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James scores 43 as Cavs beat Raptors 128-110 in Game 2

James scores 43 as Cavs beat Raptors 128-110 in Game 2

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Toronto (AP) - LeBron James had 43 points and 14 assistants, Kevin Love added 31 points and 11 rebounds,

and Cleveland Cavalier, defeating Toronto Raptor by 128-110 on Thursday night,

2-0 in the playoffs of his second round. Edge led series.

JR Smith scored 15 points, Jeff Green 14 and George Hill 13,

the Cavalier recorded an eighth consecutive postseason victory over the Raptors and avoided Toronto's four-game

winning streak in the 2S game. Raptor used to enter 6-1 all the time while playing Game 2 at home.

James. had eight rebounds, at least his second double triple had disappeared.

He. was associated with 19 of 28 attempts, while he made 11 runs for Love 21.

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Dameer DeRozan scored 24 points and scored 21 runs for Kelly Lori's raptors.

Toronto won a record of 5 seasons and worked as the best team in the Eastern Conference this season,

but, easily took another step to exit the third consecutive postseason in the hands of James and Cav.

Jonas Valenciñas had 16 points and 12 rebounds, and Fred Vanvinlet scored 14 points,

but, Raptor lost consecutive games at home for the first time this season.

Toronto. matches with Houston at home 34-7 in regular weather and won 3-0 in the round against Washington.

The rappers had not been able to consistently lose the national games since they left the second round of Games 3 and 4 of Cleveland in May.

The series moved to Ohio for Game 3 on Saturday night. Toronto has lost 0-5 in Cleveland in the last two postseasons, which is losing at an average margin of 24.2. points per game.

Cavalier at home against opponents of the Eastern Conference in Playoff in the last four years is 21-3.

With a 10-point lead in the 113-112 overtime loss in Game 1, the Raptor had reached 54-45 Midway during the second quarter, but his leadership fell to at least 63-61.

Cleveland took control because Smith scored six points in 18-5 in the third quarter. CAV defeated Raptor 37-24 in third place and won an advantage of 11 points to fourth place, and Toronto did not challenge again.

Lori created her four field goal attempts in the first place and scored 10 points when Toronto led 29-26. Love scored 10 points for Cleveland for the first time, while in the first quarter, James had only four points and two shots.

After exceeding 12 points, James captured 18 of 18 attempts in the second quarter.

Toronto coach Daven Casey was called in for a technical foul for a debate after being called in for a foul on James, a delayed driver. Love launched free technique, but James remembered both efforts.

James Cleveland's game change was blank in the third quarter, of which 10 initiatives scored 15 points and 15 points. Love added 9 races since the CAV made 98-87 in the fourth position.


Cavalier: in third place, 24 joint numbers match the total Toronto match for the fourth by James and Lew. ... when they win Game 1, the Cavalier plays 18-1 in the playoff series.

Raptor: Lori tried her first six shots. ... Serge Ibaka scored 0-for-5 and scored just two points in 12 minutes. So far are your total points in the series. ... Toronto created 11 rotations and 25 in the series compared to NAV for NAV. ... Lori led Toronto with eight assists.

The next

The third game is Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

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