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Filter by Custom Post Type Review for Publishers-Native Ad Networks is a native advertising network that displays the promotional content of other sites,

similar to Outbrain and Taboola, but does not require millions of such impressions.

Publisher based on eCPM and cost per click. Take a look at the detailed review of below.

About - Sponsored content platform was the first company to provide successful content marketing services

for online advertisers and has strong roots in direct marketing.

It is one of the content networks sponsored by the largest natives in the world that helps advertisers achieve

the return of their business through creative advertising locations in order to get a positive return on investment. is one of the largest and most trusted sources of online sales and traffic for mass advertisers

and a successful secret behind technology and people.

The biggest profits in the industry are offered to publishers and they are continuously offered

technology and cutting-edge tools with which the whole integration process is easy.

They have been dealing with the content marketing business for approximately ten years and combine technology

with their knowledge and experience to make their publishers generate revenue through their content.

Content Ads editor requirements: minimum traffic and soon

Content network and content marketing allow publishers to customize the native content to match the site's sensitivity.

Publishers offer a 100% rate of return and the best revenue ratios in the industry doing business with a deep advertiser.

Your ads respond completely to tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers,

and can be automatically adapted to web pages.

Its excellent customer service team offers customized implementation support for publishers.

All sites are scanned before approval and usually, take two business days to approve or reject them.

After approval, publishers must provide the JS or HTML code on their site to make recommendations.

WordPress sites can access the add-ons of the network and the plugin or widget will slow down the publisher's site.

Content recommendations begin to work correctly with the code,

but content ads take some time to study the site completely and show relevant recommendations,

but site links have been published in the meantime.

The editor's advanced optimization algorithm allows you to earn a lot of money,

content ads have the best CPMs in the industry and the company's excellent revenue-sharing algorithm to provide the best earnings for publishers.

Outbrain Review For Publishers #1 Content Discovery Platform‎

Ad sizes are flexible and content. the ad displays different style and size ads to ensure that websites and devices are compatible.

As a major advertising network, a large number of advertisers can be achieved by quantifying content with relevant ads and minimizing placement-based ad targeting.

Content ads believe that the site owner can do anything on the website and can not persuade the publisher to use other ad networks to monetize the site. - Highly paid contextual advertising network is perfect for US traffic. United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Enjoy the excellent RPM near AdSense. Use this link to get a 10% bonus on your regular winnings for 3 months.

How works seamlessly integrates brand content into the publisher environment to increase site performance,

revenue and user experience for both the publisher and the advertiser.

Help promote content on all devices from anywhere in the world with a 100% fill rate.

The powerful native ad exchange platform offers millions of clicks to thousands of advertisers around the world and can easily create campaigns for the exchange of ads.

It. is fast to use, flexible on a variety of devices and unique since the sites are directed to Geo's location and operating system.

Advanced technology establishes your traffic source with powerful conversion-driven optimization tools and rapid reporting functions.

A dedicated support team and a customized account management system are ready and willing to help editors at every step.

Content ads offer real and consumer-type clicks on your site,

which, is updated using the latest generation filtering system with performance and performance indicators.

The network helps publishers create high-quality content to educate and transform their customers and expand their campaigns.

The quality and the sponsored content help consumers to know a product/service and guide the high traffic through the landing pages.

It. helps optimize the copying of creative tools with the fastest performance on all major native platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

The review will be incomplete, without discussing the benefits and disadvantages, so let's take a look.

Contents Ad review: benefits

The content management system offers a 100% upload rate for publishing sites

It has high eCPM and automatically updates the recommendations with new offers.

It is easy to install, adapts well to all devices and offers clear recommendations and recommendations for publishers.
Provides high quality sponsored content with approved materials and themes.

Publishers provide full control over their ads. You can filter these ads freely based on their classification and categories
It works well with other ad networks, such as and Google AdSense.

Publishers can customize the appearance of the widget and use two recommendation elements on their sites and test them to get the most revenue. Review: Cons

Some publishers experience less revenue such as revenue from ad slots, traffic, and widget styles.

Hearings may make unreasonable recommendations if they are not relevant to the content.
There is no associated content for content ads. payment and payment structure is paid for publishers on the cost per clicks and cost per million impressions.

Payments (payment of paid in Net 30,

which takes place within 30 days after the last day of the billing cycle.

The minimum payment threshold is $ 50. Automated optimization techniques help maintain high CPM rates to increase the revenue generating a capacity of publishers.

Your. payments are made through payment sites,

such as PayPal, ACH or the United States Publishers Direct Stores,

through eCheck / Global ACH through non-US publishers, bank transfer and check.

The transfer of money by bank transfer means $ 15 for US publishers and $ 20 for non-US publishers.

Then, we see that offers several payment options for publishers.

Contents Ad CPM and CPC for content ads

Although native CPCs vary greatly in traffic and conversions, CPC can be worth between 3 cents and 6 cents for

According to the CTR page, RPM can be anywhere between $ 0.5 and $ 2 or more.

Traffic requirements of the content traffic editor

As such, does not have a traffic condition but does not accept all sites.

In. general, your moderator team chooses websites based on the needs of advertisers,

and, if they do not have relevant advertisers, they can reject your request.


Online marketing is a highly competitive industry where people spend a large amount of money to produce no results. helps the right advertiser connect to the right publishers.

They help advertisers understand how to spend on a campaign and help them determine the right combination to achieve a positive return on investment.

The network is legitimate monetization options for publishers

are rich in full reports and publication reviews and paid over time.

We hope that this revision of 2017 has been useful for you.

Native advertising networks recommended

And now, Spoutable (this will allow you to earn additional income as your native ads arrive due to your exit request)

Read the list of the top 20 native ad networks

Recommended list for you:

TF per month less than 10,000 visits - AdSense, Media venues

TF per month from 10k to 100k - AdSense, Spoutable

Per month 100k - 500k - AdSense, Spoutable,

Traffic 500k-3 million per month - ADX,, Spoutable, Taboola

Traffic 3 million + monthly -, and distribution, video ads (contact) Marketing tools: extension of ads,

SemRush (free trial), learning, increased revenue on websites: share your data and contact us.

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