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Gardner, Judge rally Yankees past Red Sox for 17-1 surge

Gardner, Judge rally Yankees past Red Sox for 17-1 surge

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New York (AP) - Brett Gardner has made a slow triple with two runs against Craig Kimbrel in the eighth inning, Aaron Judge followed with a home run and New York Yanki beat the Boston Red Sox 9-6 Wednesday For his 17th win over 18 games at night.

Kimbrel entered two and one to face Gardner in search of the first save of five races of his career. Gardner has a

passing drill with the full count on the left and center floor, which was shallow pit head center fielder Mki Bates. Neil

Walker scored easily with the third and rookie Gilbert Torres and slid behind a lung plate attempted by catcher Christian


The judge followed him at a distance of 117 miles per hour from the bat followed with an online tour to the center,

which was his ninth head of the session. He had three hits and three RBIs because New York won his eighth overall

position and position 11 in a row.

Kimbrel replaces Matt Barnes (0-1) for Walker twice and walks alone for Torres.

Yankees reliever Jonathan Holder (1-1) clean up the mess went left Chasen SREV the eighth, which was forced to

land on the ground with the base Benenditi.

Aroldis Chapman remained in ninth place to be ninth.

Astro 4, Athletics 1

Oakland, Calif. (AP) - Gerrit Cole scored 9 runs to make his career-best 86-run league total and the Houston Astros

beat the Oakland Athletics 4-1 for a full three-game sweep.

Max Stacey and Derek Fisher consistently scored two runs for Daniel Garden (2-4) to lead 2-1 in seventh place. Yule

Gurriel added two runs against Yusmeiro Petit, which increased his streak of hits in 11 races.

Cole (4-1) allowed one run, four hits, and three runs in six innings. His teammate of 1.43 ERA is second in the main

league behind 1.17 of Justin Wallander.

Ken Gilles took second place in the ninth right and two days to save his fifth. Before Tuesday, he did not drop since

the New York Yankee allowed him four runs in the ninth inning of the May 1 loss.

Philips 11, soldier 3

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Three shots from Carlos Santana and had five RBI, Nick Piveta scored seven runs in five

innings. The scorer was growing 20-11 after starting Philadelphia 1-4.

Piveta (2-2) returned with a terrible start against the nations in which he played only one inning and allowed six

runs. They scattered four successes and did not run to anyone.

Veteran starter Chris Stratton (3-3) gave up five runs and five hits in 4/2 innings.

Santana connected a double producer from the first inning and scored a single from the left arm, MacCal Franco.

Franco took his seventh homer to the deep center left for a 3-0 lead in the fourth position.

In fifth place, Santana's two-run single defeated him 5-0. He added one and two singles runs during the sixth to

the San Francisco bullpen. Santana increased his batting average to 191 and did the best race with five RBIs.

Color blue 5, Sailor 2


Josh Donaldson has doubled his score in the successful Solar and a pinch runner Solart Anthony Alford scored with

a double to the left to score has changed, like. Kevin Pillar left a run promoted but was expelled trying to throw his

blow in double. Russell Martin finished the start with double Nicosia.

Eric Gödel switched to Nicosia and beat Lords Gurial Jr., but Luke Mile left the producing single.

Teoscar Hernandez was at home and had three hits for the Blue Jays, who lost five of six at home

Ryan Tepera (3-1) played one innings to take the victory and Tyler Clippard played a chance around a single Leed of to

win his first save in the ninth.

Brave 5, race 2

Scheduled Tribes Pietersburg, Flay. (AP) - Nick Marquis scored three races, Homer and Atlanta to set a franchise

record in consecutive road entries.

Eighth in singles with two runs of Wilson Ramos with two outs that he won for the seventh consecutive time in a

chain finished who road straight 34 Start change Braws. Elias Sports Bureau said to be the longest streak of brews in

the modern era, the Atlanta staff on July 1, 99 2 has surpassed 30 consecutive entries.

Ramos hit his hit streak in 16 balls, which was the longest active streak in the head.

Julio Tehran (3-1) for seven windows in six Staut innings, started the third time, the third time that the Right learned

does not stay out. Arodys Vizcaino remained ninth on seven occasions for his sixth defense. The seventh homer of

the session Markakis Kiran starter played the third inning, four runs against Ryan Yarbrough (2-2), which gave him a 5-0

lead Brave.ORIOLES 5, ROYALS 3Baltimore (AP) - Mark Trumbo scored a two-run race in the eighth

inning each. Jonathan Schoop scored twice for the two hits and Orrios, who lost 18 of the last 21 games. Lucas Duda

followed three runs for the Royals and third baseman for a single to Manny Machado roll Infield the slowest pace in

two games in eighth and Shoup sent to third with a double them. Trumbo hit a liner at that time, defeating Kansas

City pitcher Kevin McCarthy (3-1) with his feet. Richard Blair (3-0) made two innings, and Brad Bracht took three to

save the fourth, John Joe Joe finished with a runner in second and third place. Reds 2, Mets 1, 10 Inningskinsinati

(AP)( - New York Mets ruined first rally bat in return, and Adam DuVall has to Cincinnati won with a home run in

10th place. Duval is connected to his first career game, Homer, which ends in play, a drive Ramos (1-2) from AJ.

Wide receiver Devine Mesoracos started for the Mets and Reds scored four runs a day after New Zealand settled

for New Zealand pitcher Matt Harvey. Rassel Iglesias (1-0) retired six consecutive batters. New York for the first

time for some kind of start, when Wilmer Flores bragged for the second out and after the announced batting order,

the uncomfortable goatherd doubled. But the Mats lineup card had been transformed into referees, both changed

to order and the home referee, Gabe Morales, left the field. Indian 6, Brewer's 2 Milwaukee (AP) - Carlos Carrasco

scored 14 runs in a complete game and went home with Tyler Marvin and Francisco Lindor Cleveland. Karrasko (5-

1) left five hits, scoring 117 runs in his second complete game this season by scoring one run. He also hit a producing

single. Nokia hit a three-run shot from Junior Guerra (2-3). Close to Milwaukee Corey Knebel, who was out with a

thigh injury since April 5, gave up were active injury list and left Leadoff home run seventh Lindor. Cubes 13, Marlene

covers 4 Chaikogo (AP) - Chris Bryant home run number 100, Anthony Rijho and third innings, eight Addison

Russell races and Chicago sent the plane to Miami. There were also a couple of doubles in Rizzo and five ended with

runs batted in because the puppies had Marlin out of 31-9 in the sweep of three games, Season-High Five in a row.

Bryant, 26, scored a drive midway through the center-left bleach in the first innings for his third homer in four

games, and then the RBI was double. Jose Quintana (4-2) returned the party after hard work lost in Miami on April

  1. Vi-Yin Chen (1-2) was tagged. England 8, Rokian 0 DENVER (AP) - René Rivera was a tough hand at home, jam

Berria pitched efficiently in the sixth inning and the Angels ended the streak by winning six games in Colorado.

Barrio (3-1) allowed five hits and scored seven runs in 5 1/3 innings. Jack Covert and Justin Upton stayed in third

place. Rivera added a single shot in the seventh, even after taking a couple of initial tips from his right hand. Taylor

Anderson (2-1) struggled in five innings and allowed four runs. His departure broke the chain of nine straight-line

Colorado initial colors. Rangers 5, Tigers led the 10th inning with 4 Arlington, Texas (AP) - NoMR Mjhara second of the

Homer game, who gave his first home series win this season through Texas. Mazara took a pull from Warwick

Sold (1-1), a 1-0 pitch in the field seats since Detroit's sixth pitcher. This was his first home run of the game. This

season he has 10 domestic races, seven in May. Ken Kelley (3-2) took three wickets in two innings at the close of the

Rangers. Texas took two out of three, but there is still a total of 7-16 at home. The Rangers had lost their first six

series at home, which was the most to start the season. Pitts 6, White Soaks 5CHICAGO (AP) - Colin Moran sent

home run hit with two runs, created a four-run rally against Nat Jones in the ninth inning, and Pittsburgh his fifth

straight loss to the White Sox, he said. Stirling Mart and Josh Bell defeated Jones (2-1), the home of Elias Díaz and

two of Moran's home. Richard Rodríguez (1-1) won the victory and Felipe Vázquez gave the perfect ninth place to

be seventh in his seventh place.

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