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Gil Marin: Griezmann can become Atletico great or be forgotten elsewhere

Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin said Europa League hero Antoine Griezmann has to make a decision about his future.


According to the CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, Antoine Grisman has to decide if he wants to make history at

Atlético de Madrid or if he wants to join the club, where he never will.

Related to the off-season passage of the La Liga champion, Barcelona, Grisman was the protagonist of Atletico on

Wednesday because his key had won a 3-0 victory over the Marcel and Europa League trophy.

to woo the Premier League of Manchester United for 27 years, decided to stay in Madrid for the 2017-18 season.

When Atletico was asked about the Greisman Party after winning the third European League, Gil Marin told

Cadena SER: “It will depend more on anything other than his feelings”.

“If Atlético wants to make history in Madrid, where everything revolves around that or goes to the club where it will never enter history”.

Committed from Atlético until 2022, Gryzman, who has won two trophies after coming from the Real Sociedad in

2014, had no mood to discuss his future after the conflict in Lyon.

However, Gil Marin also said: “If you decide you do not want to stay with us, then we must respect our decision.”

“I’m not optimistic or pessimistic, I do not know what will happen, after the final, he is not determined to say it.”

Gill Marin repeatedly hit Spanish opponents in Barka, among Grisman’s public efforts.

Luis Suarez had suggested negotiating to sign the French after that Atlético had already yielded to the efforts of

Barça to give the camp “a complete reduction of honor.”

The president of Barka, Josep Maria Bartomeu,

also affirmed that he had met with the representatives of the Grizzaman last October.

Gil Marin said: “He does not understand what they are doing.” “After the statement, Bartomeu did not answer me.”

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