WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Superstars Name Announced


According to the report of Cageside Seats, Sasha Banks, Nayy Jacques, Bailey, Mikey James and Sonya may be part of Devil Wilmans’ Elimination Match. They will compete against all five Superstars Alexa Bliss.


6 superstars participate in the elimination chamber match Two superstars launch this match, while after a while the other superstar rings out of the chamber made of rings. The last superstar is the winner of this match.

There is now a live revamp in the WWE, which has led to many great matches. Earlier, Women’s Hall in a Cell match took place in 2016 against Sasha Banks and Charlotte. After that, Women’s Money in the Bank happened in MITB PPV on July 2017.

It was first asked by Kurt Angle why the Women’s Elimination Match is not being kept, for which he said wait. Now it has been announced that Mans and Williams will be playing the Royal Rumble match. However, on February 25, the poster appeared for the PPV, which is being shown to Alexa Bliss and Samoa.

Now Cageside Seats is being told that Red Brand’s Women’s Champion Alexa will defend her title in the first Elimination Chamber against Naya Jacks, Bailey, Mikey James, Sasha Banks and Sonya Deville. Let us tell you that John Cena, Bron Storman and Ilyas have already been decided for the elimination chamber match of Mans.

This year, this PPV is going to be on February 25 in the T-Mobile Arena, Paradise. This is going to be an exclusive PPV of Raw before WrestleMania. Now you have to see what are the announcements in the coming RAW.

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