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Komoona Review – 360 Degree Ad Optimization Service

Komoona Review – 360 Degree Ad Optimization Service

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Komoona Review – 360 Degree Ad Optimization Service

Komoona is a novelty in the online advertising market, but it is impressive and offers good income to users. This Ad network is a 360-degree website optimization platform that allows publishers to sell their advertising site on their website and allows them to get all the benefits minus the minimum commission. It also helps publishers and advertisers create banners and ads for their sites.

I received a letter from Susan Wells in Komoona on January 26.

I'd like to talk to you about how to bring your ads and technology directly to your sites to increase the value of mobile and premium web display inventory.
I would like to know which CPM is an attractive partner.

If it is not the correct link, forward it to the right person.
Then I thought I was going to try the Como!

The Komoona Kft
In 2010, Yair Salomon and his brother Amiad and Tzafrir Ben Ami were formed. The company has more than 1000 publishers and the router reaches 25 billion impressions per month. Its research and development division is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and its sales activities are located in San Francisco, New York, and London.

Amiad Solomon, Komoona speaks at the Noah15 conference

Komoona is a CPM ad network and works with real-time brands and bidding options. It helps publishers around the world connect to your network and ensure that the best inventory for your ads matches the quality of your ads and their prices. All ads and banners are offered to customers for free; it works by maximizing the revenue of its publishers through optimization techniques and technology.

You may want to watch the video,

After receiving approval from the Komoona, publishers must add the JavaScript ad code to their website to show the ads and use their own backup tags. Label backups will show publishers' ads if they do not sell ads at a specific cost. Publishers can freely adjust their own minimum prices, increasing their profits.

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Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor
Although the Komoona advertising network does not provide any specification for its traffic, US sites do. The United States, Great Britain, and Europe generate more traffic. Komoona is seriously concerned about the safety of its advertisers; publishers found guilty may lose their accounts.

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It is important that publisher sites do not have unacceptable content, such as piracy, gambling, spam and adult content.
Your network does not allow authentication of credentials to other publishers.
Komoona. does not expect publishers to manipulate their impressions using software or bots.
Publishers cannot change the JavaScript ad code and not spoof site traffic through PTC sites and traffic exchanges.

How Comoona works

Komoona is a dynamic ad optimization platform that works with all of RTB's main demand and exchange sources to ensure maximum revenue for publishers. Publishers excel in content optimization to optimize their profits in the current programming environment with excellent technology. With simple JavaScript, it optimizes billions of impressions for publishers around the world and is a rapidly growing advertising network of recent times.

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Its cutting-edge technology combines algorithms and large data technologies to improve the RTB ecosystem understanding of publishers and ensure their appearance in order to obtain the maximum offer. A fully automated advertising approach helps publishers earn better incomes without better technical knowledge. Ads Review for Publishers-2018

Komoona automates vendor sites for advertisers' websites, unlike other networks that require publishers to manually link to a sales page, create a banner, date ranges, and negotiation prices. The easy purchase interface allows the advertiser to create an instant banner ad for instant upload. All this is done directly from the publisher's site in the Ajax window when an advertiser clicks on the ad link.

Benefits Of Comona

The advertising network of Komoona offers high CPM and provides enough time to optimize with the volume of traffic you need.
The user interface allows self-service options in areas such as extraction, payment options, CPM floors, etc.
Places in Level 1, such as US sites UU., UK, CA and AU, offer a good coverage rate.
The e-commerce website and the vertical features news section enjoy the benefits of the Komoona network.
Your. representatives are sensitive and friendly.
It is easy to install and support multiple ad formats.
Your ad inventory is of very good quality.
The publishers have good price control.
Real-time reporting systems and additional benefits of timely payments.


Your income is based on appearance and does not represent clicks.
Komoona requires patience from publishers, as it can take up to a week to optimize ads
Advertising labels are offered by their representatives and additional labels are required. Publishers should contact their account manager or their representatives.
They will not accept small websites.

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Prices are low for level 2 traffic
Without a reference program
Komoona referral program
The article that announces Nina Sherman, of the Komoona I got in touch with who tried to clarify some controversial points, as a reference program. The Komoona has a reference program. For more information about the reference program, contact

Comona Board

The Komoona reporting interface is very simple and easy to navigate, which I liked. However, the statistics are not updated in real time, because the Komoona that connects to several SSP, industrial and reports derived from them, so the delay must be reported throughout the RPC.

Control panel Comona
Control panel Comona

Comona labels

Komoona can select the basic price for advertising labels. If the CPM does not match the minimum price, the returned Ad will appear, which is Google AdSense for me. The Komoona can reach up to 20% -90% depending on the price of the floor. If the floor price is high, most charges are automatically returned.

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Ad sizes are supported by some Komoona by 300 × 250, 320 × 50, 160 × 600, 728 × 90. I understand the Komoona does not support the size of 320 × 100, 300 × 600 and 336 × 280 ad units.

Comona labels

Comoona income statement

As you can see, I gave them 160,000 impressions (for a few days). However, the fill rate was low because the minimum prices were set at the top. If you use AdSense as a return, I suggest that your AdSense display RPM should be 1.5 times the size of your ad. I got the value of 1.16. eCPM, which is not bad at all.

Income Comona

Payment and payment structure

The software allows publishers to sell their advertising space in the desired area. After registration, publishers can determine their ad placement on their website at the desired basic price, show the cost. If the publishers do not define a basic price, they will establish it at the discretion of the administrator. Your software sells the ad space at a price and displays ads in the editors of embedded code editors. Payments are made based on the network of 60 at the end of the month, and the bill will be sent to the Komoona Kft. Acknowledgment. The acknowledgment details the number of impressions processed since the ad server counts. Payments are made through PayPal of $ 1,500 and payments above $ 1,500 are made through Bank Wire. Recommended reading: Well-paid domestic advertising network - Adnow

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The Komoona advertising network has great potential to become a viable advertising network and will be a tough competitor for its competitors. This is a good alternative for publishers who are searching the Internet for difficult times and are wondering about all kinds of sites that generate their income.

Share your experiences

It would be interesting to know that it was about the Komoonával experience and it also stood out if you have something specific to say about them. I like to hear about it!

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