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Epom Marketplace Review- Best for Website Monetization

Epom Marketplace Review- Best for Website Monetization

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Epom Marketplace Review- Best for Website Monetization

About the company: Epom is an advertising network that works with publishers and advertisers in more than 40 different countries. It has international coverage in the capital city of Kiev, Ukraine; The company was headed by Mr. Anton Ruin. It started in 2010 and will have great popularity in 2014, and is an excellent platform that combines advertisers and publishers with a single advertising platform. Most publishers are campaign optimization techniques for campaigns that benefit from the Epom ad network, real-time graphics, and monetization of unused inventory. Ads Review for Publishers-2018

Epom offers its customers; a large audience reaches them and presents them to large publishers around the world.

It is compatible with all business models, and its fill rate and CPM prices are the industry leaders to help your

customers search. It provides access to more than 600 publishers and support models, such as CPA, CPC, CPL, and

CPM. The value of the eCPM is between $ 0.5 and $ 3.7 and a 100% compliance rate. About 320 million users registered under Epom, with an average of 13 billion impressions per month.

Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

Connecting to the Epom advertising network is as simple as a cake and does not mean any trick or hidden

procedure. If an editor wants to connect to the network, you simply have to complete the registration form and the

personal manager of Epom will contact him and tell him the entire registration process. The next step is to paste the

codes provided by your personal guide into your applications or site code to begin collecting your inventory. The

last step is to enter the login account and access the analyzes to change income status.

Step 1: Log in to your account and visit the Editors tab.
Complete The basic information is displayed

Save the information, additional buttons appear in the upper window
Click on Add a new zone, enter the entire basic information form and click on the Save button.
It is possible that additional buttons appear in the upper panel, mark the "Add new location" button
Select the location of the site from the list, click on the appropriate buttons for other locations.
Submit the new site location form by filling in the name, size and other optional fields of the location

The generally accepted format is the JS synchronization code.

By clicking the preview button at the top of the panel to get an image of the ad's location, publishers can show it to others by sharing the preview URL.

How does Epom Marketplace work?

The Epom market works with advertisers from around the world to help monetize their publishers from inventory

and traffic, regardless of their geographic location and target audience. Except for advertisers, publishers may want

to improve inventory monetization through the Google Ad Exchange to multiply their profits and increase the

number of advertisers they could work with. In addition to standard banner ads, Epom also supports other footer

types, text-specific ad units, and mobile devices. Your mobile and local ads are targeting and targeting higher CPM prices.

to download

The Epom network allows publishers to display their ads on their blogs, websites, applications or even mobile sites

with quality content. He believes that publishers rank the highest ranking websites to offer quality content to their

visitors, regardless of their content category. Placing quality content with quality ads increases site traffic and user

participation, and publishers can generate revenue based on the number of visitors they invite. Advertisers will

include the most popular web pages they want to set up for their advertising and publicity campaigns. Publishers

receive orders from advertisers and are approved. Advertisers pay for the campaign and their results can be verified on the advertiser's panel.

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The Epom market accepts websites with a monthly viewing volume of 5,000,000, and ads with their rich media,

display ad units, video solutions and sponsorship reach their target audience. He also deals with marketing in social networks in the mobile market.


Editors have access to high-quality editors and translators.

Epom Market evaluates and classifies its publishers and advertisers
Allows you to allow secure ads only for authorized sites.
Deep targeting and advanced optimization techniques make the profit fair
It is compatible with all major ad formats
The panel contains real-time earnings statistics
Customer service is provided by customers throughout the day.


The user interface has many features and, sometimes, it is not easy to use.

Epom does not have predefined templates for analysis. Some of your panels and filters must be created manually. Payment and payment structure
The payment structure of the Epom market is based on 45 basis points net, payable within 45 days after the end of

the month. The minimum payment value is $ 100 USD. If the client does not reach the minimum payment level, the

balance will be transferred to the next month. The Epom market is paid through bank accounts and PayPal. PayPal is

used to make transfers of $ 500 and the higher payments are transferred through the bank.

RevContent Review for Publishers-2018

The revenue of an impression is the total distribution of revenue for all impressions published and multiplied by

  1. The board shows the trend of the 7-day revenue curve and graphically shows the changes in earnings during the last week.

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Reference program

Epom Market encourages its customers to participate in the reference program and rewards 5% of the income

earned by those users for 12 months. The reference program is easy to take and it does not matter to start anything.

Referral users must be approved by EPOM staff and, after approval, referrals will receive additional revenue in

addition to advertising revenue in the Epom market. The revenue generated through the transfer program will be

paid over a regular billing cycle and users can freely verify their earnings from their Ticket table after confirming their winnings.


In the Epom market, publishers and advertisers offer a variety of options and features to generate high revenues

and become the most accessible to the target audience. These professionals are well versed in the industry, they are

transparent and honest. They have never left the top of any campaign and, in the long term, are a strategic partner for companies.

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Share your story with Epom

Although I did not try this ad network, I think they are good for Asian traffic. In addition, publishing publishers with

the AdX system provide a 100% performance rate for all demographics. Tell us how your advertising network works for you.

Epom Market unites Top Publishers with world's best Direct Advertisers, Ad Networks, and Agencies. Get started with Ad Exchange, PPC, CPA & CPM Ads.

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