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Revenue Optimization ServiceTech Ads Review for Publishers-2018 Ads Review for Publishers-2018

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Filter by Custom Post Type Ads Review for Publishers-2018 - is one of the fastest growing contextual advertising networks that help publishers enter their advertising space by tagging the right keywords. The network has a large base for advertisers who mainly advertise on the Yahoo Bing network and offers their advertising space for these ads.

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by ADS Optimization

The network was recently sold for $ 900 million to a Chinese consortium. For 2015, the company achieved $ 232 million in net revenue and covered more than $ 450 million in managed advertising costs. Almost 90% of the company's revenues come from the United States and offices in the United States, the Middle East, and India. In this article, we publish a very detailed review of the editors on and how to monetize your site's traffic on

Advantages of publishers is the second largest contextual advertising network with market share and only after AdSense. A Yahoo! Bing Network offers publishers immediate access to one of the world's largest markets for keyword-targeted advertisers.

Innovative advertising units: offers innovative ad units that can increase the general CTR of publishers. Your mobile ad units offer additional coins for high volume mobile sellers.

How to Increase AdSense Revenue on Mobile Visitors

The large ad group: offers a large number of advertisers, so the quality of the ads is high level. Most popular search advertisers work in Yahoo Bing Marketplace, so hu offers publishers deep personalization and the advertiser seeks to increase the return on investment.

Dynamic optimization: the network environment complies with the appropriate ads for the keywords of your site and helps publishers to monetize through dynamic optimization. This feature allows publishers to maximize their revenue potential and achieve good revenue.

How to Enable Page Level Ads In Google AdSense Account

More revenue: adapts well to AdSense and offers additional monetization opportunities for publishers. You can take 30-40% of, which Adsense generates and diversifies your tax revenues. ad units

AdSense Alternative- Criteo Review For Optimization offers a variety of keyword block ads. Among the standards are 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 728 × 90, 600 × 250, 160 × 600. There is also a list of custom masks that you can start or consider adding your own native style to the overall design of your website.

The advanced option allows you to enable ads for mobile devices that basically have a 320 × 50 sticky ad unit at the

bottom of your site, and orient them by keywords. You can also enable skin optimization to allow the

algorithm to test different skin colors for your ad unit and optimize your maximum CTR. You can also add the

backup ad code. The additional ad code shows if the media website cannot find keyword ads based on the keywords in your site. Here you can see the ad units.

Overview of the panel

Create ad units
It is very easy to create ad units. Just follow these simple steps

Log in: first, you must register with and wait for the editorial team to review your site and confirm your account. Once completed, register and add additional sites for approval.
Create: in the "Ad units" tab in the panel, click on "Create an ad unit".
Customize: Now select the ad size you want, customize your mask and make specific adjustments.
Generate: Now click Save and Get code to create the JavaScript announcement code

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018 ads slow down your site ads can be set up for publishers taking into account the speed requirements of the sites. However, if you want to have an asynchronous ad code for your site, simply contact your account manager or write an email to at your request.

How do I enable ads on an Https or SSL website? provides ads with SSL images that you can perform if your site runs with SSL. To do so, you must be connected to or you should contact the account manager directly.

Can I launch ads through DFP? technology searches web pages to subtract the "context and concept" of the page and show users the

most recommended ad units. For this to work without problems, recommends that your ads can be

uploaded directly to your site. However, if you have a large inventory and several advertising partners, obviously

this will not be your place because you want to gain more competition for your advertising space. allows you to display ads on third-party servers, such as DFP. As it is a custom implementation, you should contact your account manager in the same way.

What happens if the ad code does not appear?

It is possible that's advertising codes may not appear on your site. It is recommended that you solve

configuration or execution problems since the code is designed to work anywhere. There are some common reasons why the ad code might not show

SSL or HTTPS website: If you run an https or SSL site, your ad code may be loaded incorrectly. Contact your account manager directly and request the personalized code of the https site.

Use your cached version of your site: If you run a caching add-in, your site may have a cached version. In this case, delete or empty the configuration cache of your site and then verify that the ad code is visible or not.

Top 10 Native Content Ad Networks For Publisher 2018

The site is not live or prohibited: there may be cases where your site is not licensed or an approved site is blocked so that your multimedia data ads do not appear on your site.

Extension issues: Because the ad codes are synchronized, other asynchronous ad codes conflict with the codes and the ad does not appear. If this is the case, ask your account manager to provide an asynchronous ad code. Otherwise, there may be add-on compatibility issues, so we recommend strengthening your ad unit directly on your site.

Other. problems: If your ad unit is not yet available, I suggest you contact the technology team and share your problem and find a solution for it.

Media revenue model for works with several advertisers, including CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA. For each editor, however, each model is reduced to an effective CPM or eCPM. Actual CPM means that your ad volume is 1000 impressions. Because takes over the unpublished advertising of the advertisers, it gets a higher proportion of the advertiser's costs. This means that if the site does not help advertisers with money, it will be difficult for the media to pay high revenues as they run on a hybrid model and not just based on CPM.

How to increase the profits of is one of the largest contextual advertising networks. Since most of your advertisers are from Yahoo Bing Network, you can monetize with Google AdSense and other ad networks. As part of this part of our 2018 press release, we will discuss how to increase all the revenue of your multimedia data.

Maximize the exposure of the ad space

By maximizing the maximum exposure of the ad exposure, you can get more revenue from your ads. This will increase the active overall view of your ads and, therefore, increase your revenue. Installing three ad units on your site can increase your overall revenue capacity. We recommend a ad unit of 600 × 250 that works well.

Use the most effective ad dimensions:

Not all ad sizes will work correctly on your site. In addition, the site and the niche are specific. However, the following formats worked well on most sites: 300 × 250, 600 × 250, 728 × 90 and mobile ad units that responded. These formats are well known worldwide. However, offers customized AD sizes that can be to contact to communicate with your account manager.

Choose high-performance locations

We always recommend that publishers place ads in positions where they have the most revenue potential or where users want to join the site when they visit your site. This is something that you can analyze with the help of heating plans. After analyzing the main positions of the site, you can place the ad codes for these positions to maximize your total revenue.

Enable all advertising partners has countless publishing partners that post real-time ads on their site. Multiple advertisers result in greater competition in the advertising space and higher revenues in the media network. To enable all of your advertising partners, you should contact the account administrator and ask them to verify if your site is suitable for this. payment methods

In this part of the review, he talks about the payment options offered by publishers. currently offers two payment methods for publishers. Depending on your preference, will execute payment orders through payment orders or through Paypal. In countries where PayPal does not have a license, you can request a bank transfer.

Minimum payment threshold of pays publishers after earning at least $ 100 in revenue in their account. The minimum threshold is the same as AdSense, and I think this is a good payment threshold for publishers with decent impressions. payment cycle pays the publisher a net price of 30 days per month. This means that your earnings for February will be received before March 30. However, we have seen payments that arrive each month up to 25, and payments are rarely delayed.

How do I change payment methods?

The panel does not offer payment options for security reasons. If you want to change the payment settings, you must contact your account manager.

Does report in real time?

We would like to inform you that will publish your impressions in real time. However, earnings and CPM are reported within 24 hours, so it is expected that your earnings will float during the 24-hour period until the final calculations.

How can I add additional sites to

You can add additional sites on simply by clicking on the Site Administration tab. You can have "Add a site" on the site administrator page. Alternatively, contact your account manager to approve your site manually. requirements: Site approval criteria follows standard approval criteria. Your site must contain original content and significant traffic. In addition, mé does not approve websites that violate copyrighted materials or promote information that affects the use of pirated or copyrighted material. In the meantime

Your site should be the bulk of the traffic of the United States / Great Britain / Canada
Contains content that is mainly in English
An adequate volume of traffic is required. At least 5000 pageviews per day.
Reasonable text-based ad
How long does have to approve the website?

This usually depends on the amount of processed daily applications and vacations. Your site will generally approve from 48 hours to 7 days. You must be patient to listen to them on the website. If you are already a publisher and want to approve additional websites, you can contact your account manager to confirm your site quickly. website approval tips

First, you can listen to people who earn a lot of money on and want to join the network to maximize their total revenue. However, before I start, I would like to tell you that, after approval of the website, you will need good media coverage based on the following factors

  • A significant volume of traffic comes from the United States, CA and the United Kingdom
  • Your website is mainly in a product category

We contacted to learn about some of our most successful websites and slot machines and list them here.

1) Savings

Sample URL with ads: more than 25 Hanukkah gifts for the whole family

Scroll down the slideshow to see the ads on your site. This is one of the most popular editors, the rank of Alexa is 4000.

Takeaway: ads based on products targeting US traffic. The U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom generally look for high CPM prices on


URL example with Ads: rent to buy versus traditional mortgages

The mortgage is one of the highest CPCs in the industry and the network offers a high price for such niches. ads appear in the page window.

Takeaway: Loan offers, credit cards, and related financial centers generally perform well with ads.


Sample URL with Ads: the Fulbright program

As you can see, ads are the only source of monetization on this site. This hyper-niche site seems to focus on educational discounts and monetization through ads. Of course, the ads are paid from the roof!

We can see these sites as an example and understand the niche that works best for media ads.

As you now know which sites work best with's contextual advertising network, it's easy to understand's approval tricks. site approval tips

Increase your traffic from the United States and Canada. You can buy traffic from the United States and Canada. All you have to do is buy traffic from different native ad networks, and this traffic should get to the article page. Arbitration is everywhere, since demand and supply are constantly moving through networks, so if you find the source of cheap first-level traffic, you can buy this traffic and make money with Media ads. net on your site. Let's continue the traffic flow.

Using Alexa Premium: using Alexa Premium increases the Alexa ranking. You can also link to other blogger sites and ask them to visit yours. In this way, it can greatly improve Alexa's rank range, which focuses on the approval of its site.

Taboola Review- Best AdSense Alternative 2018

Create content in product families. If you can create content specifically targeting users in the United States and Canada, be sure to approve your account. Again, you can get a good income from media ads. We've known publishers who generate more than $ 10,000 of Yahoo ads, just for traffic optimization on product-based sites. Therefore, you can also earn a lot of money on by following the model and quickly obtaining approved by your site.

Alternatively., you can add your site to your friend's approved account. If any of the publishers have a list of approved sites, and if you are looking for such sites, they will approve the possibility of allowing other sites in that account and will use this trick to make your site easier to access through

The reasons for the denial of from the website

There are several reasons why media services do not accept your account. The main reason is that the content of your site is not appropriate for the advertiser's base or that the content can get more conversions for advertisers since and its advertisers cannot adapt to your site correctly. Alternatively, your site may be excluded if it does not meet the minimum criteria of traffic requirements or if it does not have significant traffic from the US. UU And Canada.

If you believe that your site complies with the policy, you can appeal to the email and wait for the account administrator to get the answer.

Prices Average Media CPM

In this segment, we discussed the CPM prices of We have seen several publishers that downgraded MediaMedia's CPM to $ 0.00 days later. This is because is not a CPM advertising network. In fact, works in a hybrid model that is a combination of CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA. The total site revenue becomes the actual CPM or RPM that appears in the editor's panel or in the reports panel. As a result, publishers are seeing $ 0, even though they have provided a quality 1000 number screen to Actually, this does not mean that the traffic is of low quality simply means that the traffic is not converted to advertisers who advertise on the advertising platform.

Here is a detailed view of CPM prices on

CPC of works with a series of models that include CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA. All of these are presented to the editors for a single metric, which is called effective CPM. This means that the publisher can "earn a lot" revenue for 1000 impressions of multimedia ads. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the average CPC for ads. Also, as you can see in the report, does not provide CPC or CTR data. Therefore, if there is no information on the number of clicks, you can find the estimated cost per click for your ads, and since is not a CPC, it does not find the prices compared to Adsense.

How much does pay per click? works with a series of models that include CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA. All of these are presented to the editors for a single metric, which is called effective CPM. This means that the publisher can "earn a lot" revenue for 1000 impressions of multimedia ads. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the average CPC for ads. Also, as you can see in the report, does not provide CPC or CTR data. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how much will pay per click.

Should We Use Media Query or Responsive Ad Units? OF Any Ads

However, if you are looking for a $ 2 CPM for an ad unit, and when the click rate is around 0.5%, you get approximately 40 cents per click. I would like to mention here that 0.5% is the double click rate for ads. This means that the user first clicks on the keywords, then clicks on the search engine's link to the advertiser's site. Keep in mind that clicking only counts when a user clicks on a link in a search ad.

How can I enable quickly? has a standard approval of approximately seven days since the publication team evaluates the sites based on a number of factors and has the approval of the approval line as a range of applications. However, we will discuss how quickly the media service can be approved.

If it is an existing editor, you can add new sites from the panel. However, it will return to the list of rows again. To speed things up, you can personally send your account manager, who will immediately approve your site and start using advertising tags.

What Are Make from Google AdSense Websites 2018

If you first register on, I suggest you follow the approval tips. Just to add some information here - approves product-centric websites that include gifts, finances, services and more. About. Therefore, for faster approval, your site must be in the same category, with a significant volume of sales of US and Canadian origin. You can also contact them by email if you believe that your site meets all the approval criteria and invites you to approve your site.

Alternatively, you can email your account from any account manager or from a small online search, and you can request it directly to approve your site, suggesting that the public adapts well to media ads. monetization

Can you make money with

It is clear. is the second largest contextual advertising network that helps publishers monetize advertising inventory with specific search ads. uses Yahoo and Bing as a powerful advertiser base and is working on the display model to find where the user sees the search ads by clicking on the ad shown, and then, if he actually clicks on the search ads, clicks are generated for the publisher. According to, this model was profitable because they could filter premium prices on advertisers because the ads are genuinely interested and are likely to perform an operation.

There are some websites that bring good revenue from Some of these sites are among the 10 most popular websites in the world.

Does Increasing the Ad units Results in Higher AdSense Revenue

However, it is important to know that search ads used for media search do not work on all sites. Therefore, if you see that the revenue or the RPM is drastically reduced in a few days, even if you have created thousands of impressions, I suggest you contact your account manager and activate the image ads. This would allow media ads to compete with display ads and see strong CPMs. earns $ 0 works with several advertisers, including CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA. For each editor, however, each model is reduced to an effective CPM or eCPM. Actual CPM means that your ad volume is 1000 impressions. Because takes over the unpublished advertising of the advertisers, it gets a higher proportion of the advertiser's costs. This means that if the site does not help advertisers with money, it will be difficult for the media to pay high revenues as they run on a hybrid model and not just based on CPM.

Therefore, if your earns $ 0, it means that your traffic does not become advertisers, and in those cases, it is related to the demographic data of the user and the section of the website. Now you only have two options.

Better Ad Placements Optimization Tips for Increase AdSense Revenue

Option 1: Ask your account manager for active advertisements that can compete in real time with multimedia ads and generate revenue for you.

Option 2: Remove ads on the current website and create a site that can generate good revenue through Regarding your current site, I do not think most of the optimization options are not implemented by the conversions, and they can not change the audience and the site booth at daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Is a scam network? is certainly not a scam network. The company was sold for $ 900 million to a Chinese consortium and remains one of the best contextual advertising networks that help advertisers and publishers generate revenue. The company reported revenues of $ 232 million for 2015 and achieved more than $ 450 million in managed advertising expenses. So, you can be sure that is not a scam network.

However, works with several advertisers that are CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA. For each editor, however, each model is reduced to an effective CPM or eCPM. Actual CPM means that your ad volume is 1000 impressions.

Because takes over the unpublished advertising of the advertisers, it gets a higher proportion of the advertiser's costs. This means that if the site does not help advertisers with money, it will be difficult for the media to pay high revenues as they run on a hybrid model and not just based on CPM.

How to use URL channels: AdSense performance tracking by targeting

Therefore, the algorithms are based on ad revenue for ads that are mostly from the United States and Canada. Therefore, is ineffective in placing all the editorial traffic on the market, and there have been cases in which publishers reported that blocked their accounts and all revenues went away.

Although this may mean that could not make money with traffic and that the optimization algorithm was still experimenting with traffic and that CPMs were very inefficient CPM. Although this media plan must find a solid solution, since many publishers are enraged with the RPM / CPM calculations, they will cost $ 0 a few days later.

Suspended account

There may be some reasons to suspend your account. First, you can remove's terms of service, which can be one of the main reasons for the suspension. In addition, the public can not convert and the optimization team will suspend your account because advertisers will not benefit from your traffic and will have a greater chance that your site and traffic will not actually be converted by and advertisers. never. Therefore, the optimization team can suspend your account and inform you in the same way.

Most of your traffic may not come from the US UU And Canada, something that, as previously reported, can suspend your account, which will not convert your advertisers.

In. any case, cannot send you by email that the cooperation does not work and unfortunately suspends your account.

Suspension of the account: what's next?

A lot you can not do if your account is suspended. This is due to its own good because it had no profit for advertisers and for yourself, so it is recommended that you leave things without trying too hard. However, if you believe that your site was suspended by mistake and you have the opportunity to do so, you can contact your appeal team at and ask them to understand why the account is suspended and ask them to give you an opportunity. You can re-register in the media because you think your site is good for the media network and want to try and optimize your ad placements. RPM shows $ 0

There were many publishers who announced that their earnings were $ 0 after the initial value of RPM. While this is true and we sympathize with the editors who have faced such a problem, we would like to mention that are not an advertising network of CPM. In fact, works in a hybrid model that is a combination of CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA.

The total site revenue becomes the actual CPM or RPM that appears in the editor's panel or in the reports panel. As a result, publishers are seeing $ 0, even though they have provided a quality 1000 number screen to This does not really mean that the traffic is of poor quality.

How to do an independent writing business while traveling in the world

This simply means that you do not have enough EE traffic. UU And Canada, and your existing traffic from the United States and Canada are simply not transformed by advertisers because your site may be different from the advertisers' bases and the offers or campaigns they offer.

Given that has advertisers that execute CPA or CPL offers, conversion is an essential part of a business model and, if they can not monetize their billing, it is inevitable that they offer low CPM and, ultimately, reduce it in $ 0. But that does not mean you go to The network offers external display ads that can be activated. To learn more about this, continue reading.

What to do if RPM is $ 0

Now that you understand that your site is not converted to and that your system has $ 0 as RPM after the first test run, you should recognize the fact that ads are not running with CPM anymore. high with.

As an alternative to what you can do, contact your account manager and ask them to activate third-party ads. It will take 2-3 days from your time, but it will ensure that it is good in the media and if media ads can compete with third-party ads.

So you do not lose your income, but you generate additional revenue with your media middleware partners and also include the direct revenue from the ads in the media supply if you are involved in the actual interim bidding process.

How does work?

The system creates real-time decisions based on multiple variables, including ad formats, advertising plans and advertising concepts that ensure the optimization of the location and generate maximum revenue from the screen of each publisher in your network.

When search resources are activated, offers are made in a real-time where media ads compete with different display advertising resources and the winning bid appears on the publisher's site, which increases overall advertising revenue.

Do you enable the lower ad unit of on your site?

The adhesive ad at the bottom of the mobile site is a keyword-optimized ad unit designed specifically for mobile visitors. This provides additional revenue opportunities while maintaining the user experience of the site.

Why is working on the Double Click mechanism?

If a visitor clicks on a keyword block on, it is taken to an ad page that contains multiple ads. The site listed is the result of the media search engine called double click, known as the search term.

This is a way to monetize print sites by identifying the user's search intent and displaying the relevant search keywords that lead to the display of search ads purchased by advertisers. The main objective of the model is to filter the user's intention:

Better targeted ads for your site

Higher income, since advertisers, tend to pay more for visitors who are genuinely interested in their ads. follows the double-click model, as it works best for monetizing advertising locations of publishers and advertisers with the maximum return on investment.

It allows to take advantage of search requests from the largest advertising platforms.
The keyword template allows the system to decide on a really interested audience that pays inventors a high inventory for advertisers.
On., ad formats work differently, but double click technology seems to be more effective for publishers across the network.

Can you run ads with other ad networks?

Highly defined You can run ads with other CPM or contextual advertising networks, including Google AdSense or Google Ad Exchange ads. Many publishers are looking for a good amount of attractive revenue from their other partners and offers them additional advertising revenue.

You can place your multimedia data ads in the same place as the ad space or location, along with other ad networks. In this case, ads compete in real time with other ad networks to provide a maximum CPM. To enable this feature, you must contact the account manager directly.

How does ad optimization work? ads are oriented in context by the content of the site. The system uses methods such as keyword analysis and the frequency of words to understand the concept of the page and then display targeted ads for the page. Auto-learning algorithms also analyze visitor interactions to understand user intervention and to find the right balance between commitment and optimization.

CPC Rate List 2018, Country Wise Find Which Country Most CPC Rates

In addition, the system creates decisions in real time among multiple variable ad formats, designs, and concepts, in order to optimize each impression to generate the maximum revenue. optimizes your ads on data collected on your site and other similar websites and tests a series of plans such as mix ads, ancillary ads and aesthetically opposed ads.

Add ads to WordPress

First, you must log in to your account and get the JavaScript ad code you can get if you have successfully created an ad unit for any approved domain. If this is done, go to the WordPress blog.

You can use a sticky ad extension, such as the Q2W3 Fix widget, which can improve your ad in the sidebar. Inserting the ad in the 300 × 350 sidebars and adding it to the Q2W3 add-on is something I would suggest.

You can also place ads of 600 × 250 in the middle of the content. Use the Quick AdSense extension to achieve this. Another proposal includes publishing the content after the publication of the ads. You can also use the 600 × 250 unit to maximize visibility.


Therefore, it is concluded that is working with niche websites that come from the United States and Canada in terms of finances, donations, credits, parent education, lifestyle, and gadgets. If you do not get enough money from ads, ask your account manager for active display ads to compete with ads. This will maximize the revenue from your multimedia data ads and improve your overall profits.

Wordads Earnings How Much Earning of 100 Million Impression In Wordads

Alternatively, is a good source of revenue and can be run simultaneously with Adsense and other advertising programs. If you think that the media enter the offer URL for the first 3 months. We hope you enjoyed the detailed review of 2018 We hope you enjoy our detailed brochure of 2018. exclusive and have a 10% additional income.

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