10,000,000 page views per month, but our research shows that the number of pages displayed is as follows. We prefer to transfer your application to the Google Ad Exchange filter team and see if it is eligible.

Monetize more CPM Rates 2017-Profitability

I have seen a 25-30% increase in my income after I started using monetize more. Using the general RPM, After using MonetizeMore, I can see that RPM moves between $ 2.2 and $ 2.5. As a simple solution, I am very satisfied with the service, since I do not get much income from my AdSense display ads on my blog.

Here is a screenshot of the income report,

Beamingnotes.com_Revenue report channeled in CAD May 05, 2016 dey.abhishek99 Gmail

As you can see, CPM is 0.6 Canadian dollars. They are $ 0.46 in US dollars. When running 5 ad units, the real RPM is close to $ 2.3

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Professional suggestions: Since your display ads are purely CPM-based, you can run 3 monetize more and tags on your site from sites that are not a click-generating point of view. Alternatively, you can use 2 of your own ad units and place them in the positions that will result in the maximum number of clicks. AdPushup can also be used with this ad unit 2 since AdPushup's experience is in increasing the CTR of AdSense ads and it has great strength in its own area and can help increase the CTR by 50%.

Benefits of MonetizeMore Partnership

MonetizeMore partners offer Google Double-Click Ad Exchange, which is the premium version of Adsense, to only a large number of premium publisher users.
This ad exchange allows publishers to access the largest online advertisers in the world who pay the largest CPMs.
Publishers have access to the main advertising networks in the industry, and MonetizeMore continually manages and optimizes ad serving ads to maximize the publisher's average eCPM.
A team of professionals is an industry leader in monetization sites that combine technology with a combination of knowledge and experience to achieve better results.

How to Enable Page Level Ads In Google AdSense Account

Double-click on a Google Adsense + ad for advertisers of major brands and major brands that charge high CPMs for quality inventory.
The current exhibition partners of MonetizeMore can take advantage of CPM growth from 25% to 100%.
Publishers can connect to ad networks with better performance.
24/7 expert optimization.
Share monetizemore's income

Monetize more takes 15% of ad impressions published directly from the server's ad categories. This means that 85% of AdX ad tags are shown to visitors, and 13% of them are shown to visitors with MonetizeMore AdX tags.

References program Monetize more

MonetizeMore can be directed to the site of any friend or colleague that you think is ideal to monetize your ads through monetizing more. It is worth remembering that publisher references receive at least 1 million page views per month.

Follow the steps below to join the reference program: Send us (Moonetizemore) an email to and cc: owner/representative of the publisher. In the Subject line, enter the MonetizeMore reference: <Insert website address>. It is ideal for the body to provide certain information about the site to which it is referred, for example:

The site address
Name of the owner/representative of the publisher
monthly page views
Monthly average advertising revenue

The more training you bring, the more money you will get! 15% of income from monetary income is entitled within 30 days after the registration of said publisher. Transfer fees are paid 75 days after that publisher has successfully registered MonetizeMore through their preferred payment method.

Here is more information about the Monetization References Program:

Publishing Editorials:

  • 15% of all Google M2 revenue through Google (without taxes) during the first 90 days
  • 10% of all Google M2 revenue through Google (without taxes) for the next 90 days
  • 5% of all Google M2 revenue over the next 180 days (5% of inheritance time for 180 days)

Everything is paid in CAD within 30 days
The referral program does not apply to the websites you currently use.

Monetize more payment and payment structure

Monetization pays more to publishers in a NET 30 after the last day of the billing month. Wire, PayPal and Hypervalent and ACH make payments over time and through its US customer payment portal. UU I used Monetize more before and was satisfied with the service and offers. Here is a screenshot of the payment I received from Monetize more.

Details of the PayPal transaction

Publishers receive 85% of the total double-click advertising revenue each month. The minimum payment threshold of $ 50, if the amount is less than the minimum threshold, will be paid next month.

Recommended List for You:

  • Traffic less than 10k views per month- AdSense, Media venues
  • Traffic 10k to 100k per month- AdSense, Spoutable
  • Traffic 100k to 500k per month- AdSense, Spoutable,
  • Traffic 500k to 3 million per month- ADX,, Spoutable, Taboola
  • Traffic 3 million+ per month-, ADX, Revcontent, Video Ads (Get in touch)
  • Marketing Tools- Ad Plugin, SemRush (Free Trial), Teachable, Webinar Jam, 
  • Increase your Website Revenue– Share your information and we will get in touch


Label: increase your advertising revenue from 50 to 250%
Use the advanced tools of Ezoic to double your ad revenue. Ezoic is a certified Google AdSense partner. Start your free 1-month trial

MonetizeMore is a verified Google AdSense partner that seeks to maximize publishers' opportunities and elevates your profits to the next level. It helps publishers achieve their advertising revenue through ad optimization, Ad Exchange tags, AdSense and ad networks through DFP. Start at if you want to increase your advertising revenue.

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