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Liverpool’s humbling of Manchester City

Liverpool have one foot firmly in the semi-finals after a scintillating performance at Anfield.

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Liverpool retained heat at Manchester City since it was 3-0 in favor of Pep Guardiola in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

It was one of those nights at the Anfield it was actually in life, singing the song during the 90 minutes of Liverpool fans and singing.

Next, the Jurgen CLOPP team took only 12 minutes to open the scoring, because Muhammad was advantage Slate won separation in the city he ran the Ederson left him behind.

Red double nine minutes later took, this time Alex Oksled-Chamberlain opened the scoring with a powerful shot from outside the box.

Manchester City started with ease and was often the second best second for the first half. Active people instead of citizens were reactive and passed them as a target because of Sydow According to climbing to third place in the Liverpool house at night.

Liverpool City after arriving next week Etihad now climbed a high mountain, which could not win a goal away.

These are the main conversation topics of the game:

5 Manchester City launches the slow start

Manchester City started the game
Manchester City has been an incredible season so far, but on Wednesday night when they had a different ball game like Anfield, they will stay. Paper Guardiola participated in each section in the first part.

The maximum performance of the City in the Premier League has been accelerated by the transition to a calculated closing sequence. However, against Liverpool, they were foggy just before the whistle blew.

Manchester side of the game comes Rational passes, inevitable slow and slow errors in, allowing to take advantage of Liverpool. Mohammed advised the first goal was to a loose ball came due to the delay Kyle Walker to clean, while Frnandinho and Emeric LaPorte second victory after the bad points of both.

The third objective was also free to leave waiting in the house through the position of the consultancy as it moves away was disconcerting.

On the other hand, Clop havoc taken has been created to make good use of the wings of his side Liverpool, prominent, Slaha and Firmino. Maybe the city could organize theirs, which were a bit more vibrant in the early stages. However, the game started and Sloppiest could possibly and Liverpool paid them correctly.

Another game and second goal by Mohammed Salah! Without reaching the Egyptian squash sheet, it is impossible to imagine a Liverpool game. On Wednesday, he was a thorn in the flesh of Man City, which used both Laport and Companion.

Slaha has a goal time and supports each other since the Reds are 3-0, but their performance at night was much more effective. He continued in the middle continuously to create an empty space for the other members of his team.

The. 25-year-old has been taking advantage of that already 29 times in the Premier League, but if there is no doubt that he responds they were randomly assigned to see everything that can repeat that form in Europe.

Unfortunately, an injury meant he could be replaced in the second half soon. However, before his performances, he was shown to the player who can stop at this moment.

One of the main attractions of the Manchester City season is the variety of stars that are pulling the cable. Pep Guardiola has created a team that does not depend on a player, and each person, for the forward of the goalkeeper, plays an important role in the trip.

However, against Liverpool, that integrated machinery was abolished, as well as the party that relied on individual talent rather than on the work team.

The likes of Kevin Dee Brunei and David Silva, who in general were the creators of the boss and the architect of the attack, were completely lost. Spend, in particular, could easily get the touch of the ball, in the first part, due to Liverpool's high-pressure game, De Brunna had to drift.

In the wings, Leroy Sane was not at his best performance, because he had lost more than any other player in the city. Even Fernandez's credible office was a bad day, Jordan Henderson and James Miller was allowed to win the Battle of Midfield.

It was a really incredible start for Pep Guardiola and there was no possibility of returning to show the inability of Man City to star.

Liverpool could have beaten 3-0 for the city, but it was a game of two red halves were clearly the best team in the first half, but it came back in the more conservative style of football break.

It was a style that the initiative to dominate the second half of Manchester City, but really, Jurgen CLOPP these he knew he was doing. After taking a 3-0 lead at Hoftaim, the Germans took out their side to counter another part, while closing some sites that could be exploited in the city

Premier League last meeting of these two sides, Liverpool took the advantage of 4-1 but has been practically surrendered, as the city ended the game 4-3 losers. Klopp definitely wanted to avoid a similar situation and, therefore, during the second half decided to rule on the attack on the side.

Half Borussia Dortmund boss did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and recognized the fact that this type of game at any time a team must leave their attack appeared for the greater good.

When Mohammed Slaha went to the gang to catch his thighs, he could feel the anxiety on the faces of Teaming Liverpool fans. Unfortunately, I could not run for Egypt, since the beginning of the second half just seven minutes later

The extent of his injury is unknown, but it is clear that the injury facing the city in the time of a week with something more Enfield was a great night, red, and still, with the top four Premier League races Open, Salah does not need to hurt Liverpool at this time.

The player who has 38 goals in all competitions, so why is it understandable that Klop decided to move him instead of taking a risk for what is worse. Advice has so far enjoyed an impressive season and the hope of many Liverpool fans that his injury is not serious

Liverpool in the semi-finals for the first time in the Champions League in more than a decade after achieving a goal and helping, it was assumed that the injury to Egypt to be a sweet night.

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