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How to use URL channels: AdSense performance tracking by targeting

How to use URL channels: AdSense performance tracking by targeting

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How to use URL channels: AdSense performance tracking by targeting

In general, a WordPress blog has the following types of publications: HOME, PUBLICATION, CATEGORY, FILES, APPENDIX. There are many other types of publications on custom websites.

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URL channels are useful if you want to report on a specific traffic for a particular traffic defined by specific URL string parameters.

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AdSense URL
Use URL channels

In addition, in multiple WordPress blogs (where the number of contributors is from 10 to 20), you can specify the URL channels of each author to determine the amount of revenue that the author will generate based on the publications.

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Alternatively, if you use a custom site, you can change the URL to capture the performance of the URL types. This gives you a good idea of what types of group / URL types work best and how the performance pattern changes.

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URL channels are very useful to measure that the sections/pages of your site perform well with CTR and RPM. This is particularly glamorous if you segment the content as a category or author that wrote the publication.

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Use URL channels to track performance
This publication will tell you how to configure the URL channels on your site.

Log in to the WordPress website and then click on Settings. In the configuration, click on the permanent link button and select the custom permanent link unit and update the permanent link to retype the author's name. (that is,% author% /% postname%

URL channels

Now you must log in to your Google AdSense account, in the My ads section, click on Url, and then click on a new URL channel.

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Enter each URL as shown in the image below. When finished, click on "Add URLs"


If you have multiple authors, you can export the WordPress usernames from the database to the Excel tab and perform the action associated with it to include the name of the site and copy them in bulk and add them to the list of URL channels. You can reach up to 500 URL channels, which I hope is a sufficient number.

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Once completed, check again sometime and see the URL channel reports on your updated earnings.

You may be concerned about the URL specifications for the author/publication title or category/name or any other rewrite. However, from an SEO perspective, given that the title is the keywords, there will be no problems in the rankings by adding strings.

Let me know if this article was useful.

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Custom channels allow you to track the performance of the performance of specific groups of ad units. You design your own custom channels and use them to view the performance of You can also add dimensions to segment your channel data.

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