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Celtics beat 76ers 114-112 in Game 5, advance to face Cavs

Celtics beat 76ers 114-112 in Game 5, advance to face Cavs

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With the advantage of Boston (AP) - 2.4. seconds and with the advantage of Boston Celtics 2, Marcus Smart had the opportunity to win Game 5 of the semifinals of the Eastern Conference and finish in Philadelphia doing a pair of free throws.

The first one was lost It could make things worse for the 76 players by remembering the other person on purpose

and could force them to get to the court because of the clock. He hit him against the edge; It was in

This gave 76 players the chance to win with a disappointing triple. The entry pass for the entire court went to the

left corner, and who was there to stop it, put it back in the air to run the clock?

It's not surprising that he was smart with the Celtics uniform.

"It's a Marcus Smart sequence, which he describes so well," Harden said after Boston said that after defeating

Philadelphia 114-112 on Wednesday night and advancing even further in the Eastern Conference Finals for the

second year in a row. "If he comes with a man, then everyone has his money ready."

Jason Tait scored 25 points, Brown had 24 and Terry Rossier scored 17, and after Joel forced the maid business,

he dropped 9.8. seconds to create a four-point game. Al Horford added 15 points and eight rebounds to Boston.

The Celtics will play against Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals for the second year in a row. Game 1 is

Sunday in Boston. Since the creation of five consecutive seasons in the original Big Three era from 1984-88, this is

the first Celtics trip in the conference finale.

Coach Brad Stevens said: "When you get here, you get flat with the Boston Celtics idea." "You feel like you're going

to break the record here, you're going to break the bad guys, because nobody can get well."

There were 27 points and 12 rebounds for 76 people, Darío Carrick had 27 points and 10 rebounds, and Ben

Simmons had 18 points, eight rebounds and six pairs of assistants. For the first time since the first time since 2012,

the tiebreak has been extended in the playoffs, Boston won the conference semifinal to beat them three times and

win 20 of 21 games.

Amber said: "The process is not going to end." "It's a process to get to the playoffs, we did it, it was a process to get

to the end of the conference, we did not do it next year, this is our goal."

In a game of 21 changes, the highest in the playoffs this year, the Celtics scored eight consecutive points in the last

1:37, with 23 minutes of advantage in the winning loop. Morbid had the chance to tie him, but he missed a heavy

competition loop, could not tilt him back and then caught that rebound.

Rogier made the ball out of his hand, with 10.8. seconds off his legs and out of bounds.

Rogier said: "There is only one championship game, it is all that has been released to make 113-10 9-8 consecutive

points for Boston.

J..J. Radic 3-Pointer reduced the deficit, and then it was a smart turn. Upon leaving the bank, he had 14 points, six

rebounds, six assistants, and three steals.

Stevens said: "He has been made for that." "He has done these moments, whatever we want can go through the

state line, but when your climate is in danger and you really need to make things difficult, then he can really make

things difficult.

Blades and rosier After the long-distance friendship with Drew Blades during the Milwaukee series, Rosier

finally came across Patriot Quarterback for the East.

Rogier first called Bledsoe's name during a trash talk with Blade Guard Eric Blades, pretending to confuse the two.

Drew Blades joined the fun by recording a video played for the TD Garden crowd during Game 7.

But on Wednesday, the soccer player was personally there, he met Rosier before the game and sat on the field with

Celtics owner Vick Gracebeck.

No proposal was taken Stevens has never put much action on the coach of the year award.

It is estimated that on Wednesday there was news that he did not receive a single vote for the National Basketball

Coach Trophy this season, which was for Dwayne Casey of Toronto, he did not bother either.

Stevens said: "Because of the way you work, you get a vote ... I looked at the page and there's no other way I would

have voted for another 29 people." "The boy who should win."

To get the vote, other coaches were Brett Brown, Mike D'Antony, Nat Macmillan, Greg Popovich, Doctor Rivers, Quinn Snyder and Terry Stotts.

The winner of the Red Auerbach Trophy will be announced next month as the NBA's coach of the year.

Suggestions 76S: Ambad was called for a technical foul to rotate the hoard for between the basket during the third

period. Horford pitched freely, and Arn बेनेस made two of the original foul to give Boston a 75-63 lead, which was

the biggest of the game. or at this time. According to ESPN, in the last minute of this season, the mood in-game shots

or advance shots is 0-8.

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