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Alfa Romeo project is long-term The return of an iconic brand Sauber finished


Team head Friedrich Vaser says a reputable brand return for formula 1 grid is a long-term project for the suburbs, which is a quick improvement in their recent struggle.
Saber ended the lower level of the construction championship in 2017, just winning five points and struggling for speed on several circuits.

The team who ran away the Ferrari Power Unit one year, but the team was restoring these years with many financial difficulties that influenced their growth rate.

As a sponsor in December, expectations in the announcement of Alfa Romeo’s Suburbia has increased. Vasasura knows the team should develop

Passover said certainly Alpha Romeo could not expect to be in such a situation. We have to get the speed back in the goal. We are away, we were very far behind the previous year, the first step for us will be high speed.

When we catch this speed, we are more interested in the engineers for the drivers.

It will be a mid-term plan in Midfield,
Vavassor described Red Bulls and Mercedes an example of such teams, who had spent several years to build their own organizations before building their foundations and in a position to challenge the rapid end of the field.

He said, “You can make a team instantly.” “If you felt other plans like Red Bull 10 years ago, Mercedes took the time to fight for the championship and won the Mercedes seven years ago, they took the World Champion bid. World champion.

We must be realistic. I completely know that it will take time to give it and improve it. I do not want to say that today make us better today. We should be better in Bahrain than Melbourne.

“It will be a medium-term plan in Midfield, it will not be in one year or two. For better references and a good project, look at India India, more than that they were too strong behind. In three sessions Fourth consecutive continuous, but this moment took 10 years. ”

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