WWE News: Jeff Hardy announces he’s clear to wrestle during Hall of Fame

Will Jeff Hardy be wrestling at WrestleMania now he's cleared to return?


What is the history?
Jeff Hardy has been injured for a while, although it is rumored that he will return soon. Those rumors really proved to be true because Jeff Hardy had announced in an interview with Byron Saxton and Maria Menounos that he got approval to fight.


If you did not know …
Hardy has closed some injuries to the WWE while playing a short role singing “obsolete song” on the show’s 25th anniversary of Raw Oh and the final extinction match between his brother Matt Hardy and Bret Wyatt.

Heart of this matter
During the Red carpet Hall of Fame show, Byron, Maria, and Brian met Jeff Hardy and asked him how he was doing. Hardy replied that he was approved to fight and indicated that he was just waiting for the idea of the ring.

The reason for ‘proper thinking’ is interesting because it suggests that Jeff Hardy has made some throws back and is not on board for them.

Jeff Hardy also talked about the final game of extinction, in which he had indicated that he would be another in the WWE to be able to fight and possibly “close the blow” of a tree or something like that. Come to WWE What people want what they want while talking about WWE, they clearly listened to the interview and expanded Hardy’s position.

What will happen next?
Matt Hardy will participate in Battle Royal of Andre-the-Giant and hopes to “buy” the André the Giant trophy. We can see all the possibilities of Jeff Hardy making an appearance in the game, but he is more likely to stop the television after Rascalania.

Take the author
I can not wait to see Jeff Hardy in WWE.

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