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CWG 2018: Manika Batra created history by winning gold medal in table tennis

Table Tennis player Manika Batra made history by winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2018 on Saturday. She has become the first Indian woman to do this. In the men's doubles event, the Indian pair of Sharat Kamal and Jai Satyan had to be satisfied with the silver medal.


Beat the world number four to reach the final

Gold Coast (Pat) The world number 58, Manika Batra, defeated the Chinese Yue Mengyu, number 50 in the world, 4-0 in the game played for the gold medal. In the semifinals played previously, Manika defeated the world number four Feng Tianwei by 4-3.

Moment of glory

After winning the medal, Manika Batra said that this is her first medal in an important tournament and she feels proud. As for his experience in the tournament, Manika said that winning the gold medal by defeating the world number four is a unique experience in itself. He is very happy and proud of his country.

CWG 2018: Manika Batra created the story by winning the gold medal in table tennis possibility

ty of winning a medal in the four categories

Batra has the opportunity to win medals in all four sections. When I return to win a bronze medal in Mix Doubles with Satyan. Prior to this, he played an important role in saving the Indian team’s gold. Not only that, she has won the only silver medal for the women’s doubles team, along with Mouma Das.

The best performance of all

India has had the best performance in table tennis at the Commonwealth Games. So far, three gold, two silver and one bronze medals have come in his bag. Apart from this, there is still a chance to win two bronze medals.

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