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Best & worst of Redemption- 22 April, 2018

The hottest female independent superstar also just signed with Impact!

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During the years of the impact struggle, there are definitely actions up to and down. Under Gun, Scott D'Amour and Don Kallis, the new impact management have taken several steps in the right direction. The change was clear in the redemption. It was a great night of professional wrestling.

In general, what do we think about the show, questions? This was definitely not an ideal show. It is not a distant shot, we think.

However, this was a promising show. One shows that the effect has returned to the right path and perhaps one day, it can overcome its lost glory.

Therefore, for your benefit, we will choose the first pay per event of the best and worst redemption, effect of the year 2018.

Tessa Blanchard is now one of the most popular fighters in the world. And it is believed that the WWE is actually very soon connected with it's better half. Imagine our surprise when it appears in redemption. He joined Matthews and Calais in the comment and told us he had arrived.

The advent of Blanchard is a great coupe for the effect of wrestling. The elimination division needed someone like him to move to the next level. Imagine what a dispute it could be with Eli and Rosemary.

As soon as Blanchard showed that he spent a limited time in the commentary, that is also natural for Mike. We are certainly delighted to know what's next for this young and talented grass.

#1 Worst: Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

This was not the best combination for Taya Valkyrie. And most of it probably had to do with my opponent. Kia Hogan was not ready for the big stage as a redemption right now in this elimination race. He did his best, but the game was a total.
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Fortunately, Tessa Blanchard had tweeted Tessa Blanchard about the comment to distract us from the point that the match was finally over. It was the worst match on the other good night of professional wrestling.

#2 Best: Eddie Edwards absolutely snaps

The hottest topic of the impact fight conversation has been a real-life injury that Eddie Edwards remains in the hands of Sami Colihan. The fight for the impact managed to transform the story into a splendid dispute between two men. Launch Ovi, Moose and Tommy Dreamer and you have a couple in hell.

This match was all you expected, but what the waves did was the fact that Eddie Edwards had snatched at the end of the game. Singing with a candelabrum, he threw the man. We saw a deep side of this baby fucks of white meat.

Edwards also accidentally hit his wife Alisha Edwards. We do not know where the impact of this story is going, but we are quite concerned.

#3 Worst: Way too many botches and slip-ups

All the bots during the night took place in a corner of the ring in one place. Like Brian Cage and Phoenix, the asteroids slipped and fell. We are surprised that the rope was very slippery with sweat. These were very strange to see.

Fortunately, the fight was not very bad and they took these fingers. Eli Drake's special points, which we have seen from him, proceeded in a more beautiful way, climbing strings as if he had never been before.

#4 Best: Brand New World Champion

The effects fight closed the night with a major main event. What's more ... They expanded their relationship by putting titles in the Pentagon Junior with Lunch Underground. It was not fair, not only for the organization. The value of the shock was very great!

Can we also talk about how good Austin Aries is in his age? It seems that he has not lost the pace since he is at his best, and he has achieved some incredible places during the incredible main event.

#5 Worst: Top stars not on the Redemption card

At this point, Johnny Impact is probably the best baby phase in all impact fights. After everything we saw him, he had a fight with Congo Kong. We think that he would seek revenge in redemption. It was not seen surprisingly anywhere

Rosemary is perhaps the knockout on the whole fight roster, wherever she decides to go, there is 'Himmaling' in her presence. While he continued to tweet about the process during the night, he could not be seen anywhere on the card anywhere.

#64 Best/worst: Brand new tag team Champions

Laax is still one of the most popular acts in the fight of impact. The crowd is always warm to them, and they always take their game A to dance. He left his title Scott Steiner and Eli Drake this week. We wonder if it was a good or bad decision.

Since the list is too thin, our gut tells us that this was the right decision. Now there are new opponents to work with LAX. Steiner also took Frankensteiner out during an incredible game.

Also, we wonder if LAX needs a title because they are currently standing. An important step would be to beat a team with Steiner and Drake.

Let's hope that the impact struggle moves at full speed with redemption, even in the same week!

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